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Not As It Could Be

The ego thrives on chaotic energy and controls the thoughts one attaches to. As long as it’s in place, opinions and judgements are the norm, and although this makes the world as it should be, it’s not as it could be.

You do what you do, I do what I do. You don’t care for some of the things I do and I don’t care for some of the things you do, and so goes the way of the world. But what if and this is a huge what if, you or me doesn’t form an opinion of what the other person does and just lets things be as they are, even if its not the way we think it should be. No judgement of the others actions, no formed opinions; oh, what a world this could be. I’m not saying the world should be different, it’s the way that it is so to me it’s the way that it should be, but I am saying the world could be different.

Forget the world, let’s just say one of us did this, how much different things could be for everyone involved in that particular life. Not for any other reason except for the difference in the energy that would be emitted between the two of us. And fuhgeaddaboudit if we both did it, lol. The sky would open up, the angels would blow their trumpets, and the earth would just tremble with great earthquakes. Just kidding, but there would be an energy between us more conducive to love.

You know the real question one should ask themselves, why isn’t this type of behavior done normally? It allows for harmony and peace for everyone, but there’s this delusional thing called the ego that doesn’t allow it, matter of fact it thrives on chaotic energy. It controls how one attaches to their thoughts and as long as it’s in place, opinions and judgements will continue to be the norm. Because of this, one’s responses to life make the world the way that it should be, but this doesn’t mean it’s the way that it could be.

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