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Inner Disturbances

The inner disturbances that keep you from your peace have nothing to do with life. They are a creation of your own mind and that’s what creates the disturbances which make you believe you are not at peace.

There are practical ways to minimize the inner disturbances that cause one to sabotage their own existence, but it has to be understood that the mind creating the disturbances cannot quiet them. You will have to find out why your own mind is telling you the disturbances are needed to cope with life; a life that is controlled by the conditioning to create these disturbances. Your own mind creates every disturbance you have by choosing to attach to thoughts that allow the disturbances to arise, this unconscious conditioning is why one gets disturbed. The Conditioned Mind develops this as you do things that are destructive to your own well being. Why this disturbed mind set is developed I’m not sure, but I do know it can be described only as insane because one’s own mind does this.

I know now it was my own mind that created disturbances which arose from within myself. Because of the shift that occurred some years ago, there is now awareness that disturbances don’t have to be created anymore. I sit for the sole purpose to develop discipline which allows the mind to settle. If there isn’t discipline, the conditioning won’t be understood nor why disturbances arise won’t be understood so one will be led around like a puppet on a string. Life does nothing to you, it’s your own mind that does it all. Why one lives in a disturbed place as opposed to a place of peace will never change until the conditioning that makes it so is changed. All I ever wanted was to be at peace, but I wasn’t aware it was my own mind that created disturbances which made me believe there wasn’t any.

Two Ways to Live

There are two ways a person can live, the mind set in place determines what one brings to humanity. Serve yourself and serve one or be of service to love and all humanity will be served.

There are two ways a person will live, one is to live life through a self serving mind which benefits only one person, yourself. The other is to live life through a loving kindness mind. This way is so much more beneficial because it involves many more people and its affects are lasting and wide spread. The self serving mind only satisfies self. This is pretty cut and dry on how this mind works. There isn’t much unity or love in living this way. Most people aren’t under the spell of a self serving all the time, there’s usually fluctuation between the two ways, but they can’t be in place at the same time. At any given time, the mind will either be one or the other, but the more the mind is conditioned to self serve, the more time one will spend thinking about and doing things only for themselves.

Let’s now look at the loving kindness mind and how this mindset encompasses all of humanity. It touches the entire Universe because that’s its source. This mindset isn’t self created or sustained by doing, it’s a direct result of being aligned with Universal Love. The loving kindness mind is the Universe, when this is the way there’s unity and love. It has to be this way because love only comes from love. It sustains itself, serves many, and is a benefit to all. What’s in place determines what one brings to humanity, so serve yourself and serve one or be of service to love and all humanity will be served.

Subtle Conditioning

When one’s distractions are seen as distractions, it is then that their true nature is revealed. Liberation will follow when the next distraction arises and one can simply turn away from its enticing lure.

The subtlness of the Conditioned Mind leave most unaware of what’s really going on in their life. Some of things that are given importance have no relevance at all, and things that are pushed aside keep the Conditioned Mind energy in place. It’s very difficult to not get pulled into the unconscious distractions of the world. They are presented in many forms and your individual conditioning is what determines what you will be attracted to. There is so much unconsciousness and unawareness of the distractions in place that it’s blindly accepted to be the normal energy of existence, but if one is fortunate enough to actually see this their entire existence changes. The main thing that has to be seen is how the distraction take you away from the present moment. Nothing happens outside of your head and feet connection, but the Conditioned Mind creates distractions that make you believe it does. The distraction are so subtle and unless the mind is very still they will control your life.

What these distractions make you believe is they are needed. It’s not seen how they hold you prisoner to your own conditioning. Look at this for yourself, from allowing traffic to control you, to the weather, politics, sex, eating, and whatever else is used, the distractions are simply in place to take you from the present moment which takes you from your true essence. Every distraction is a story and every story embeds the conditioning deeper in the subconscious. When the distractions are seen as distractions, it’s then that their true nature is revealed and when it is, one can see that they’re in place strictly to use whatever is available to keep the Conditioned Mind energy in control. Liberation will follow when the next distraction arises and one can simply turn away from its enticing lure.

Self Created Misery

All that happens in life affects a person because of the way one’s own mind allows it. The insanity of the Conditioned Mind is its self destructive distractions are all from within which means one creates their own misery.

When all is said and done regardless of what it’s called, I have found a way to minimize the distractions in my life that cause my own misery. It’s a misery that’s created by my own mind which tells me the misery is needed to cope with life; a life that was controlled by this distracted mind set. My own mind created all the misery that went on by giving into distractions I thought were needed, but all they did was cause me to act selfishly. I developed a mind that told me to do things that were destructive to my own well being. From relationships, to drugs, alcohol, gambling, and a slew of other things, nothing was ever chosen that was beneficial to my well being, I always seemed to cause more harm to myself than good. How this distracted mind set developed I’m not sure, but I do know this, it can be described as insanity to say the least.

Nine years ago an inner urging occurred that exposed the lie of these distractions. There’s no name for what happened, there isn’t a need to label it. All that’s needed to know is my behavior which was once totally self destructive is no longer this way. For years it was my own mind that allowed these created distractions, but because of the shift that occurred, there is now an awareness that these distractions don’t have to be created anymore. Regardless of what label is put on it the bottom line is this, when one is distracted by something it’s their own mind that creates it and this means one is not at peace. When there’s awareness of this, the mind isn’t allowed to attach to the distractions so there is peace, so to not attach to the distractions is key. All I ever wanted in my life was peace, but I didn’t know it was my own created distractions that was the cause of why there wasn’t any.

Expansion of Consciousness

The expansion of consciousness only happens in the now and it will only occur when one isn’t being distracted and using things that keeps them from the awareness of what’s occurring right now.

The reason why it’s so difficult for the expansion of consciousness is because of all the distractions that one has been conditioned to use; this conditioning is reinforced daily. Most distractions are used mainly for the fulfillment of pleasure, but others are also used for a variety of reasons. What they all have in common is they’re used as a distraction to keep one from the awareness of inner consciousness. These distraction range from, food, social media, music, sex, the spiritual path, and many other things. There’s nothing inherently wrong with any of these, but when they’re used as a distraction from what’s occurring right now, they become a hinderance to one’s expansion of consciousness. I know it’s easy to get caught up in these distractions, but regardless of what the distractions manifest as, their core and why they arise are all the same. It’s strictly because “I” causes the mind to be agitated and the expansion of consciousness is not possible.

These distractions become a hinderance to one’s expansion because it keeps you locked in the distractions grip and if you’re not aware of this, you’re living in the delusion of the past and future; it’s a delusion because it’s not what’s occurring right now. I lived this way for forty nine years and it’s no wonder there wasn’t much expansion of consciousness in my life. I was constantly distracted looking for whatever it was I using to try and satisfy the distraction. Peace can only be had now and it will only occur when one isn’t distracted and blocking their expansion. Reach for and use anything you want, just understand there will always be another distraction because that’s just the way the conditioned mind works, and as long as the distractions are in place, the expansion of consciousness won’t be.

Something Different

Not many people will see something different is needed in their life unless they see a reason for it. Without an understanding of the Conditioned Mind it will be nearly impossible for this to be seen.

There has to be an understanding of what is truly going on so you can at least see that something different is needed. Without this understanding, it will be difficult to do the things that will allow something different to occur in your life, and it will only happen if that’s what you’re looking for. Not many people see the need for something to be different in their life unless there’s a reason for it and for me the reason was because the tools I had in place weren’t allowing me to see past my own self-centeredness: this is about inner change only. I reached a point in my life and not a favorable one, where I wasn’t doing the things that were producing results conducive to love. Tools are developed over a course of one’s life and they may have worked for most of your life, but if for some reason life becomes more and more of a struggle and you want the struggle to cease, something different will be needed.

Even though I didn’t realize it growing up, the tools I developed were leading me to my own destruction. A person has to see this to stop it from occurring and allow something different. The tool of reaching is what was causing this destruction and it was because the tool of awareness (noticing the mind agitations) was never developed. Here is the only reason a person reaches for anything, the mind becomes agitated and the attachment to the tool to reach is used. To have this be different, a new direction is needed so something different can be developed; I’ve found the tool of sitting to be helpful in the endeavor. Today I understand the Conditioned Mind enough that I do things that allows for the mind agitations to be noticed. By noticing this I can use something that’s been developed which doesn’t attach to them and lo and behold with no need to reach, there in lies one’s peace. Now to me that’s definitely something different.

Commitment to Love

Each day upon arising we make a decision, even if there’s no awareness of this one will either start the day in cooperation with the Divine Purpose or our own purpose; along with this decision are its consequences.

The lack of love in our lives is what causes our problems. Quieting our mind allows us to understand how this lack overtook us in the first place. When this is seen, discovering what caused our lack which in turn kept us from cooperating with life becomes the core principle of life. We decide to adhere to this so the blocks to our innate love can be removed.

This decision will be one that we will need to affirm over and over every day so we can come to understand what closes our heart and takes us out of harmony with life. The most important part of our decision is aligning our will with the Divine Purpose of the Universe which is to love. Change does not occur by itself so developing a steady regular practice is how it will happen.

Our decision entails a practice to develop an awareness of what will bring quietness into our life by learning to live in the present moment. This is the place, being present to what’s here, where the quietness begins and where life as-you-know-it ends. For most the only place the mind lives is in the past or the future as most minds have been conditioned to think the past or future is better than the present. This is what creates the noise in the head and the closing of our heart. Our whole practice is learning to be committed to being present so our innate love is allowed to arise which puts one in cooperation with life more often than not.