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Hearts Connected

Oneness with others comes from a deep place of love. This isn’t something that any human activity can make happen. It’s the connection to your own heart, that’s when you connect to the hearts of others…

In my experience the love of my own heart cannot expand on its own, it needs others. Deepening a connection with others, deepens the love in our heart, and this is what connects us. If this connection to each other’s hearts were to happen there would be no more greed, hate, or war because we will fall over each other in love; it’s in this love for each other that the magnificence of life is experienced. A majestic sunset, a cool summer breeze, the magnificence of the ocean, loving yourself and thus a connection to all humanity, these are experiences from the depths of our heart. 

There’s a oneness with life that comes from a deep place of the heart and it’s not something that any human doing can make happen. Although love is instilled in every individual because it’s just a part of being human, one’s conditioning blocks the awareness of it. The connection to the heart is what was awakened in me and many others, it’s what connects us all and it’s there even if you’re not aware of it. It’s everyone’s birth right to experience this love, but it will only occur when the mind is settled enough to know it’s there. Only when there’s a deep love for ourselves which allows for a deep love of others will there be a heart connection with ourselves and with all beings…

Present Moment Discipline

The Conditioned Mind will relinquish its control only if discipline is developed, and it’s this discipline that allows one to be with life in the present moment instead of the past or future…

It’s difficult to be in the present moment because the undisciplined mind constantly wants to be in the past or future; this is the dilemma most people face. It has nothing to do with nothing, but it has everything to do with everything. Through developing disciplines that allows the mind to settle the constant looking in the past or future can be lessened. Ever so slowly the Conditioned Mind will relinquish its control if discipline is developed. My writings may open some eyes, but it’s the developing of discipline that allows the mind to settle which leads to lasting insights that are used to enhance your life.

Most people have tools in place that have nothing to do with developing discipline or enhancing life. The tools that are in place actually reinforce the conditioning which keeps you entrapped in a self created prison; the prison being a mind that’s in the past or future instead of the only place that truly exist, the present moment which is what’s here in front of you. If you’re not with what’s in front of you in the present moment, you cannot truly live life to the fullest. Of course there’s existence because you are alive, but being alive doesn’t equate to living life to the fullest. Only being with life as it’s happening in the present moment will ensure living life to the fullest and only with discipline will the mind settle enough for this to occur…


Beneficial Direction

There’s so many directions you can choose from, but it’s not always known if it’s beneficial. One way to know if it’s a benefit would be if there’s harmony within even though on the outside things may not be loving.

If you don’t choose your direction, it will be chosen for you, and the way you can distinguish whether it’s a direction chosen for you or by you is by the love that’s emitted out. There are many directions to choose from in life and where most err is in choosing one that suits their needs instead of choosing one that focuses on the needs of others; what I mean by this is to choose a direction that benefits all beings.

The direction I found to be the most beneficial to all involved is one of quiet. To me why it has value is because it’s a direction that makes me whole and when I’m whole the natural instinct to love arises. If you see value in quiet this is the direction you will choose. There has to be value to oneself and all beings in the direction that’s chosen, if it’s without value it won’t last. Most directions chosen are based in the material world, this is the direction of reaching out there, people will even use a God like this as though there is something out there that’s making things happen. The direction of love is what makes things happen and it’s an inward direction that needs nothing to sustain it.

Love arises when there is quiet, it doesn’t take thought for this to occur; it arises from stillness and is self sustaining. This is why the direction of quiet has so much value. Inward is where you get in touch with your true self as the distractions of all the other directions fall away. These other directions lead to nonsense. You may not know which direction is for you, but if you look around you’ll see which one isn’t for you and eventually all you will be left with is a direction based in love that’s beneficial to all.

“I” Defends Itself

“I” lives in the ignorance of the Conditioned Mind, but when there’s light shed on this, ignorance is no more and “I” no longer needs to defend itself because it no longer sees itself as an adversary…

Awareness of the different thoughts that arise and seeing why some are defended and some are just let go of has immense value in learning what blocks you from living life to the fullest. You will want to develop some sort of discipline that’s going to assist you in differentiating which of your thoughts are beneficial. The ego is “I” and when “I” feels threatened it will defend itself with whatever tools it has developed to do so. These tools aren’t only used to defend itself against others, they’re also used to defend itself against itself. This is the only reason a person reaches for something and it’s strictly because “I” is defending itself from a threat that comes from within. This “I” is the cause of addiction and of all conflicts. Without “I” you still exist, it’s just not in the way the ego ”I” makes it seem.

When you can see the truth that “I” (ego) is not your adversary, there will be no need to defend yourself because it will be seen you are only defending yourself against yourself. There’s no suppressing this nor anything else that arises because suppressing or pushing away is an action that deepens the egos control. To me the awareness of an “I” existence is the beginning of “I” loosening its grip. In acknowledging it the control dissipates somewhat, this happens when the energy of attaching is taken away. Never deny what’s there, just be aware of it and watch it dissolve on its own. The “I” lives in the ignorance of the Conditioned Mind. When there’s light shed on this, ignorance is no more and the ego “I” no longer needs to defend itself because it no longer sees itself as an adversary…

Pulling In

The need to pull something in is developed to cope with life, this is why life is seemingly full of problems, but whatever is out there doesn’t cause the problem, it’s the pulling in itself that does.

Nothing needs to be attached to for one to be free. Freedom can’t be found by pulling something in. Pulling in is likened to thinking happiness is outside of you to grab, but truly not needing to pull anything in will only happen when it’s seen as not being needed; if it is not the pulling in will never stop. When you see this the need to pull in will naturally fall away. This is how one has to approach each moment if freedom is to be had. The way we develop habits to cope with things as they arise is why there’s problems; whatever it is that arises doesn’t truly cause a problem. Granted it may be something that you think is really needed, but if the pulling in is not dealt with in a way that what’s out there isn’t attached to or a made up story is used, the energy of the situation will get stored and remain hidden until it’s time to pull in again. This is why the same thoughts are repeated over and over without really giving them much thought, they have to because of the residual pulling energy in place.

Awareness that this is happening can allow you to be with what arises and not want it different. After all that’s the only reason a person pulls something in because the moment is thought to be not good enough. You see this pulling in is the same energy as pushing away, it’s just being used differently. Pulling is attachment because of needing it, pushing is attachment to not wanting it, different action, but the same attachment. This is very subtle to see and it will only be noticed when one is with the moment as it arises and doesn’t need anything to be different. So regardless if what arises is labeled good or bad, it’s all the same attachment, and the only the thing the applied label does is determine if one needs to pull something in or push something away.

Entangled in Self

If you seek what you think is needed to wake you from the sleep of unconsciousness, you will probably remain asleep. Your urging is from the Universe, but this will not be known if you are entangled in a self that thinks it knows what’s best.

We are a product of the Universe, we’re not a product of ourselves. We did not call for our creation, nor do we call for the time when it ends. Every existence is a product of the Universe and the energy transformed to awaken is from the Universe. This is why we can not really do much to transform ourselves. We can only have the necessary willingness to allow our heart to open so the Universe can work with us; even this is not our doing, the willingness is also an urging from the Universe. The reason some awaken and some don’t is because the noise in the head is so loud the still small voice within isn’t heard. Even though it seems our urging is from the outside, it can only be heard from within.

Through our Conditioned Mind we become entangled in a very selfish self, but understand this is also an urging, it’s just not one that produces love. Energy always is, it’s just a matter of listening to the urging and hearing where it leads you. We seek because the Universe calls, we see because the veil of a Conditioned Mind is removed and our energy is then guided by our urge. Spirituality is not magical for a selected few who think they are special, it’s available to anyone who has willingness to listen to the urging from within. The Universe calls, but are you listening? And if you think you are, are you hearing the true message or are you making up your own message to fulfill your selfish self? It takes much quietness to hear the Universe’s urging, the alternative is to not hear and follow your own. Now that’s scary and it’s because most of our urgings are entangled in a selfish self strictly to satisfy our own desires.

Beneficial Reactions

Life occurs and the reactions to it will be determined by what mind set has been developed. A mind set of neutrality (quiet) is much more beneficial than one that’s in place to react selfishly…

Regardless of how you think you should be, if it’s not in you it won’t be possibly for it to be your outward reaction. What will be seen by the world as your outward reaction is really only what’s inside you. If you want to love and it hasn’t been cultivated, it will not be emitted out as it is not your mind set; your reactions out are only so because it’s what’s in you. If you were raised to hate certain things than that will be your mind set, and it will be the reactions out. The outward reactions are inside because consciously or unconsciously it’s what’s been cultivated.

To do things differently it will take a neutral (quiet) mind set as things occur. This will alleviate non beneficial emotional attachment and reactions. What occurs can then be looked at objectively because inside is neutral and non reactive. This will take practice, but life is reacted to in a much more beneficial way from a neutral mind set, and although everything comes from within you can only react to things in ways that have been cultivated and are inside. With practice what’s inside can be aligned with what is the most beneficial way to react and thus the most beneficial way to live…