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Mind Noise Tools

Mind noise exist because the tools in place cause it. Attachment is that tool which gives what arises the needed energy to be noisy, but when one uses the tool of the present, the mind settles and the noise subsides…

This morning I woke up at 4:00am for work and it was like I was on automatic pilot, my mind wanted to make this a problem; the noise started. There wasn’t a known reason for this except that my mind wanted to convince me that either “I” should be sleeping or “I” should be thinking about how I’m going to solve the days problems. At the very least “I” should be thinking about retirement and the day I will no longer need to get up this early. Instead of feeding into this energy I was able to stay in the awareness of what was happening at the moment I was in and not get pulled into the noise.

Being awake regardless of the time of day isn’t a good or bad thing, it’s not even a problem, that is unless there’s a tool in place that makes it so. For me the noise is just what arose at that moment, but it wasn’t attached to. My mind was noisy and was responding to what was there because the tool that was in place for many years created noise. I took a deep breath which established an anchor in the present and awareness arose of simply being awake. It wasn’t a problem because of having developed tools that establish quietness not noise. Being aware of this and having these present moment awareness tools is priceless because even though noise will arise at times, it doesn’t have to be attached to so it will simply subside on its own, that is if you have the tools in place that allow it to…

Intuitive Existence

Attaching to an identity (name) limits one from knowing the true essence of existence (there’s existence without a name). When there’s seeing beyond this limit existence is understood at a much deeper level.

Here’s something to ponder: our entire existence is centered around an identity (name) that is strictly used to give us individuality which separates us from each other and blocks out intuitive living. How this happens is we attach to the identity (our name) and it becomes who and what we THINK we are. There’s issue with this because the more this identity is attached to, the more separation it creates by living life through a thought based view instead of intuitiveness. What this identity does is it limits you from knowing the true essence of existence (you exist without your name). When you can see beyond the limited attachment to this identity, you will understand existence at a much deeper level. What happens then is there’s no separation from others, there’s only unity so when I see you I see me, but I don’t really see a you and a me because that would separate us, intuitively there’s only oneness.

You can never truly be separated from anything because all existence is from the same energy. We’re all created from love, for the purpose to love for the betterment of the Universe. Not in the form of a doing, but by simply being that in which you intuitively are. Your name is only used by society because it provides order. When this name isn’t used to make you who and what you are, you will intuitively know the essence of stillness within which allows for a quietness to just be with what arises in any given moment without needing to make it about anything. It is then that you will intuitively love, because it will be the only thing that’s there.

No Striving Needed

By striving to become something the Conditioned Mind makes you believe is needed, you miss the entire point that you already are all that you are and if that isn’t enough there’s nothing that will make it so…

By understanding what the practice of quieting the monkey mind does, you stop striving to become and you’re guided by the Creative Intelligence of the Universe; this puts you in total harmony with life. You’ll realize you are complete just as you are and nothing added can make you more complete. This is priceless because when this is experienced you’ll understand the difference between being and doing, and you will stop doing to become because you’ll see you already are all that you can be. By striving to become, whatever you become doesn’t enhance what you already are.

At the base of this understanding is love, nothing more can be added that would make you become something other than that. Even if you found the cure for cancer, it wouldn’t be enough unless it was derived from love, and it wouldn’t be the cure that would make you enough, it would be it arising from love. Love is enough, only the Conditioned Mind needs something else, not really, but it’s the ego that makes life into a belief something other then love is needed. A belief isn’t real, it’s a story made up by an egoic mind. There are no facts in a belief; love is real, beliefs aren’t.

Most waste their entire life striving to become what you already are simply because it’s not realized. That’s why when you stop striving to become something different then who you are, you stop looking to become something different then who you are. You can’t become that which you already are, so all that’s needed is to realize what has always been there. You are who you are, who you have always been, and who you will always be. This is not a belief or a story, this is a fact. You cannot be anything, but who you are, if you want to believe you are your story, than that is who you will make yourself out to become, but it’s not who you are, it’s only your made up story. Why do you think when this is understood there is peace, because you stop striving to become and just be. This is when love is enough because you realize love is simply who you are.

Listening to the Wind

We live in a world torn between wanting to listen to the wind and wanting to attach to the surface sounds of the world. By being aware of the first part, we acquire the energy necessary to prevent the second.

The selfish and destructive conditioned mind behavior that was in control for most of my life seems to be in a place of neutrality. I would never say the conditioning is gone for good because just by labeling it so would give it the needed energy to return. It’s very important to see what’s in place as being the point where we connect with the world, but not making it into a story. We live in a world torn between wanting to listen to the wind and wanting to attach to the surface sounds of the world, but sometimes just by being sensitive enough to the first part, we acquire the energy necessary to prevent the second. In stillness all truth arises.

Here’s a story: There once was a king who went for long walks, he would walk the same route everyday for miles. One day he stepped on a nail and his foot become infected. When the infection cleared up, he ordered his servants to carpet the route he walked with leather. Overwhelmed with this order, one of the servants suggested he wrap his feet in leather instead of the entire route; hence shoes were invented. The point of this is to show how one only needs to focus on being mindful of themselves, not focusing on saving or trying to change the world, the more mindful one is of their own behaviors and actions, the more things around them will change.

One will never prevent the sounds of the world or have the entire world carpeted in love, but you can listen to your own heart and not be a part of the surface noise by keeping your own house in order instead of being overwhelmed trying to change everything else. When we are mindful of our own conditioning and we take care of the place where we connect with the world, we offer the world our true self, not by trying to change it or by ignoring the surface sounds, but by simply listening to the wind.

Constant Motion

Life is constant motion, it never stops. If this motion is noticed it will allow much more understanding of life than if one is blindly controlled by habitual mind patterns that have a tendency to make things appear stagnant.

If the constant motion of life isn’t understood, that’s when the habitual conditioned mind patterns take over; it’s just the process in place. You can be in a state where you are happy and out of nowhere arises something that triggers one of your habitual stagnated mind patterns. Depending on what these patterns are based in determines if you are still happy after it’s attached to. This is how it works, we’re pulled around by patterns and the constant motion goes unnoticed so it’s controlling energy attaches to whatever pattern is associated with the moment. This is where everything arises from, feelings, emotions, sensations, judgements, hatred, and whatnot, hence the puppet on a string syndrome is king if the constant motion of life isn’t noticed. Think about this, you can’t have any feeling or emotional swing without attachment to motion, most people don’t really have any inkling of this and because of this very few truly understand life. I don’t say this in jest, I’m no different although I probably notice the constant motion a little more.

Here’s something to do to possibly understand the constant motion a little better. Make a commitment to sit for a certain time, say thirty seconds, keep it real. In those thirty second just watch what arises, watch the constant motion, a thought arising and just notice it. Just sitting, looking, acknowledging, noticing, letting it arise and pass; all of this is just the constant motion of each particular moment. This should help in getting a better grasp on the constant motion. The committed sitting time is up to the individual or don’t sit at all and remain a slave to the constant motion as it arises and habitually controls your life. It’s the constant motion that makes life what it is and if this goes unnoticed so will most of your life.

Impermanence of Existence

To understand life one must understand death. When conditions are right to support life we exist, when those conditions aren’t supported existence in this form ends. Understanding this impermanence is freedom…

You will understand what true freedom is when you understand the impermanence of life. At any moment life can change from conditions that allow it to be, to conditions that don’t support it. The real question is do you truly understand this? Conditions that don’t support life will change for many today, if you understand this can occur at any time, it will allow you to let go of all the nonsense you think you need for your life to be. The only place of true freedom is in understanding this.

Do anything you want, but understand no matter how much you hold onto it, one day just like that and without your permission, conditions will not be favorable to support your current existence and life as it is known will end. It’s not a bad or good thing, it’s just the way it is. One day conditions were right and your current form began, and if you are reading this conditions have been favorable up to this point to allow you to remain in your current form of existence, but it will not last this way forever. When you know your current form of existence to be temporary, how can you not be grateful and know that now is the only moment that ever is. Death is not truly death, it’s merely the existence of changing conditions.

Things exist until conditions change and then their existence changes. When a beautiful flower grows and you cut it to put it a vase, you don’t think of killing the flower, but you have changed the conditions for the flower to continue its existence in its current form. The moment it’s cut, its existence has been altered. The key is to enjoy the beauty of the flower in its current form. That’s how it is with our life, conditions will change one day that will not allow us to continue to live in our current form, but you can enjoy all the beauty that your current form has to offer, if you just understand that one day it will change.

What’s in Front of You

You may not be able to change the way that things are right now, but you can live in a way that you simply do what’s in front of you and live life as it’s given…

To love life as it is one must learn to love what’s in front of you. What’s in front of you is what’s happening right now. It’s the only place where life can be lived; it’s the only place that life can be loved. If you don’t love what’s in front of you, how can you love the life you are living? Life can never better then it is right now simply because right now is what’s in front of you; only the Conditioned Mind makes you think this isn’t so. You can wish for things to be different then what’s occurring, but it’s your life that’s being wished away, so just be with what’s in front of you and live and love the life that’s given.

Our paths are laid before us to do the best we can with the tools that we have. There needs to be an anchor so our path is clear cut. It’s very easy to veer off the path if you aren’t vigilant. There are many diversions that will try and knock you off it. It’s like your life is an obstacle course and they’re in place to divert you from what’s in front of you, from the present which is the Here and Now. There is only the present of what’s in front of you, but there are many mind made obstacles. One of the main obstacles is wanting things different. The mind tells you if things were different life would be better, this is the great lie.

Things are only as they can be, and it’s only the present that makes you free. You may not be able to change the way that things are right now, but you can live in a way that you do what’s in front of you so love can show you how. So just do what’s in front of you and live the life you are given and simply love because you’re liven.