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Pleasure Reaching

The thought of reaching for God is no different than the thought of reaching for Heroin, and although these produce different outer results, the attachment to pleasure results in the same bondage…

The attachment to a thought about what’s occurring determines the energy you will live by and this is because attachment is tied into your emotions; which is what gives your emotions life. It’s never truly about what’s occurring, it’s always the attachment to what’s occurring that determines what one will do next. Using the example of food shows how prevalent this is. Food is needed to live, but how about dessert, see how the attachment to dessert makes the emotion of joy and delight arise. Nothing inherently has any substance to it so if we didn’t have attachment to pleasure, our eating habits would be very different. This would be because the thought of pleasure wouldn’t arise and the attachment to dessert being needed wouldn’t occur. Without attached pleasure we would eat when we were hungry, not to say that we don’t now, but I know in my case, food and especially dessert is mostly used for the sake of satisfying a pleasure. I don’t eat food that I don’t like and I definitely only eat dessert to satisfy an attached pleasure. The attachments we have determines how strong their grip is.

Look at some of the most glaring labeled addictions in our society and see why many don’t break free from their hold. The pleasure attachments to something destructive being reached for as a coping mechanism are obvious, but what’s not understood is the less glaring one’s have the same bondage as the one’s that wreck havoc and even kill. One uses programs to break free from the attachment to something, only to substitute it for another attachment in the form of a program; although the outer results are different the same bondage to attachment remains in place. Until this is understood, the attachment to whatever the Conditioned Mind deems pleasurable will keep you in bondage to whatever it is that’s being reached for…

Imaginary Answers

Because of the way a person becomes conditioned, life is seen as if there are answers that fit into certain spots, and because of this we are constantly adding imaginary answers where we think they will make life better…

The issue with having to constantly arrange life as if there were certain answers that make it better is it’s all imaginary, and even if there’s some semblance of contentment with these answers, almost immediately the mind looks for another answer. Life is continuous, it’s broken up into segments (imaginary answers) by a mind that’s in a constant state of agitation. If this wasn’t true, one would see life as complete and wouldn’t constantly need to arrange it to their liking. It isn’t because of anything right or wrong that makes one see things in this way, it’s because the mind has been trained to do instead of be so it can only do what it’s trained to do; it needs answers and imaginary ones will fit just fine.

The Conditioned Mind sees imaginary answers in just about everything. Sweets, drugs, alcohol, gambling, success, porn, the shortest line in the supermarket, God, religion, programs, diets, degrees, to do list, and so on, all this imagining is strictly done to put another made up answer in place; this makes one think life will be perfect with this answer. Let’s say everyday you get a new answer, that would mean I made up roughly 22,000 imaginary answers, 365 x 60, all for the sole purpose to constantly have life the way I think it should be (imaginary). After all nobody purposely gets in the longest line at the supermarket, even if you did nothing would really change except for maybe not having to constantly arrange life to make it complete with imaginary answers.

Thought Addiction

Notice how many of your thoughts are repeated and you just may be able to settle in a place where your thoughts aren’t in control. You may also realize the repeated thoughts don’t really provide much of a benefit.

As long as you’re alive you will have thoughts, actually thoughts occur even if you aren’t alive they’re just not yours. So your thoughts aren’t really about what happens as much as how much one attaches to the thought of what happens. This is where one’s conditioning steps in and determines the relation to what thoughts come next. Thoughts can be based in love, or they can based in hate, but for most they teeter between the two. Very few go to the extreme of either one of these thoughts, so the results for most are just constantly switching between the two. When thoughts do hit an extreme level, the results are contingent on how much one is conditioned to constantly have the same thoughts; these thoughts manifest as the emotions that take you for a ride. If you have love as the main influence in your life, obviously you will have thoughts of love more than a person who had hate as their influence. This all arises from the individual so if you truly notice the base of your thoughts, you may be able to alter your attachments. Besides relying on divine intervention which will probably not occur, it will take practice to allow the mind to settle so the base of one’s thoughts are noticed.

The true addictions in our society is to our thoughts and when “I” is the main subject, it makes existence very irrational. Now multiply that by billions of people and hence you have the world we live in; billions of people having constant thoughts about “I” strictly for their own satisfaction. There’s no one to blame for this, it just arises from the thoughts within each of us. It’s our constant thought stream that causes extreme emotional twist and everything else in between. Sit with the intention of developing the ability to notice how much your thoughts are stuck on “I” and you just may be able to settle in a place where the mind quiets and allows you to realize life really isn’t about you, “I” just thinks it is.

Monkey Mind Distractions

The present moment is naturally free flowing when there’s no resistance trying to make it different than what it is. Circular energy of the monkey mind stops the flow because it’s based in trying to manipulate what is.

Being mindful of what’s actually happening at the precise moment it arises minimizes the circular energy of the monkey mind that is used as distraction to make life the way you think it should be. Mindfulness stops this circular energy by allowing the freedom of the way it is, this then becomes the beautiful accepted view of the way it should be. After all wanting the present moment different is where all the monkey mind distractions arise from. When one is simply mindful of what arises as it arises, there isn’t a need for a story so one’s selfish nature doesn’t come into play. As this occurs the love of one’s heart naturally becomes the default operating energy of their life.

Our selfishness become a created prison because it doesn’t allow for the natural flow of life’s energy; we become embedded in the circular energy of the monkey mind. It’s the Conditioned Mind that cuts off the energy flow as it becomes the energy of a lower vibration. Why this circular energy causes issue is because it bombards the present moment with an unnatural energy flow which doesn’t allow continuity. The present moment is naturally free flowing because there’s no resistance of needing anything different than what’s there. Circular energy stops the flow because it’s based in trying to manipulate what’s there’s so what’s there is resisted to the point where the natural flow of present moment energy is cut off. The only thing needed for liberation is the awareness of being aware, there’s no monkey mind circular energy here, there’s just the present moment energy of what actually arises.

No True Void

There is never a void that isn’t created so there is never a true need to rely on anything from the outside of yourself. Until this is seen one continues to create their own void and thus their own suffering…

Every time someone goes to a program designed for a specific issue because they believe they are this or that, it creates a void. Same when a person goes to see a therapist, or they reach for another self help book, or if any other type of outside help is sought, this is because of the applied label of having a certain problem. When this is done all one is doing is reinforcing the attachment to that label and hence they’re keeping themselves attached to a labeled void that exist only because they themselves have applied it. Read this very carefully because why this label is being applied will be the difference in breaking free from your suffering or remaining entrapped to it. Some of the things mentioned do have value if they’re used at certain times in one’s life, but if they’re being held onto as an end to a means, they lose their value as the needing morphs into attachment and hence suffering.

Not many will see exactly what I’m talking about here, but I’m writing it because it’s what I experienced after many years of trying to fill a self created void with things from the outside. I have found the very things that I was using to fill this void is what kept me in bondage; regardless of what was being used. Why I created this void is what I needed to find out because it didn’t truly exist and since it didn’t truly exist, why was it there? To me if something from the outside is needed to live life, something isn’t right. If I can’t just be with myself without the reliance on something outside of me, I have to ask myself why this is so. There is never a void that isn’t created so there is never a true need to rely on anything from the outside of oneself and until this is seen, one will continue to create their own void and thus their own suffering…

Deep-Seated Habit Patterns

As long as the deep-seated habit patterns are in control, they will be the energy of your life. This energy arises from deeply rooted conditioning and doesn’t allow you to see what’s truly going on.

Often how things appear to you aren’t how they actually are. If you want to see what’s truly going on, getting beyond the deep-seated habit patterns will have to happen. If two people are looking at the same thing there are usually two different opinions of what is seen, but there’s also what’s beyond the deep-seated formed opinions and that is truth. There’s two sides to every disagreement and than there’s the truth. To stop being led around by your habits, you will need to stop labeling what arises. Stopping the labeling process allows the deep-seated habit patterns to slow to a point where space opens up. It’s imperative for this space to open if the habit patterns that have been formed over the years are to lessen.

Our habits are so misunderstood and this will be known because of the way you react to what arises. I look at my own reactions to see this and in the process I can see it in others; this isn’t a judgement, it’s factual. Understand your own deep-seated habit patterns and you will understand those of others; this is because we are all of the same energy. Creation is simply creation and if you’re fortunate enough to see this, your energy begins to transform in a direction that allows liberation. If this isn’t seen, the deep-seated habit patterns remain as the controlling energy of your life. This energy arises from within and takes on many forms, but the bottom line is the deep-seated habit patterns in place simply don’t allow you to see what’s truly going on.

Empty Space

Thousands of hours of time and money are spent on trying to fill a space that doesn’t need filling. The nature of the space is emptiness and it will always be there. It’s not your enemy; in realizing its emptiness one is filled.

Thousands of dollars are spent to go on vacation and at the time it seems to be a great idea, and in a way it is because when you’re there everything seems perfect, but the first thing to understand is wherever you go there you are which could be scary. The second thing is because of the Conditioned Mind, not only is the fantasy better than the reality, but before you know you are back home. This is not to say don’t go on vacation, but the stark reality is you can always be on vacation if your mind finds your place of peace. I’m talking from experience here because for forty nine years my life was exactly how I wanted it and yet I had to always reach for something to fill a space I didn’t understand. This space equates to always needing to be on vacation (reaching for something), but I didn’t understand the part of wherever I went there I was.

My own mind seemed to be an enemy not an ally and I had no idea this was occurring. Basically to my Conditioned Mind, I always needed to be planning a vacation because life was never good enough in the moment I was in; regardless of how it was there was always a void. Here’s the real irony in this, I was trying to fill a space of emptiness that is still there today, but what I have come to understand is it doesn’t need filling; in its emptiness is my fulfillment. The issue with most people is they’re trying to fill this space that doesn’t need filling because the nature of it is emptiness. That’s what a space is, empty so regardless of what’s used to fill it, it never gets filled, it can’t because it doesn’t need filling. Today I understand this space is not my enemy nor does it need filling and although there are times when I do go on vacation, it’s not because I’m trying to escape. Everyday I’m alive is perfect as it is and it’s the space of emptiness that provides this.