This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

A Good or Bad View

Most people will say life is good if everything is going their way. It can always be seen as good regardless of the circumstances, but only if the impermanence of all things is seen, including life itself…

Life being considered good or bad is dependent on your thinking so if it isn’t considered good it won’t be. Even if you say it’s good it still may not be if you don’t truly see this in your heart; I equate this to a whistling in the dark distraction to keep away the bogeyman. As long as you’re whistling the distraction will keep the fear thought in check, but the moment you stop it will return. The key is to identify why you think life isn’t good and be with it as it is. People say be positive, but being positive to me doesn’t change the facts of why life is labeled as bad. Some not so good stuff does happens in life and if it’s just masked over and ignored it becomes engrained as an energy pattern in the subconscious that never goes away; this is how life is considered bad. Life itself is neither good nor bad, it’s people who are conditioned to make it either or; labeling is another trick used by the Conditioned Mind.

Life will be good when it’s seen in the light of how all things are impermanent including life itself. Believe me I get it, being ill, losing a loved one, living in poverty, and many others things that occur in life cannot be considered good, but what makes one think it’s bad is attaching the bad label. Labeling it as bad doesn’t change what’s occurring, it only changes where life is put as being good or not. When the true essence of life (impermanence) is understood, it puts life at the top of the good scale regardless of what’s going on because it’s seen that one day life in this form simply will not be either good or bad…

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