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Beneficial Thinking

Part of the process of a settling mind is noticing the incessant thinking that causes you and others harm and changing that thinking in ways that is truly beneficial to you and to all beings.

For so many years I had thinking patterns and acted in ways that weren’t beneficial to me or anyone else. To this day I am perplexed by this because why was this so? Why would anyone do anything that wasn’t a benefit to their life, but it goes on all the time. Just watch the lnews. Forget it don’t watch the news because there isn’t much benefit to that. Why do we act in ways that harm others and ourselves? To me this is truly mind boggling, but it is where my passion to assist others in exposing this is derived from. I don’t blame me or anyone else for the way I developed, it is just the way I became conditioned.

If there is fault anywhere it is with society as a whole. But that is only the collective conditioning as opposed to individual conditioning. There really isn’t fault anywhere because becoming conditioned is just the way life is. Its the type of conditioning that needs to be focused on. If we were all conditioned to love, our world would be much different. But since this isn’t the case we need to learn to do things that make us act and think in ways the are beneficial to our well being and our planet as a whole.

One of the most difficult things to learn in life is to align our thinking and the way we act so it is beneficial in all aspects of our life. If this was done we would not be suffering as a society. And we are a gluttonous society, are we not? There’s nothing wrong with having things or enjoying ourself, but when is enough, enough? The noise in the head blocks this from being known because the noise itself tells us more is better and it keeps the mind in a state of agitation that reaffirms this. This is vital in understanding when something is beneficial or something is gluttonous. But this has to be decided as an individual, not by anyone else. That’s why there’s no one to blame, because although we didn’t condition ourselves, its up to each individual to recognize if our thinking and actions are a benefit to us or not. Not a made up its all about me benefit, but one that puts us in harmony with ourself and in the process with life.

You will know what’s truly a benefit if there’s no discord within yourself. Its never the fault of someone else that causes our discord, it is always from within our self. And it is our own thinking that causes our discord. Learning to be in harmony with life is doing the things that are truly a benefit to you and to all beings. When this is done you will know it because your thinking and actions will no longer be based in doing things that cause you or others harm. You will be free to love because that will be a direct result of the benefits of your thinking and the way you act.

Darkness or Light

Darkness occurs when there is a lack of light. But the darkness of the heart isn’t the same as the darkness of night. Learn the difference and let the night be dark, but the heart be of light.

Can you see what is beyond the darkness of the world of thought, into the realm of the thoughtless, where the light shines. This light is the silence that surrounds us all the time, but because of the world of thought, which is noise, its not noticed. There are two kinds of darkness that fill life, one is the darkness that is needed for rest and for things to arise (silence). The other is the darkness that blocks out our inner light, this is the darkness of the heart, the thought realm, the world of noise. This darkness blinds us from the love that is in our heart. In this darkness is what can be called evil, but only in the sense that this evil in and of itself is the darkness only because it blocks out the light. There are many ways to block the light, the tools used by darkness are greed, envy, pride, jealousy, hate and delusion to name a few. There is only one way to see the light, but it is more powerful then all the tools combined of the darkness. Light will always overtake darkness as long as there is a source for the light. And the source to our light is love.

How the light is allowed to shine is by removing the darkness. Its like when entering a dark room, all you need to do is turn on the light and the darkness disappears. It can not sustain itself where there is light. The two can not coexist at the same time. There will always be one or the other. So when its learned what causes ones darkness, as these things are removed the light will shine more and more. Eventually there is only light in the sense of bringing love into the world.

The light of the world is the love of the world, and when this light shines darkness can not prevail. So when the things that block the light are removed, the things that block love are removed and when this occurs the only thing that will be left is love, which in turn will make us a light unto a world that has way to much darkness. So be a light unto yourself and you will be a light to all beings and if they want to remain in darkness that will be up to them, but at least you are giving them a source of light, which is the love that is in your heart.

Gratitude from a Loving Heart

Happy Thanksgiving, not only for today, but for each and everyday for the life that we are given.

Being grateful for our life given is understanding whats needed to live from a heart of love. It is not automatic that this occurs. When love is cultivated it produces gratitude for our given life.

Gratitude is from a loving heart. It isn’t from anything of the materiel realm. If gratitude was from the material realm than it would be from a direct result of our possessions and that would make a person of wealth more grateful than one who had none? But the true measure of our wealth has nothing to do with possessions, it is from our loving heart, thats what measures our true wealth. You can only be grateful when you are content with the life you are given, not with the one you wish you had or what you want or are going to get. Wanting is never from our true self, its from the small self that think it needs to be complete. The true self never needs because it is complete as it is. Needing only arises from our egoic self. It creates lack which creates need. When there’s completeness there no lack and no need.

This lack or need which creates wanting is in direct relation to our so called problems in life. Whenever you want, that means you think things need to be in some other way, and suffering follows. It doesn’t mean everything will be the way you like, but it must be accepted if you are to be at peace and invoke a grateful heart. Investigate this for yourself. Truth will not shield you from problems, it will allow you to not create them. Find your truth and you will find your loving heart. When you are of a loving heart you will be in harmony with your true self and with all beings. And when this occurs you can’t help but to have an attitude that’s full of gratitude for the life that you are given.

Perfect in Love

If our given life is to be of any assistance to others we will need to stop trying to make ourselves perfect and understand the only perfection that one will ever experience is the perfection of love.

The point to our life isn’t to perfect ourselves, its to perfect our love. It is only through love that true perfection can be known, but it isn’t our perfection, it is love’s. So much time and energy is put towards trying to perfect ourselves. We go to the gym, eat healthy, attend church, volunteer at shelters and what not, meditate, do yoga and so on, but is it being done for the perfection of our self or to perfect our ability to love? There’s nothing wrong in any of the things mentioned above, but what matters is why they are being done. If it is to perfect ourself something will always be needed to be done because our perfection will never be, if not for any other reason than we are human. But if its our yearning to perfect our love, then it puts us in direct alignment with ourselves, and the Universe. This allows our energy to be directed towards its intended purpose to love, it will be at this time that perfection will be forth coming in our life and thus it will be propelled into the lives of others.

The Universe’s Reality of Love

Even if your individual dream is fulfilled, the reality of Universal Love is the true fulfillment of any dream. What good is it if you gain the whole world, but lose the reality of the Universe’s Love.

Although we live individual lives it doesn’t mean we are individuals. We are but one dreamer inside the dream of the Universe’s reality. But the Universe’s reality is only as real as an individual dreamer makes it out to be. We all come into this world the same and it is under the same conditions provided by the same Universe. So what makes us discount this for an individualism that does nothing but cause not only our suffering, but the suffering of our entire human family? Even if you think what you are doing is for the greater good, individualism blocks the love the would truly allow this from happening. Individualism is not a attribute of the greater good. Love only comes from the dream of the Universe’s reality, not from the individual dreamers dream.

Your individual dream becomes your individual reality, but it will never become the Universe’s dream fulfilling its reality of love. Individualism can never be conducive to love no matter how much you think it is or try to justify that it is. Our love is from the Universe and until this is our primary direction of energy our individualism will constantly creep in to make us blind to this.

Just as our parents are always our parents, we’re always a part of the Universe, it is our creator and we can’t be separate from whence we were created. But we can block the awareness of this which makes us an individual and blocks our awareness to the true connection of our existence to Universal Love. So our dream has to become the dream of the Universe so we can understand the Universe’s reality, which is: We are one Universal body made up of many many cells, but unfortunately far too many of the cells are not of the true nature of the Universe’s reality of love and this is affecting our entire human family as a whole. So learn to be the love that you are and you will be a part of the greater reality of Universal Love. Or not and remain entrapped to the small selfish dream of your individual reality.

Fulfillment of Purpose

Life has its own intentions and purpose and when our mind is quiet we can be in alignment with it. But it isn’t for a self created made up purpose, its for the purpose of fulfillment of Universal Love.

You do what you do because your Conditioned Mind is telling what to do. You wake up in the morning and the day begins. You do whatever it is that you do and around sixteen hours later it is time to go to sleep and do it again when you awaken. We say it is tomorrow, but the reality of life is it is one continuous trek. There aren’t really any breaks in it. Time, days, years, decades, centuries, are all man made concepts. They are needed to the extent of establishing some structure in life, but we hold on to them way to much. Actually we allow them to control our life.

I’m not saying nothing matters, but does anyone living really know the purpose of life and what truly matters? Life’s purpose is relatively unknown. We can make things up and we’re very good at it, we can make its purpose about helping others, or loving others, raising a family, being kind, awakening to a life’s purpose that we make up, working as this or that, or whatever it is that we use to justify our existence, but the bottom line is one day just like that, our existence ends. Poof, just like that, in a blink of an eye its over. Whatever it is that we were making our purpose at the time that our existence in this form ends, we let go of.

For me what I have found is life is meaningless to the point where I make up a given purpose and need it so life is the way I think it should be. Look at all the less unfortunate people in the world, I need to help them. Who am I doing it for, them or to satisfy my purpose? If we all lived in abundance and no one was a so called less unfortunate than me, what would my life’s purpose be then. I’m not saying don’t assist others, but does it need to be made into a purpose, can’t it just be something to do without adding a label to it?

Life has purpose, its just not what I make it out to be and it doesn’t matter what that is because it is only being done to fulfill some need in me. Life has its own intentions and purpose, and when my mind is quiet I can be in alignment with it. But when I’m living for a self created purpose, I am in alignment with something my Conditioned Mind makes up, not life. Only when I realize to be mindful of the present moment is life’s purpose fulfilled because in the moment there is no time, days, years, decades, centuries, or whatever it is my Conditioned Mind uses to block Universal Love from using me for its purpose. I don’t have to do anything for this to occur, but learn to be still. Once I am still then life can use me. But it isn’t for a self created made up purpose, it is for the purpose of fulfillment of Universal Love.

Heart of Love

You can live from your head, but you can only love from your heart. You don’t love in the past or future, you love in the present because the energy of the heart is from what is happening now.

If you sit around waiting for the other shoe to drop it will happen because by expecting it you are giving it the energy it needs to occur. Your projections eventually become your reality. Our projections always come from our head, never from our heart. When we love it is of our heart and that’s the energy we will emit, not the energy of waiting for the other shoe to drop. But that doesn’t mean everyone will love us back, although everyone’s heart is of love the Conditioned Mind blocks this from being known. It is known in the head, but to truly emit love’s energy to others it has to be from the heart. Going from the head to the heart is a difficult twelve inch transition and it is the road less travelled. When the idea of love gets stuck in the head there’s to much thinking involved and it becomes something other than love. I’m not sure what it is, but I know when I love it comes from my heart.

Since our projections always come from our head this creates problems because the mind needs something to do if its not trained to be still. The mind that solves problems is the same mind that creates them. If you make it a problem that the other shoe will drop, when it happens (in your head only), its your own mind that says “see I told you so.” But who is it telling that to, itself. You are not separate from your mind, but sometimes it seems that way. When you do something and say “why did I do that” the mind that told you to do it is now the same mind that is making you question yourself. It is your own mind that makes this happen.

Nothing makes you do anything, but your own mind. You don’t think negative thoughts without your permission. You don’t wait for the other shoe to drop without your permission. Your own mind tells you this is what’s going to happen because as the saying goes “if it wasn’t for bad luck I would have no luck at all.” The other shoe will only drop when it is projected to drop, it never has to drop, but that’s up to the reconditioning of your Conditioned Mind.

Nothing ever happens in your mind without your permission. So when it is learned to live life from the heart, the head will no longer be in control, projecting and waiting for the other shoe to drop. It won’t happen so you will then be free to live your life as intended; from the love that is in your heart instead of the mind made non sense of what goes on between your ears.

Mastery of Your Mind

If you don’t have mastery of your mind, your mind will have mastery of you. Emotional balance is contingent on this and you will either control your emotional reactions or you will be ruled by them.

If you don’t have mastery of your mind your mind will have mastery of you. And it will manifest as behavior not conducive to love. This is not easy to truly understand because of the lack of discipline in your life, but if you really investigate this and see not only where your stories come from, but how and this is very important, the created stories really don’t add one thing to your life. Yet you create them, but its not really you who does this, its your undisciplined, unmastered mind. You will understand this truth when you stop being mastered by your mind and stop creating your unnecessary stories. By learning to master your mind, you will gain real control over your emotional state and the way you react to life. By being mastered by your mind you are pulled around as if you are a dog on a leash. But I think a dog actually has more freedom.

When there isn’t a created story what remains is emptiness and you are that emptiness, but not in the sense that there is nothing there, but more so because your mind is not your master. I will tell you this, the Conditioned Mind is devious and will not allow you to understand this emptiness because it will mean you are gaining mastery of it. It is the last thing your Conditioned Mind wants you to do because it is the end of the control it has over your.

This is whats needed to live a life of love. Mastery of your own mind so you can say no to things that aren’t beneficial to you and yes to things that are. This will take much discipline, much more than most people are willing to develop. This is why the world is the way it is because not enough people are willing to do what’s necessary to gain mastery of their own mind. This lack of willingness doesn’t allow love to be our minds default setting.

Without discipline to much of what others do and outer occurrences are allowed to control our emotional state. Because of this, life leads most people on an emotional roller coaster and far to many people are attached to their emotions to the point that there is no mastery whatsoever of the own mind. So going back to the beginning of the article “If you don’t have mastery of your mind your mind will have mastery of you.”

Maximum Fulfillment

The difficulties of life aren’t from life they’re from what we pay attention to. And if we have ulterior motives it can be nothing but selfish and this is what makes life seem difficult.

You can live your life one of two ways and the one you pay attention to is the one which will dictate whether you are getting the maximum fulfillment from the life you are given. Life cannot give you what you are not in alignment to receive. If you act in a selfish manner your life will be filled with many difficulties. But understand the difficulties aren’t from life they are for yourself. They are derived from what you are paying attention to.

No matter what you may think the right thing to do is, or how many good deeds you think are needed, it will not get you a better seat in heaven or you won’t move up in the angelic chain of command. None of them will give you maximum fulfillment because they are a doing thats derived from the selfish self. You may say I don’t know you so how can I say that, but I do know me and I understand whenever my deeds are of my doing, their being done for some ulterior motive that’s derived from selfishness. And the only way they can’t be selfish is if I am paying attention to the beloved and I’m assisting the beloved in the capacity the Universe sees fit.

This is not a doing it is allowing. Allowing the beloved Universe to be your guide. It is the only way your heart will be open enough not to be selfish. Do you think someone like Mother Teresa thought her assistance to others was a doing? Without doing allows the freedom to be empty enough not to be selfish. Whenever you do you are entrapped to your little self, your selfishness. So life is dictated by what you pay attention to and it will either be the beloved Universe or it will be your beloved selfishness and the one you choose will determine if your life is lived to its maximum fulfillment.

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