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Only the Best

Life can only be what it’s made out to be, making it a master piece will only occur when the best possible resources available which are within, are found and are utilized.

You wouldn’t settle on the second best doctor if you had a life threatening ailment, you would do the necessary research and find the best doctor available. Why is it that we look for our answers out there somewhere as our first choice when the best answers are within ourselves? We’re the best source for finding answers to what ails us, so once we have a proper diagnosis, the necessary actions can be taken to help heal the ailment. We have to use the best resources available for our answers, which are always within. Quietness is needed to understand this. Without it the mind makes one think the best available resources are out there somewhere.

This understanding will not occur on its own, it’ll take a willingness to allow this awareness. Without awareness it’s almost like picking a doctor through the old method of using the yellow pages in a phone book: remember them. Would you really take a chance like that? What is more important than your own life and having control over it? You can leave it up to chance, hope for the best and leave it at that or you can use the best resources available to do what’s necessary to cooperate with life so you’re in harmony with it. Life can only be what it’s made out to be, making it a master piece will only occur when the best possible resources available which are within, are found and are utilized. Either you do this or you settle for second best and let happenstance determine your reactions. It’s your life, using the best resources available allow it to be lived to the fullest.

Self Created Restrictions

Restrictions to an abundant life are self created by a mind that’s conditioned to self serve. One’s own mind creates these limits by keeping you attached to the lie the self serving mind is needed for abundance.

The restricted mind is conditioned to be that way and since it can’t get beyond its own created noise, truth is hidden from your view. This blocks out the ability to see the abundance life provides so instead of being in the presence of what is, one’s defaulted mind set tends to see the view of what isn’t. Learn to be with what is actually occurring and the default setting of the mind becomes one of abundance because the blocks to seeing what isn’t cease to exist. When this occurs the self serving mind isn’t in control and you are free to live without any restriction; the restriction being your own mind.

It’s only a Conditioned Mind that restricts. To restrict is to put a limit on something or to control something, this is what a Conditioned Mind does. Even though it seems like we choose to do what we do, when something is done that’s self serving, it’s restricted because no one, not even the one doing exactly what’s being done benefits because not only is one out of alignment with the Universe, one is out of alignment with themselves. When we go beyond this conditioning, we go beyond our own self created restrictions and we naturally see the abundance of life. To be without restriction is to be aligned with the Universe and to be aligned with the Universe is to be aligned with ourselves without the restriction of needing anything to be different than what it is.

Knowing Yourself

Until we become responsible for our own behavior and stop pointing the finger at others, our inner urging to reach will never fully go away and we will always have a need for the next fix.

If you don’t truly get to know yourself, you will constantly repeat behavior that doesn’t allow for cooperation with life. This is the core message of my book “It’s Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts” My book is not a cure all, but it is a valuable tool if you have an inner urging to change things in your life. This isn’t a promotion for my book, it’s a promotion for a tool that can help a person be relieved from the bondage of self. That’s what our inner urging is, the urging of love to be relieved of our self absorption, and until this is understood, not a made up God or anything else will be able to help remove the blocks to this deep urging of love. This is not the fault of anything in particular, it’s just the way ours minds have evolved as we have become conditioned to behave in a manner that doesn’t allow for us to be in harmony with life.

Do what you may, hold onto your beliefs in whatever capacity you think you need to believe in, but understand you do what you do because of the way you have been conditioned, that’s it. It’s nobody’s fault and until we become responsible for our own behavior and stop pointing the finger at others, our inner urging to reach will most likely never fully go away and we will always need the next fix; our freedom will be fleeting at best. Stay in the control of your conditioning and stay in the prison of the bondage of self, and it’s unfortunate because while this is happening not even the made up story of God will be able to help you.

No Path Liberation

Trying to figure out what path is needed to become free from the bondage of self, keeps one locked in the bondage of self. The path of no path leads to liberation because there’s no self looking for it.

Ponder this, did you ever read or hear anything about Jesus or Buddha reading a book or following someone else to find their answers? Maybe they did at some point, but there comes a time when what’s read or what’s known has to be put into practice. One has to be careful though, just because there’s a so called practice in place, it doesn’t mean it will lead to a state of freedom from self. There has to be a practice that leads one in that direction for this to even have the possibility of occurring. There are many paths, but only one leads to the top of the mountain.

Keep practicing and when you come to a so called dead end, it’s a path that can now be eliminated from your practice. It isn’t a true dead end, it does have some value; one will be able to eliminate it because it’ll be known it doesn’t lead to the top of the mountain. It took the Buddha some years to become enlightened, but it only occurred because of the practice he had in place. It isn’t easy, it will take much inner resolve to stay the course. Even when it seems like a dead end it doesn’t mean it is, it’s just part of the process. One day there will only be one path, it’s the path of no path. This will not occur by sitting a little, reading a few books, following others, or running around trying to find the path. One gets out of life exactly what’s put into it and if that entails having a practice in place that simply puts one on top of the mountain, only then will one be free.

The Greatest Gift

The greatest gift you will ever receive is the gift of today, and even though the Conditioned Mind wants to make it about something else, it’s simply the greatest gift because one day it will not be so.

If you are alive it’s simply because you’ve been given the gift of life. There’s nothing that was done for this gift, it wasn’t earned, it was freely given. Nothing is done to sustain it, but much is done to hamper its natural progression. An open heart aligns with this understanding and puts one in harmony with life. The things of the world will one day pass, but it’s the openness of one’s heart that last for all eternity.

Enjoy the splendor of this day, not because it’s Christmas, but because you are alive today to simply experience it. The true gift of Christmas or whatever holiday is celebrated is being alive, for one day this will not be so. Obviously if this is being read that day isn’t today so enjoy whatever this day has to offer in all its splendor, not because of the material possessions, but simply because you are alive. If being alive isn’t enough what do think is needed to make it so? Since today is the day that you’re given, make it the masterpiece you so deserve, and more importantly keep your inner light lit on this day and everyday hereafter to be a light to the world. Remember the greatest gift you will ever receive is the gift of life, and it’s simply because one day it will not be so. Enjoy your gift, Merry Christmas.

The Space of Unity

In the space without thought is a unity with ourselves, life and all of creation. The more space there is, the more love infiltrates not only our life, but the lives of all beings.

In each moment one will either be creating a story about what’s going on or there will be space without thought. These places of existence are vastly different on an individual and collective level. If we constantly create stories, our mind will never settle and our true essence of love will not be allowed to infiltrate our life and the lives of others. Love isn’t the default setting of most people’s lives because of the unawareness of one’s own conditioning. There’s nothing right or wrong in this, it’s just what’s in place. It will take a very settled mind to become aware of the quietness which affords one the opportunity to wake up and see one’s conditioning.

When there is space without thought it’s so different because it involves no conditioning at all. It’s our place of unity with ourselves and others, this is what’s needed if our individual and collective consciousness is to change. When there’s unity with ourselves we will cease fighting anything or anybody. We will not regret anything in our past, present, or future. We will help others through the compassion of our awakened heart; self seeking will become non existent. When we are in unity with ourselves we are in unity with everything. In our unity struggles will be no more because they only arise from not being in unity. It’s the stories that cause struggles so when there is space it’s impossible to struggle. Space is where one becomes aware that our struggles are created by a Conditioned Mind that has been in control for far to long, so when there’s space without thought, what’s discovered is unity with ourselves, life, and all creation.

One Energy Source

Separation from yourself occurs when your energy source is made into a story. It becomes my story versus your story and there’s no connection when one comes from a place that causes separation.

The are so many labels for our energy source, but it’s not important what it’s called, what matters is connecting with it. Any words diminish it and put it in a so called 9box. This energy source is what led me from my self destructive behavior and it continues to lead me even when “I” takes hold in some self serving way. We’re our own obstacle because we can only connect with our energy source in the present moment and very few live there. The more when can be present and observe the stillness of the moment, the more chance there is to connect with our energy source. It doesn’t take a belief in something to allow this to happen, it takes an awakened heart to see that a belief actually blocks the connection to our energy source.

I’ve found it more beneficial not to limit myself with labeling this, it seems to allow the flow of energy to go in a more consistent direction, and although whatever the direction is I’m okay with it, connected to the energy source is mostly from love which is more of a benefit to humanity as a whole. There are many stories attached to about this energy which is what blocks one from connecting to it. There’s only one source of energy and the proof is everything is created from the same energy. There’s nothing to debate here because it’s the truth. The debate starts when our energy source is made into a story because it becomes my story versus your story and there’s no connection when one comes from a place that causes separation.

The World’s Pull

The things that pull you into the world are endless, but understand the pull comes from your own mind and even though the worldly things provide the enticing, you alone attach to them.

If you’re practicing to live a life based in love, but you don’t know your own mind, it’s like going to the gym, but not making any effort. Granted it’s better than doing nothing, but if you can’t decipher between love and hate, what’s beneficial and what isn’t, or notice how you attach to things, what good is it, the whole point of the practice is missed. Because of the pull of the outside world, it’s very difficult to look inward. There are so many things in place that prevent looking inward from happening, and if it doesn’t happen, you remain in bondage to the worlds trappings. That’s all they are, when there’s even the slightest of openings to allow this to be seen, one’s expansion begins.

The pull of the world is very enticing, if it wasn’t the percentage of conscious and unconscious beings would be reversed, but it’s not this way because the pull is in control. Why the pull is in control is because there’s a delusional belief that it’s needed. We alone are the creators of this and if one doesn’t become familiar with their own mind, the worlds pull will continue its control; there’s really no way around this. The pull of the world is so enticing and this is what keeps one in the prison of the Conditioned Mind. There are many ways to be enticed by the world, but there is only one way to be free. Read all your books, become a know it all, meditate until you reach the state you think will bring you nirvana, but understand if you don’t know your own mind, it’s like going to the gym, but not making much of an effort to utilize the equipment.

Lip Service Love

Either you love all or you love none, there’s no such thing as putting conditions on love and only loving some. Unfortunately love is given a lot of lip service in our society, but not much heart service.

Why most people have to hit a bottom before there is significant change in their life is because of the way our selfish nature has evolved. This seems to be a common denominator amongst us which doesn’t allow the heart to open to see the true nature of love. There isn’t a story of what one thinks love is, true love arises from the depths of our heart and is unconditional. Most people don’t really know what love is because it’s always centered around some attachment to a conditioned story; true love needs no story. I know many who speak of love for their own children, but what about all those children who die everyday and aren’t given a second thought, that’s even if they’re given a first thought.

Unconditional love has no me, my, or I attached to it, as a matter of fact it has nothing attached to it and until the conditional story stops, suffering continues as the default setting of one’s mind. Unfortunately love is given a lot of lip service in our society, but not much heart service. You can’t pick and choose who to love, either you love all or you love none. There’s no such thing as only loving some; matter of fact it’s impossible to truly love only some. A true transformation of the spirit occurs when there’s no where else to turn, the danger in this is many transform not in this world. I don’t profess to understand how the Universe works, but I do know what happened to me and that’s what I share. Although I had to hit rock bottom to wake up, it’s my passion to assist others in the waking process who are tired of suffering and want to wake up to the love of their own heart.

An Aching Heart

Those who are truly awake have their head taken out of the sand and feel the deep suffering of the world, though not in the way of attachment, but arising from the deep root of compassion.

Tonight my heart aches. Don’t think for a moment that when one wakes from the sleep of unconsciousness life is all roses. I have never felt more compassion and love in my heart for others than I have for the last ten years, but there is so much suffering in place that it actually makes my heart ache. I know we all get caught up in our social media world and we like to talk about love, god, kindness and all the stuff that sounds good, but the reality is there is so much suffering occurring right now caused by people. I watched a movie yesterday based on a true story about human trafficking and I actually teared up. What humans do to other human is truly mind boggling. I’m not really sure where this is going, but this movie had an impact on me. Those who are truly awake will feel the deep suffering of the world, not in the way of attachment, but arising from the root of compassion.

Drugs, porn, human trafficking, murder, rape, war, abuse, politics, and so many other things are the reality of the world we live in, at least in the sense that these delusions are attached to. I’m only writing this because it’s what arose in my heart and it aches. To me these things can’t be ignored because of the suffering they cause. More and more the awareness of the deeply engrained selfishness of humanity is becoming apparent to me and this literally makes my heart ache. This does not take me from my peace, but what it does is it allows me to let go of the pettiness that’s so easy to get caught up in. There is much suffering in our world going on right now, when one awakens their head is taken out of the sand and they truly see what’s going on. This awareness allows for the peace that passes all understanding, but what needs to be understood is that humanity is destroying itself and although when this is seen one may be awake, seeing this makes the heart ache.