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It’s Monday Only in Your Mind

In stillness all truth is revealed. The truth of existence can only be known when the mind is quiet. The mind becomes quiet only when the truth of existence is known and this is known when ones lies are exposed.
I have been getting more and more feedback from people about my books message. I am not just saying this because I wrote it, but there is immense value in the content of it. People are suffering needlessly and I have an obligation to try and help. If you get the opportunity you may want to read it. It just may change the way you look at life, or at the very least you might just be pleasantly surprised.

There is much talk of God in it, but as energy only. God is only a word, it is not some deity sitting on a cloud up in the sky somewhere. I speak of the love in Jesus’s teachings, but not in the context of a belief. I focus on the facts of what he taught. I do not believe in God. I do not not believe in God. I have found a belief to be a construct of some thought made up by my Conditioned Mind. I know God exist as the energy of love, I don’t need a made up belief or story to know this because it is in my heart.

I have learned to live in the present moment, where life happens. I do not allow, ideas, concepts, or beliefs to ruin my life anymore, I deal with each moment as it occurs. This is what It’s Monday Only in Your Mind teaches. It also talks about that God is a word that people have been trying to describe since the beginning  of existence, but it is indescribable. Without making up a story, how can something that cannot be felt, seen, smelt, touched, or heard, be described? A scientific fact is we are energy. Where we direct our energy determines how our life is lived. It is not determined by God, but by behaving in a manner that puts us in harmony with life.
I don’t understand to much about the spiritual realm, but I do know this, something happened to me that changed my life. It wasn’t some God that changed me, it was the painful truth of living a self-centered existence that was missing love as the base of existence. I don’t have to label this as anything. I stick with what is factual as opposed to what can be made up in the head. The facts are I am happier today because I practice a discipline that allows for the settling of my mind. Without the noise in my head, my life is no longer controlled by Conditioned Mind Patterns that were leading me around like I was a puppet on a string. This has nothing to do with God (only the word). It has everything to do with the energy of love. This is how my conditioning changed which resulted in a changed life.Please try my website and see if something doesn’t touch you. We all have an obligation to carry the message of love into the lives of others, but understand you cannot transmit what you haven’t got. My book will help you to understand where your views on life originated from and why you do the things that aren’t a benefit to you. I can promise you this, it will make you think about your life. It has nothing to do with a concept of God, it has everything to do with your own inner discovery of who you truly are. And when one finds that out, one finds God as the energy of love. This is not a belief, but a fact of existence. Only the Conditioned Mind keeps you from knowing this truth. Stay conditioned or change, that is up to you.

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