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The mind will only settle when there is silence. You cannot do anything to be silent, it arises from itself. When the intellectual mind stops seeking, the internal urging settles in its own silence….

When one awakens, there’s an understanding of silence and how it relates to life. When this occurs there’s freedom because silence arises naturally. We seek because of the internal urging for silence which is what an awakening reveals. This cannot be known intellectually, intelligence is actually noise, silence can only be known through silence. The lack of silence makes life very mundane. It makes one less aware of the internal urging that silence provides. Without this awareness you cannot truly understand what the benefits of silence are. Silence is always there, it’s just not understood. Nothing is needed to experience silence, but the only way there can be silence is to be still. Methods may be useful in learning to be silent, but the only reason this is so is because the mind hasn’t been developed for silence , it’s been developed to generate noise.

It’s a human dilemma the need to make life about something, but if something is needed, make it about silence. This is the only thing that truly makes sense to me, it’s the only place where I don’t need to think and there’s peace. Not to think is to be in a state of no mind and in this state is true peace. How can it not be peaceful in this state, there’s nothing to cause one to suffer; there’s no generated noise in the head. Be silent and nothing more will ever be needed because in silence everything arises, unless you want to live by the generated noise in your head. Silence is the ultimate truth, but even saying this is noise. Silence of no mind is the silence of all that is and when one stops seeking it or trying to define it, it is then that one will be silent.

Value of Awareness

Many have a belief that God is love, but if this is truly investigated one may become aware that God needs the story of love to exist, but love doesn’t need the story of God to exist.

Awareness is of value because it helps one overcome their selfish nature. This is what I discovered was blocking the love of my heart from being the operating energy of my life. I don’t know how it is for anyone else, but I do know this is what was revealed to me. Why it was this way I don’t really know, but I do know most of my life I was unaware that I was selfishly living trying to grasp pleasure at all cost to satisfy a self that didn’t exist in the way it was perceived. The only awareness there was in my life was how to get more things to provide pleasure so this unaware self could be satisfied. It wasn’t that a self didn’t exist, there just wasn’t any awareness whatsoever that existence wasn’t what I was conditioned to believe it was. It’s one of the reasons I don’t attach to beliefs today because I see them only as a story of unawareness. Many people often state God is love, but if this is truly investigated one just may become aware that God needs the story of love to exist, but love doesn’t need the story of God to exist. Check it for yourself and become aware of this truth.

Being aware of what’s actually happening minimizes the stories that are needed to make life have to be a certain way. Awareness stops the story of the way you think life should be and allows the freedom of the way it is, which becomes the awareness of the way it should be. After all wanting this exact moment different than what it is is where all discontent arises from. When one is simply aware of what arises as it arises, there isn’t a need for a story and without a story one’s unaware selfish nature doesn’t come into play as the awareness of the love of your own heart naturally becomes the operating energy of your life.

A Moments Unfolding

One’s entire life hinges on a single attached thought; the next moments unfolding is from here. Learning to skillfully see this so the attachment is at a minimum determines how the next moment unfolds…

The thoughts that you attach to make up your belief system. This is done because it’s thought the beliefs are beneficial, if this wasn’t so the thoughts wouldn’t be attached to. If these attached beliefs aren’t seen as erroneous they will remain in place. The more one thinks their created belief system is the right one, the harder it is to see beyond it. Seeing each moment unfold through thought is delusional because there’s no solid foundation to a thought and everyone has different ones, that’s why everyone see things differently.

There’s only one truth (I don’t know what it is, but I do know what it isn’t) and until this is seen in each moments unfolding life will remain delusional. To get to a point where it’s not delusional, one has to get beyond the attached thoughts that hold your belief system (conditioning) in place, regardless of what it is. Each moment unfolds as one single thought and then a person’s conditioning determines what happens next and how the next moment will play out. Attaching to it or not is the difference in how the next moment unfolds and if there’s going to be unity or separation with it. The truth is one is never separated from life, but it feels this way when there’s attachment to a thought that makes you think you are. One’s entire life hinges on a single attached thought; the next moments unfolding is from here. Learning to skillfully see this so the attachment is at a minimum determines how the next moment unfolds…

A Conditioned Self

A mind that’s conditioned is a mind that has preconceived ideas which are based on a sense of self, and because it’s conditioned as so there’s no space between one’s thoughts to see what’s truly going on.

As long as the mind is conditioned and actively seeking, it can’t be at peace; at the core of this is one’s sense of self. The sense of self may be the hardest concept to let go of because it’s intertwined with just about every thought one has. It has also been in place since our existence began, but it’s not the sense of self that’s controlling, it’s the conditioned attachment to it. To me a sense of self will always exist, but the attachment to it has lessened significantly in the last eleven years. This has opened doors that were closed for the first forty nine years of my life.

What many people don’t realize about where my writings arise from is there’s an understanding of how my mind works because I’ve sat and investigated why I reacted like I did and why I did the things I did. Very few truly investigate their mind and this is what leads to the conditioning in place being in control. Knowing this doesn’t make me better than anyone, but by having an understanding of the lies that I lived by for so many years it does allow me to not attach to them. I would say therein lies the difference between one being attached to the sense of self and one being free of it. This also creates the difference between being limited by a self who is conditioned to constantly try to fulfill itself or not attaching to it and allowing doors to open that may have previously been closed.

High Vibration Energy

A higher vibrational energy has to be understood before the bondage of self which is a lower energy is truly let go of. You can then reach your true potential to be an instrument of love instead of an instrument of a selfish lower energy.

The are two energies to just about everything in life and although only one is in place at any given time, in order to go beyond the lower energy the higher energy (love) has to be known it’s available. This is the only way one will be able to go beyond the limited view of the “I” self energy. If your human existence is viewed only from the human side which is a lower vibration, the spiritual won’t come into play and life will seem very mundane. When one starts looking at life from love which doesn’t require human attachment, another view opens to the true beauty of what life has to offer. This beauty manifest in different ways for people, but what it has in common is it comes from the space of a higher energy. We exist in the form of energy and one is selfish, the all about me energy. This is a lower vibrational energy that doesn’t allow one to reach their true potential. The other energy is the energy of stillness which manifest as love, this is of a higher vibrational nature which allows the beauty of life to manifest and thus our true potential is maximized.

Learning to understand these two energies will assist in truly letting go of the blocks that keep the lower selfish energy in place. The higher vibrational energy is always there to tap into, but if there isn’t awareness of it, there won’t be alignment to it so it won’t manifest. This isn’t to deny our human side because it’s the form we are in, but attaching to it and making it an end to a means is where the expansion of one’s consciousness ceases. The tighter the grip of the human side(lower energy) the less the higher vibrational energy will be operational. This is a Universal Law that has to be understood so the bondage of self energy is truly let go of. When this occurs a higher energy allows you to reach your true potential so you can be an instrument of love instead of an instrument to satisfy the lower energy of me, myself, and I.

Reflection of Love

If you’re looking at a mirror that tells lies get rid of it so the only mirror you have is one that reflects love. See the light and you will be the light, see love and you will be love; what you see is seen by all.

There’s an inner beauty that’s always there, but because of our Conditioned Mind it isn’t what is seen as our reflection. We add all kinds of nonsense to this reflection and our beauty is blocked out by the lies of our Conditioned Mind. An expansion of love is the expansion of our own inner beauty so when we see our own inner beauty as a reflection of love, it expands and reflects our love to the world. The world will see what we see in our reflection. If one sees a person of love in the mirror and is truly focused on love of creation, that is what the world will see. If what is seen is someone full of greed, hate, false pride, self pity, and delusion, unfortunately that is what the world will see.

What you think of you is what others will think of you. It has to be this way, the world can only see what you see. You become who you think you are and who you think you are is the reflection of what is seen; remember the world will only see what you see as it is reflected in the mirror. If you’re looking at a mirror that tells lies, make it a point to get rid of it so the only mirror you have is one that reflects love. This is one’s true reflection and it’s not only be seen by one, it’s seen by the world. See the light and you will be the light, see love and you will be love because it is what you will see that will be seen by all.

Spiritual Nonsense

Sit often and watch your thoughts come and go, eventually there will be more and more space between them. It’s in this space that one sees all the spiritual nonsense holding you in bondage.

With the emergence of the Internet, there’s so much information available on spirituality that it really needs to be investigated before one considers using it to assist in their development. Here is the definition of nonsense : 1 spoken or written words that have no meaning or make no sense 2. foolish or unacceptable . To see if the information you are using to develop discipline is authentic and truly beneficial, there can’t be anything associated with it that forms attachment. Methods, programs, guru’s, life coaches, teachers, or any other form of nonsense that is used to keep you attached just keeps you entrapped to the very thing you are trying to break free of. Just as there’s a lot of “fake news” out there today, there’s also a lot of fake information on spirituality. Bondage is not something that’s truly understood by many people and so most of the information out there is nonsense and keeps you in bondage in some way. Those telling you to buy their book, pay for retreats run by paid speakers, or follow (instant bondage) a program, are clever to a fault, with the fault being keeping you in bondage.

The only thing one needs to do is look within so a millisecond of space is created between your thoughts. Once this occurs and there’s awareness of it, slowly there will be more and more space. It takes nothing but awareness to create this space. The nonsense out there that someone’s program, book, method or whatever has your answer will keep you in bondage to what you are trying to break free from. I know people defend their so called guru or people they follow adamantly, but it’s only because there’s no awareness of the bondage they’re in. Sit often and just watch the thoughts come and go, eventually there will be more and more space between them. It’s in this space that one will see all the spiritual nonsense holding you in bondage.