This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

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A Tribute

Here is a tribute someone messaged to me about my book. I was so honored by this that I wanted to share it.

I have 2 online businesses, on both I posted your book, It’s Monday Only in Your Mind as reading material for 2015. Your written experience has influenced me more than any book I have read, what my M.A. in psych has taught me, 16 years of on/off therapy, Byron Katie workshops, personal interaction with Phil Lombardo, Shakit Gawin , Bob Stahl, Louise Hays and various Hay House authors that I personally know who have directed me towards my true being of love. I haven’t seen my therapist in 6 weeks. I am looking forward to a new relationship with him and with myself. Thank you so much for discovering the truth and sharing it with the world. Without meeting you, I believe you are my friend.

Primary Experiences 

Every experience starts out as a primary one, that is until one needs to add a story to it because the ability not to isn’t in place. Until it is, one’s primary experience will always be secondary to their story.

Life will always be as it is, but how that’s experienced will be to the level of the experience remaining primary as opposed to needing to add to it. Adding to what arises is what most people do, anything that arises is primary, but usually one adds to it to create a life of how they think it should be. When what’s primary is liked and is pleasurable there will be much effort made to make it last for as long as possible, even if it’s not the healthiest choice. And if what’s primary is disliked and is deemed unpleasurable, there will be much more effort made to push it away, until something that’s thought to be more pleasurable comes along. Check this to see if this isn’t so in your life.

Everything that arises is always primary, it’s what’s there before it’s labeled and added to. The further away one gets from what’s primary the more a pattern is developed to not be with what’s primary. This is why it’s so hard to sit and be still because there aren’t many primary experiences that one can fall back on; they’re there, but they’re pushed away and replaced with a story. Everything is primary before it becomes a story, but unless the mind is settled a story will have to be added. The key to this is learning to see the primary arising and just being with it, this way nothing is added and whatever it is that arose will now become a primary experience, and when this occurs no story will need to be added.

Category of Emotions

Emotions arise when there’s attachment to something that triggers them. At the root of this is I and as long as I is in control, the roller coaster of emotions will continue to take you for a ride.

Emotions aren’t something that exist by themselves, they’re a movement or reaction to something that occurs. There are many different emotions that arises and they can be put into an associated category to best get a handle on them when they arise. Emotions arise when there’s an attachment to something that occurs, nothing inherently makes an emotion arise, there has to be a personal association with something. Emotions only arise as one assigns meaning to something. There isn’t much emotion when you hear of a stranger dying, but attach the word Mother, Father, sister, brother, and so on to it and just watch the emotional onslaught.

Emotions don’t exist until one attaches I to something, this is what gives the emotion life and allows it to arise. Example: grief is only a word until one attaches “I have loss” to it, then look out because depending on how deeply I is attached to the loss, determines the level of grief. Same thing with joy, something happens and now I attaches pleasure to it and there in lies the emotion of joy. Here are just some emotions that can be categorized, fear, anger, sadness, joy, disgust, trust, happiness, to name a few, watch for yourself when these arise and see where their root is from. With awareness of this you should be able to get a better grip on just how the Conditioned Mind keeps you under its control by weighing you down with deeply embedded emotions as an anchor.

Nothing is Unacceptable 

Regardless of what happens in life, if it’s not accepted as it is it will cause suffering. Even if what’s occurring initially causes suffering, the suffering will deepen if it’s unaccepted.

Everything has its place in life regardless it’s considered right, wrong, liked or disliked and this is because it’s what’s there, so to say this shouldn’t be happening leads to suffering because the moment isn’t accepted as it is. But this isn’t to say everything that happens is suppose to happen, but what does happens is what’s there and there’s no changing it. The results of what happens can be changed, but not the initial results, that is unless one is coming from a different place than what was previously known. This may change the initial results, but they are still the results of what’s occurring now. So much energy is wasted on not accepting what has occurred, and why it’s wasted energy is because the unchangeable is trying to be changed.

When you get to a place where something labeled good, bad, or indifferent is accepted, in this place is one’s freedom. Nothing should be unaccepted, I know this is difficult to imagine and this isn’t to say not take action to change things, but what has occurred still has be accepted so the action to change purely comes from love and compassion and not from the ego. Even someone who is totally unconscious and causes much harm to others has to be accepted because it’s the conditioning in place that makes one do what they do; we are still accountable for our actions. This you do for yourself because to not accept is to suffer. Use this example; If you hit a slice in golf, disliking that you hit a slice doesn’t change that fact, accept it, learn from it, move on and just maybe your next tee shot won’t be a slice, but even if it is, accept it and move on. Nothing is unacceptable unless it’s made so by you.

Losing is Winning

Don’t allow anyone to take you from your place of peace. Let them think they’ve gotten the better of you and won, as egos go this satisfaction will be short lived before needing to win again, but a solid foundation of peace can last a lifetime.

We as humans are all created equal, it’s not that some have weaker minds than others, but some are more aware of themselves and this makes it seem that some have strengths that others don’t possess. The more unaware one is of themselves, the more one will be dragged around by the occurrences that happen in life. This awareness is what one awakens to, not so much the great secrets of the Universe, but more so what pulls one from their place of peace. I would say in my own case one area where I’ve become more aware is in not allowing other people’s actions to pull me from my place of peace. At times my initial reaction is to get annoyed, but it’s usually realized very quickly that most people know not what they do so to allow their actions to control me is on me. Because all humans come into the world basically the same (unconditioned) it’s the level of conditioning that makes one appear weak or strong, but one is just more aware of their conditioning than another person.

Let the other person think they’ve won, that they’ve gotten the better of you, except to the ego it means nothing; this is how unconscious energy is squashed. This doesn’t change the other person, but it does change you. It stops all the stories associated with the situation which festers as unconsciousness; I’m going to say this to them, or they are wrong, or don’t they know who I am, this is all the nonsense of the Conditioned Mind (ego) and it’s energy that nothing good comes from. So as I said, let the other person think they’ve won, but you will know in your heart who the true winner is because by remaining in your place of peace and not giving in to the Conditioned Mind nonsense, form is not in control. After all one can only be taken from their place of peace when it’s allowed and it only occurs when the ego is in control.

Stepping Outside the Norm

What is considered normal by society entraps most people to the idea of what others think normal is and unless this can be seen so one can go beyond it, there will be acceptance of someone else’s idea as the norm.

Stepping outside of what is considered the norm as far as thinking goes is a must if one is to go beyond the trap of the considered norm. You may ask why would a person want to go beyond what’s considered the norm and here’s why, the so called norm is based in form and to be attached to form causes suffering. It’s as simple as that, with the normal attachment to the senses (form), life will still occur, it just won’t be experienced as fully as it can be. There will still be experiences, how can there not be with one being alive, but they will be dictated by form and there’ll be much nonsense associated with them. The norm entraps one to what others think is considered normal and unless one can see this to go beyond it, there will be acceptance of someone else’s idea as your own. It’s an easy trap to get snared in because the bait is so enticing.

This plays right into the reward system that is considered the norm. Who does anything that doesn’t have the reward of pleasure associated with it? This can be applied to just about anybody and anything. When was the last time you purposely did something that you knew was going to be unpleasant with no reward attached to it. This is pivotal in understanding the process of the Conditioned Mind because until you can just be with whatever arises, without judging it or associating it with pleasure, the norm syndrome will be what dictates the life you’re living and it will probably be someone else’s idea of what is considered the norm.

Leave the Past in the Past

If you keep bringing the past into the present, the past will be where you live your life. Why this is unfortunate is because all of one’s emotional pain of the past will also be carried into the present.

The amount of times that one relives something that causes emotional pain is purely mind boggling because it’s one’s own mind that does this and it probably happens hundreds maybe even thousands of times throughout one’s life. This is why most people suffer endlessly because what happened in the past is constantly brought into the present and although the body is in the present moment, the mind is constantly somewhere else. This is the constant state that most people live their life from and if nothing is done to change this, it will continue until existence in this form ends. This isn’t a philosophy or theory, nor is it something I made up, you need only look at this for yourself to see this truth. But If you don’t look at it, you will more likely remain stuck in the maze of your thoughts without a way out.

As a species we seem to have lost our way and it’s because looking at ourselves is not something that many people are willing to do. It’s so much easier to point the finger at someone else, but unfortunately when you point your finger at someone there are three pointing back at you; check this to see its truth 👉🏼 You can ignore this and keep your head in the sand in the hopes everything will work out or you can take control of your life, at least to some extent and stop attaching to the thoughts that cause your own suffering. After all it’s the same thoughts that are constantly arising and if they’re not attached to, eventually they’ll stop and so will the repeated emotional suffering they cause.

Wanting’s Lure

Don’t let the different consequences of wanting lull you into the sleep of unconsciousness because all wanting leads to bondage in one form or another regardless of what’s wanted.

If there is always something to want, it’s because you don’t think that you have and if you don’t think that you have, you will always think there is something to want. Wanting isn’t something that’s inherently bad, why one wants is where issues arise and this is only because where there is wanting, one thinks something is missing. What is wanted only matters to the degree in how the thing wanted effects your life. Wanting to drink alcohol and do drugs have consequences much different then wanting to go to a program to stop using those things, but the wanting’s core is the same and that’s what needs to be looked at. Don’t let the different consequences of wanting lull you into the sleep of unconsciousness because all wanting leads to bondage in one form or another and as stated this includes all wanting.

You might say that’s not true, that wanting to better yourself is a good thing, but that would mean you need things to be different to accept yourself. Accepting life exactly how it is is the only place one will experience the peace of not wanting things different. I’m not saying don’t better yourself, but if it’s at the expense of your peace of mind, what good is it. I often say go for the gold, just understand even if it’s attained you will find it’s not providing the benefits you thought it would; shortly afterwards another want will arise. Investigate this and see how wanting causes needing, needing causes bondage, and bondage causes suffering. Break free from wanting and inevitably you just may stop suffering.