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Everything Affects Everything

Everything affects everything. When aversion is directed towards one its energy affects everything in some way, but it’s also the same with the energy of love, so make a wise choice.

We are created as an individual, but we are all part of the same energy connected as a whole. There’s very little if anything that’s done which doesn’t affect the whole in some way. To me because of this connection it’s vital for me to be as honest with myself as possible. It’s not so much what the world sees, it’s what’s seen in the mirror. What’s done behind closed doors is what matters. A person may be able to fool the world into believing they’re this or that, but you can’t fool yourself. Although a person can lie to themselves, sooner or later if a lie is being lived it will be exposed. You can lie to yourself, and justify what’s done, but there’s a price to pay for this and that price is not only inner peace, but also the energy emitted outward.

Our interconnection is like our country’s electrical grid, what happens in one place affects the entire grid, there’s no escaping it. Aversion towards one person is aversion towards all. How can it not be? How can it be possible to love one person and hate another and it be deemed acceptable? It’s acceptable only because our Conditioned Mind will justify anything for its satisfaction. So when a person does what is wanted by others they’re loved and when not they aren’t. But what is the reality of the aversion? Not having things the way you think they should be.

Understanding our unity is a key if we are to be in harmony as a whole. What others do affects us only if we make it so. If things are accepted as they are and nothing is wanted to be in some other way, it will go a long way in our unity as a society. This unity will occur when it doesn’t matter if the world sees what’s done behind closed doors because by being honest with ourselves we’re the same whether we’re behind closed doors or if the door is wide open. Where there’s honesty there’s nothing to hide and that’s the energy the world receives. 


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