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Wholesome Consequences 

The consequences that arise from living a wholesome life naturally puts one in alignment with the loving vibrations and frequency of the Universe. Apple seeds can only result in growing apples.

Nothing has to be done for one to enjoy wholesome consequences, they arise simply from living in a wholesome manner. The definition of wholesome is: conducive to or suggestive of good health, physical and moral well-being. When this is one’s direction, the consequences that naturally arise are love, compassion, kindness, understanding, non judgement, to name a few, you cannot be wholesome and have unwholesome consequences. The unpleasantries of life will still occur, but the way they’re dealt with will not allow their suffering to engulf you. There will still be pain, heart ache, and loss of loved ones, but by living in a wholesome way, suffering will be much less than if unwholesome principles were in place. Planting apple seeds can only result in growing apples, but the seeds have to cultivated for this to occur. The seed only has potential, it is not the apple.

Our wholesome qualities will also have to be cultivated if there are to be wholesome consequences in our life. Most people intuitively know what is wholesome and what is not, but if there’s difficultly in deciphering this, a great guide is simply, wholesome is of love as unwholesome is of selfishness. The me me me mind doesn’t have many wholesome qualities or consequences to it. I always knew the difference between these two, but because of my conditioning being wholesome was beyond my capability. It was only when I began sitting and my mind settled did I develop the awareness to see and act in a wholesome way; this arises naturally as the mind settles. The more the mind settles the more wholesome are one’s action and thus the more the consequences of those actions are of a wholesome quality.

What’s Let In

When the “I need more” conditioning isn’t controlling what’s let in, there’s much more peace in one’s life, but this isn’t because peace is let in, it’s because nonsense isn’t let in so that naturally allows for one to be at peace.

Much goes on in one’s day to day living and for the most part there’s no control over what happens. Even if there was, with the way the Conditioned Mind has been developed, it wouldn’t change the way things are. The first thing that has to happen for the possibility of any change to take place is one has to understand what’s being let in to shape your day to day, even moment to moment existence. Much is viewed throughout the day, but it’s mostly let in through the default setting of the conditioning in place. It’s let in, but it’s not done with any sense of awareness so it leads one to being controlled like a puppet on a string. There’s no choice in this until there is, but unfortunately until there is, one will let in things that aren’t beneficial and hence if it’s not beneficial it will cause much trouble and suffering.

Think about the things that are attached to, the list is basically endless, the problem with this is not much that’s grabbed is beneficial. We are a species that has lost its way and it’s because of what we let in. There is a nothingness to life that has to be seen so one can decipher if what they have been conditioned to let in is beneficial or not. I let a lot in for many years that I thought was beneficial, but in truth it kept in bondage to the “I need more” conditioning. I always needed more so that’s what I let in, but it was never enough. Today it’s much different because to a large degree the “I need more” conditioning isn’t controlling what’s let in, so there’s much more peace, but this isn’t because peace is let in, it’s because nonsense isn’t let in so that naturally allows for one to be at peace.

Letting Go of Self 

Seeking happiness makes it elusive so it will constantly be sought, and this is because the Self that wants happiness only knows how to seek it, it doesn’t know how to be happy.

Most people look at happiness as if it’s something that can be attained, but the only way to experience happiness is by letting it go, and what it is that needs to be let go of is the Self who wants to be happy. Everyone at some level understands that happiness can’t be found in things, but usually it’s discounted and one continues to pursue happiness as something to attained. In the process happiness will continue to be elusive, thus it will continue to be sought. There may be moments of happiness in one’s life, but only when things are the way that they are wanted. This is another trap (Mind Pattern) of the Conditioned Mind and it wrecks havoc because it keeps one entrapped to thinking life needs to be a certain way and this is where happiness lies. Many pursue this and cause their own death, but this is extreme. Happiness is mostly pursued by just about everyone and even though it’s not to the extreme of death, it is at the cost of one’s own freedom.

Happiness is always dependent on something that one’s Self finds appropriate. This appropriateness arises in many forms and it’s very difficult to spot because of the conditioning in place. It arises as any judgement you may have of another or situation, this is strictly the Self thinking that it knows what’s best for everyone. Really it all comes down to wanting whatever arises different and not being able to just be with what is and simply being ok with that. Until that time comes, happiness will continue to be elusive, but it will constantly be sought because the Self that wants happiness only knows how to seek it, it doesn’t know how to be happy.

Everything Falls Away 

The more one allows things to be in control, the less one truly lives. You may be alive, but until it’s seen that everything falls away, you will remain in bondage to whatever you alone give power to.

Watch how all things arise and fall away. Seeing this is very valuable in the letting go process. What is held onto becomes one’s bondage, but it can simply be let go of, that is if it’s seen it is being held on to. Each moment arises and as it does it seems as if it’s there, but where is it truly. A vacation, a job promotion, birth, death, sickness, health, marriage, divorce, golfing, having a cigar, each day, going to work, going home from work, and on an on, all things arise and fall away, only attachment to them gives them the power to control. Nothing in an of itself has any power to control, it has to be given power. Before anything is attached to (society calls it addiction) it’s just there latent, lying in wait. Nothing has power until it is given it. The drug dealers can make all the heroin they want, but if no one needed to alter the way that they felt, it wouldn’t have the draw (power) it currently has. This is the reason so much money is spent on advertising, the advertisers know just what to use to entice people into unconsciously reaching for things .

Everyone gets caught by something, it’s just that some things have the power to totally devastate life and some are very subtle, but the common factor of everything is nothing has inherent power to control. Everything would arise and fall away if it wasn’t attached to and this is because nothing can control a person without the person allowing it; the given control can only come from the person. The more control is given away the less one truly lives. You may be alive, but until it’s seen that everything falls away you will remain in bondage to whatever you alone give power to.

Just Another Story 

Your completeness is right here in front of you within your grasp, but you’ll never truly be mindful of this until you realize it’s not a story that’s needed, it’s what’s already here.

Without inner silence, it’s very unlikely one will have the mindfulness needed to not create your stories. Even this writing is a story of how not to create stories, but the mindfulness of writing it helps to minimize the attachment to it and thus once it’s written it’s complete. Non attachment is always the key. A story can always be added to, but once something arises ask yourself, is this the end of the story or not? That will depend on how one relates their “I” identity to the story. The more “I” needs the story for its identity, the more “I” attaches to it and the more a story is needed. This is the merry-go-round of the Conditioned Mind. No attachment, no needed story, no needed story, no discontentment of what isn’t, so all you are left with is what is, not the story of it, but the actual reality of what is happening now.

Story after story after story. The story of how I feel, or the story of what I think, or my life’s story, there is an endless creation of stories, that is until one becomes mindful enough that the story teller and the story are seen as one in the same. Being with what is instead of a created story will be the most difficult thing one when ever do in their life, but it will also be the most fulfilling lesson you will ever learn. Just be in the silence of what is, attach nothing and nothing will be needed. Imagine that, needing nothing to be happy, joyous, and free and understanding that you’re complete just as you are. It’s right there within your grasp, it’s right in front of you, but you’ll never truly be mindful of this until you realize it’s not a story that’s needed, it’s what’s already here.

A Worldly Perception

The more one’s thinking is in line with the world, the more suffering there will be. This is because the world only allows a surface perception, but beneath the surface perception is what’s truly going on.

Our made up perceptions when not seen in the awareness of mindfulness, solidify the delusions they arise from. This delusion is formed from the surface level of our perceptions which form the concepts that we live by which makes what is originally seen misunderstood as the deeper reality of what’s actually happening is missed. We get locked into the perceptions that form our concepts of what going on, this is also why there’s so much division amongst our species and why very few see the truth of existence. Mostly everyone has a different perception of the same thing so how can there not be division and strife amongst us? The greater good is very seldom considered, what’s mostly considered is the surface perception of the world and unfortunately it’s core is usually from the base of “I”.

It doesn’t have to be this way, but one will have to drop their perceptions to see beneath the surface. The world has perceptions on the material realm, it doesn’t really address the spiritual. Our internal longing though is spiritual and although at first many pursue the quest of material gains, at some point it’s discovered the material gains don’t produce lasting fulfillment. This is when at least the initial shift happens to make one look elsewhere for fulfillment, but unfortunately with the world’s perception in control, the material realm remains in place. It isn’t until one starts to look within that there’s the chance for real change, but this looking within can’t be superficial or true change won’t occur. What will need to change is the perception that what is seen on the surface of life is not what’s going on and then and only then will there be the chance of truly seeing what life has to offer.

Without Question 

To love is to live. Without love, there is the constant need to seek answers to questions about life, but when you love the seeking stops because the need to ask questions stops.

Have you ever wondered what the meaning of life is? There’s no way of really knowing this unless you make up an answer through the mind made concept of a thought. You can make up any answer you want, but know this, it isn’t a true answer, it’s made up by the Conditioned Mind because it needs something to latch on to. The Conditioned Mind doesn’t like it much when there’s no real answer to something so it will make one up. This is the essence of a Conditioned Mind, it has to have an answer, but having an answer isn’t necessary to live except to the Conditioned Mind.

The very essence of all that the Universe stands for is the very essence of what happens in each and every moment. An answer is not needed though, but if the mind isn’t settled this will not be seen. The answers to “What is the the meaning of life” is there is no answer, because an answer isn’t needed to live. A made up one is needed if you are living a delusional life, but if your mind is settled, an answered won’t be needed because the question won’t come up. With a settled mind questions aren’t needed because it’s known love is what exist and everything else is just a made up answer of the Conditioned Mind. When questions arise from the Conditioned Mind about this or that, understand the only answer needed is to be still and love. It is here that no questions arise and no answers are needed because you know, all you need is love.