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Understanding Your Own Mind

Being intelligent doesn’t make you wise. Wisdom is something that occurs naturally as one learns to understand their own mind. With this understanding, wisdom arises and goes beyond the intelligence of what one thinks.

Until you truly understand your own mind, not much will ever be different in your life. This won’t be because you don’t want it to be, it will be because in order for things to be different, it has to be understood why they are as they are. Waking up is not something that one makes happen, it’s something that occurs, and how you will know that it has occurred is by the awareness you have that your mind was based to self serve and now it’s based in stillness. Very simple to see this once it occurs, very difficult to see it if it doesn’t. The key to one’s continued expansion is to know the true nature of your own mind.

One day it was revealed to me that at the core of all my issues was my own mind and nothing was ever going to be different in my life if there wasn’t an understanding of this. I had to understand why I had to always be busy before I could be still; before stillness was experienced in my life I had to find out why there wasn’t any. Stillness doesn’t have to be attained for one to acquire it, all that’s needed is to be aware of why it’s not there. Once this occurs than a starting point can be established and the process of naturally expanding one’s mind begins, but for this to occur it needs to be understood.

When it’s said the world needs to different, it should be understood why it’s the way it is. If a problem arises find out why the problem arose in the first place and therein lies the answer. Things will always be the way that they are and the only way they’ll ever be different is when one understands why they are as they are. Once this is known than what needs to be different already is because of the understanding of one’s own mind.

Life Truly Lived

What occurs in the present moment can’t be changed, but it can be accepted so life is truly lived, and when life is truly lived, it’s because what’s there is accepted and nothing needs to be different.

To truly live life there has to acceptance of what is. What is is what’s happening right now and it’s the only place where life can truly be lived. If one doesn’t accept what’s here right now, life will be made into something difficult. Life can never be anything more than what it is right now, because right now is what’s here. Only the Conditioned Mind makes one think this isn’t so. Life is always what’s here because it’s happening now, you can wish for things to be different, but that’s how life is wished away. Accept what’s happening now, be with what’s in front of you, and truly live.

Our paths are laid before us to do the best we can with the tools we have. There needs to be a anchor so our path is clearly seen. It’s very easy to veer off the path if one isn’t vigilant. There are many diversions that will try to knock you off a path based in what is. It’s like life is an obstacle course and things are in place to divert you from being with what is, from the present, which is the Here and Now. There’s only the present moment and it’s always what’s in front of you. One of the main obstacles used as a diversion is wanting things different, your mind tells you if things were different, life would be better, but this is the great lie; the delusion of the Conditioned Mind.

Things are always the way they are because it’s what’s there, the acceptance of this is what makes you free. You cannot change the way things are right now, so life will only truly be lived when it’s accepted as it is. When what’s in front of you is accepted, there’s no struggle with wanting things different and it’s in this space that life will be truly lived.

Today’s Gift 

Today’s gift is simply to be alive and although the Conditioned Mind wants to make it about something more, there’s nothing that truly makes life better other than the simple fact that one day being alive will not be so.

Today if you are alive it’s simply because you’ve been given the gift of life. There’s nothing that was done for this gift, it wasn’t earned, it was freely given. Nothing is done to sustain it, but much is done to hamper its natural progression. A grateful heart aligns with this understanding and puts one in harmony with life. The things of the world will one day pass, but it’s the gratitude of one’s heart that last for all eternity.

Enjoy the splendor of this day, not because it’s Christmas, but because you are alive today to simply experience life. The true gift of Christmas or whatever holiday is being celebrated is in being alive today, for one day this will not be so. Obviously if this is being read, the day that it isn’t so is not today. So enjoy whatever this day has to offer in all its splendor, not because of the material possessions, but simply because you are alive. If being alive isn’t enough what do think is needed to make it so? Since today is the day that you’ve been given, make it the masterpiece you so deserve, and more importantly keep your inner light lit on this day and everyday hereafter to be a light to the world. Remember the greatest gift you will ever receive is the gift of today, and it’s simply because one day it will not be so. Enjoy your gift.

An Inspiring Letter

Today I received a pretty cool letter from someone and what he was stating about people making waking up more than what it is, I agree with whole heartily. I break awakening down in such a practical way that just the slightest willingness will open the heart. This isn’t being written to boost my ego, I just look for ways to possibly expand the message that was so freely revealed to me. If you truly want to awaken from the sleep of unconsciousness, you don’t have to read my book, it may help, but I offer a personal free conversation with me and my insights through FB messenger. Some of these are shared on my website and most are shared in my daily articles. Below is the letter.

Hi Michael,

I bought your book from Amazon and am reading it now. I just wanted to say that it is great! And the story of your life is inspiring and resonates with me, because you know when I am reading or listening to great teachers like Mooji, Adyashanti or others, they are great, but they look so special and out of the world, so that my mind is thinking that it is impossible to reach what they have reached. But, in your case you are just telling the story of a regular man and I can see that my story is very similar.

You’re also inspiring me to practice a much more regularly sitting mediation. I did meditation quite a lot in the past, but I expected results to get something extra ordinary from the external world, now I will do it with a simple goal to quiet my mind.

Thank you,

Ego Separation

Most people have no idea how much suffering the Conditioned Mind causes and until it’s fully realized, it’s better to be neutral. At least in seeing things from a neutral state, there’s no separation and one remains free.

Watch how the ego separates, as it always thinks in the context of you, me, them, they, those and of course “I”. It’s not limited to just these, but they are some of the main culprits in our separation from each other. The other day I posted an article and someone posted a response calling me a racists and a sexist, although I didn’t appreciate it much, there’s a fine line in being with what’s there or allowing there to be separation. There’s separation on one end which goes without saying, but by me being the one who knows better I have to do what’s necessary to stay connected, not for the other person, but for myself and humanity as a whole. That may sound grandiose, but it isn’t because as the energy you put out goes, so does the world around you go.

Me and others in the group went round and round with this person until it got to a point where she started to post lies so it was better to just block her energy. It’s wasn’t that women agitated me, it was more so just the energy that was being put out that I wanted to stop. Energy changes the world and it also keeps the world the same. The point of this article is to show how easy it is to attach to someone and cause separation and thus suffering. Maybe it’s not so easy to turn the other cheek, but by not attacking back you are the one who remains free; remember you can’t have a riot with one person. It’s always about the conditioning, never about the person. In this way of viewing things, the energy put out may not be totally loving, but at least it’s neutral until it becomes loving. Most have no idea the amount of suffering that Conditioned Mind causes and until it’s fully realized, its better to be neutral. At least in seeing things from a neutral state, there’s no separation and one remains free.

Needing a Quick Fix

There are many situations throughout the day which provide the triggers to reach for a quick fix, but if there’s awareness of this, those triggers will not produce the unloving results of needing a quick fix.

Noticing what’s reached for allows one to see what’s being used as a quick fix to fill whatever space is there that one thinks need filling. If the thought that a space needs filling wasn’t there, the need to reach for the quick fix remedy wouldn’t be there. There’s many quick fixes, but there’s only one space and it will either be filled or it will be allowed to be. This is the difference between being at peace or constantly reaching for something which reinforces the mind agitations that tells you a space is there that needs to be filled. This space is the same for everyone, but the things being used to fill it are different. This is an endless list and the focus has to be inward if it’s going to be seen what’s reached for. This space will never be revealed if one is blaming others for their mind agitations, because it arise from within you and it has nothing to do with anyone else. Such a hard thing to understand because of the conditioning in place, but if this isn’t seen, you’ll continue to blame others for your mind agitations and constantly need a quick fix.

It’s truly heartbreaking to see the quick fix conditioning in place and how it unconsciously causes suffering. This is one of the hardest things to see and it’s the reason the mind can’t fix itself, but one of the most important things to learn about this is how not to get pulled into someone else’s conditioning that produces a quick fix reaction from you. There are many situations throughout the day that will provide the triggers for this, but if 24/7 awareness is being developed, more and more those triggers will not produce quick fix reactions, which are unloving 99.99999% of the time. After all it’s only unloving reactions that cause suffering and it’s reaching for a quick fix that keeps one marred in Conditioned Mind Patterns that control you as if you were a puppet on a string.

An Existence Based on One Letter

Excerpt from It’s Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts pg.135

When you are born or start your existence in the human form, whatever terminology you prefer, you are free of attachment. What was the first thought you ever had, and what letter do you think it started with?

I know it isn’t really possible to recall this, but I think for me it probably had something to do with the letter I. I was hungry or I wanted to be held, or some other thought of I. The point is, look how that one letter controls our life. Our entire existence is based on that one letter.

In the beginning of life we are not consumed with our I. There are no Mind Patterns that are controlling us, yet. As we grow we gain our sense of identity through our concept of I. This is where our problems with life develop because our I comes to control our self. As long as we are alive there is a self that is our true nature, but when the default setting of our mind is I, it blocks out our connection to life. We live strictly from our egoic side, and that bias creates suffering. Our spiritual nature can’t shine through our I. Although we are all spiritual beings by nature, our I blocks and subdues us from this nature. Look back to when you were a child, look at the memories that start with the word I; I was fat, I wasn’t smart, I was good in sports or I wasn’t good in sports, and so on. Like the other list, this one is endless also. The older we get the more our I becomes the dominant mode of living.

This is the real culprit of our problems. It doesn’t matter whether you’re the President of the United States, a homeless person, a billionaire, or if you barely make ends meet, when the driving force behind your existence is your I, you will be driven by Conditioned Mind Patterns and you will suffer and cause suffering to others.