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Selfish Craving Part 1

Reaching for something such as a cigarette, donut, candy, getting a tattoo or whatever else is being reached for benefits no one…it’s only done to satisfy a selfish craving…

Reaching energy is selfish and its base of fulfillment is “I”. Reaching is only done to satisfy yourself and it’s the energy of why the world is as it is. Here are some examples of how the reaching energy reinforces “I” which is based in pure selfishness. No matter how you try to justify the following behaviors, they’re based in selfishness and will keep you in the bondage to “I”. The first example is using tobacco products. When this is done there’s absolutely no benefit in this action except to fulfill the lie that the action is a benefit to you, it’s not even a true benefit to you, but your Conditioned Mind tells you it is. Next, how about reaching for a cookie or other sweets? It’s done strictly to satisfy the selfish craving of “I”. There’s no true benefit to this reaching except to satisfy a Conditioned Mind lie that the thing being reached for is needed. There’s nothing inherently right or wrong with these things, it’s the reaching to satisfy the selfish craving that is the issue, and this is because it blocks one from their own loving energy and hence the love that one emits to others.

This selfish energy is very subtle that most won’t ever see this, but let’s go a little deeper and see the selfish energy of let’s say getting a tattoo. Again it’s an action that has no benefit whatsoever except to fulfill a selfish craving and it’s why people get multiple tattoos. Even if you think a tattoo has sentimental value, its a lie because that means you are still reaching outside yourself for fulfillment. Someone asked me, what about writing an article everyday, isn’t that done to satisfy a selfish craving? My answer was this, the gauge if something is selfish or not is how it benefits someone else. Reaching for a cigarette, donut, candy, getting a tattoo or whatever else is being reached for benefits no one, it’s only done to satisfy a selfish craving. This is a true measurement to gauge where your energy is focused. So I say “reach for the stars” just know if no one else truly benefits from it, it’s probably selfish.

Love Revealed

A person doesn’t wake up because something from the outside shakes them…it occurs because the love in their heart is revealed…everyone has this love because everyone has a heart…

When a person has a shift, they wake up from the state of being asleep and unaware of what truth is. When this occurs the understanding of what has happened isn’t truly realized. In my own case I knew something happened because my view of life became different, but I didn’t know what it meant. I did know for the first time in my life I was at peace. I likened this peace as though I was broken (which I was spiritually), but my heart opened to love I wasn’t aware of. I didn’t wake up because something from the outside shook me, I woke up because the love in my heart that I already possessed was revealed. I didn’t know the value of this at first, as a matter of fact I didn’t even know I had love in my possession. Even when some do become slightly aware of this, it very easily could be mistaken, and for me it was for many years. As I look back throughout my life, I had an inkling that love existed, but it was always dismissed, and because of this I kept looking for what I already possessed.

Nothing is given to us from the outside that the inside doesn’t already have in its possession, but because of the conditioning in place, there’s no awareness of this. Obviously we’re not talking about material possessions, I’m strictly talking about the heart of love that we all possess. This is worth more than anything in the world and it’s also the thing that’s most readily available to everyone, it’s just that the conditioning in place keeps one looking for love out there when all along it has always been in your heart…

A Welcomed Emptiness

The Conditioned Mind creates a lie that when there’s space it needs filling. The heart understands this space as emptiness and until it’s realized it doesn’t need filling, the lie will remain in place.

For many years I had this misunderstood emptiness (space) in me that was created from the lie that I lacked love and that’s why I constantly reached for stuff to fill it; this is no longer the case because this is now understood. This emptiness isn’t emptiness at all, its simply space which is the essence of life. It’s where life happens when one is busy making other plans. By not understanding this I spent most of my life trying to fill an empty space with whatever I could get my hands on. This filling is endless as to what can be used so each individual has to investigate for themselves what that is. It’s ironic because now most of my life is life is spent in the space that for so long I considered an unwelcomed emptiness. Understanding this and not needing to fill the space is the truth that has been revealed to me.

To fill this unwelcomed emptiness is the reason why anyone reaches for anything and it’s because they want the space to be different, hence the filling. If this space was understood for what it truly is, humanity would be much different because contentment would be the way of the world. The needing to fill this space is a lie the Conditioned Mind invents and it keeps one constantly needing the present moment different. This keeps one reaching as the needing to fill the emptiness remains in place. This will need to be understood if the reaching is to ever end. When it is, the space transforms to a welcomed emptiness because the present moment doesn’t have to be different, and when the present moment doesn’t have to be different, life reveals its true essence of space, which doesn’t need to be filled with anything because it’s not empty.

Dynamic Energy

When one isn’t controlled by things from the outside, therein lies your peace, but there isn’t peace because life is the way that it’s wanted, there’s peace because your dynamic energy is focused on life as it is.

Dynamic energy controls your life and makes it what it is, but it doesn’t make it what it is because of what you do, it makes it what it is by where your energy is focused. If your focus doesn’t put you in harmony with life, then there won’t be any and hence your life will be the way that it is because it’s the way you are unconsciously making it. It’s actually a beautiful thing when one becomes aware of this because it puts your responses to life in your hands; to me that’s all a person could ask for. When one isn’t controlled by things from the outside, therein lies your peace, but there isn’t peace because life is the way that it’s wanted, there’s peace because your dynamic energy is focused on life as it is.

What happens with a mind that has dynamic energy that’s not based in love is it gets kidnapped by its own conditioning and then you are held hostage by your own mind. I know this sounds crazy, but this is exactly what’s happens with a mind that becomes conditioned, and it’s all because of the dynamic energy based to self serve. When the dynamic energy in place focuses on a me, me, me mind, crazy becomes the norm or so it seems, but it’s only because of the dynamic energy making it so. When the dynamic energy changes, the craziness subsides. So when you sit and see what the base of your energy is, you just may be able to change it by refocusing. It will take some time though because of the conditioning in place, but the alternative is to remain the way you are; being controlled by dynamic energy that holds you hostage to it.

Clinging to Being Human

Not only is to err human, it’s also inevitable. It’s the clinging to our humanness that causes attaching to wanting things different which in turn causes one to cling to their own suffering…

If you really want to know what humanities basic error is that keeps most clinging to their own suffering, it’s attaching to being human. It’s not that we aren’t human or that we’ll be able to transcend our humanness, it’s more so to find a way to embrace it, but not to cling to it; clinging to humanness in some way always causes suffering. It doesn’t have to be attached to, but it will take developing discipline for the mind to see this. It’s seems to be human to want things different and it’s always attaching to the story of being human that causes suffering. This is true regardless of what’s wanted different.

It’s always the human self that wants something different and it’s this charade of clinging to being human that pulls one into suffering. Last week I ordered a shirt on line and when it was delivered I tried it on and it didn’t fit. By my initial reaction you would have thought I was going to have to go shirtless; this was simply because I didn’t accept the fact the shirt didn’t fit. This is what clinging to being human does and when I saw how childish this wanting things different was it fell away and I was able to get an exchange for the shirt. You can substitute the shirt with anything and you’ll get the same childish results of suffering. This is all because not only is it human to err, but it’s also the clinging to our humanness that one attaches to wanting things different which in turn causes one to cling to their own suffering…

No Inherent Label

Nothing that arises inherently has a label, that comes from how the individual perceives the arisen moment and attaches a conditioned label of this or that to what arises…

Being in the space of what arises and not attaching a conditioned label to it determines if one truly lives life or if it’s lived in the conditioned realm of a created story of how you think the arisen moment should be. Nothing is inherently good or bad, but when it’s labeled as so it changes the entire dynamics of how the present moment is dealt with. And regardless if it’s labeled good or bad, it creates the same dynamic change of suffering because the labeling makes the moment need to be a certain way. Bad: push it away…Good: pull it in…either way the same discontent is created. Although there may not be awareness of this, the discontent is there nonetheless.

Recently I was on vacation in Florida and it was funny just watching the mind constantly trying to create labels to make the arisen moment into a story. When the sun was out the label was good, when it went in or if a thunder shower passed through, bad. There’s a small gym in the hotel that I went to: nobody in there, good, four people in there, bad. First day on vacation, good, last day, bad. These are but a few, the main thing is to just notice this and not attach, but don’t make not attaching into a story of good or bad. When you can really start to recognize this, the labeling process that gets so engrained in the subconscious because of the Conditioned Mind can start to be let go of; this letting go is as simple as just watching what arises and not attaching a label of good or bad.

The Magnificence of Others

Magnificence is measured by how one helps others to see their own magnificence. Even if you possess the whole world your own magnificence won’t shine through until you touch someone to see the magnificence in themselves.

To me there’s only one reason for existence and it’s why share my experience, it’s to possibly assist others in recognizing their own magnificence. There’s nothing more to it, there’s no other reason to share except for this. If one isn’t assisting others in establishing their own magnificence then you’ll be stuck in trying to establish your own magnificence; if you look around you will see there are plenty of people already doing this and the results is why the world is the way it is. It matters little what anyone achieves in life for themselves, but those who are truly spiritually led assist others to discover their own magnificence. This is what all the great teachers did and do, they assist others in reaching the potential of their own magnificence. But assistance can’t be done if there’s one iota of selfishness involved. You can only give what is within yourself.

A person may achieve great worldly success and there’s nothing wrong with this, but if others aren’t being touched so they can see their own magnificence what good is it. You may have great wealth and notoriety, but if there isn’t at least one person who has seen their own magnificence because of being tied into what you do, life will remain only as a shadow of your own self. To me it seems as though life dictates if one lives in the shadow of worldly magnificence or if one discovers their own innate magnificence, but either way it means nothing until there’s assistance in helping someone in the shadow of their own magnificence to see the light of who they truly are. Sit and visualize this and it will come to pass and what will come to pass has nothing to do with your magnificence, but it does have everything to do with the magnificence of someone else…Namaste