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Developing Love

As we go through the process of life, we develop in the way that the conditioning in place allows. If our conditioning and hence our development was based in love things would be much different.

Some things we learn come naturally, but everything takes some kind of practice. If you’re learning how to catch a baseball, at first it’s probably awkward with no knowledge as to the best way to do it, but the more you do it the more natural it becomes. This is the same thing if what you’re learning is based in love. Part of the problem (delusion) is when what’s developed isn’t based in love because unfortunately that tends to become natural; this is why it’s so hard to change. I knew what was right (loving) and what was wrong (selfish) growing up. Doing what was loving was not how I developed so being selfish came natural to me and there wasn’t anybody who could tell me different because that’s all I knew.

To say the least, this selfish development caused much suffering because with this conditioning in place, there wasn’t any room for much else to be seen. This is the delusion most people are unknowingly living by and it’s a direct result of why humanity is the way it is. If we all grew up with our development based in loved, humanity would be much different, it’s really that simple. I know this because eleven years ago I began developing a different base (one of love) and every so slowly my behavior became loving. It doesn’t mean it’s always this way, but just as it is with learning to catch a baseball it takes practice, and in my case it’s done so the loving behavior becomes as natural as the earlier development of being selfish was.

Naturally Beneficial

Many believe they choose what they do, but the reality is there really isn’t a choice in what you do because one can only do what the conditioned view in place dictates, at least until this is seen…

I know people don’t like to hear this, but there really aren’t choices in life. It may seem as though there are, but the conditioning in place dictates what one’s actions will be. From murder to loving kindness and all the other actions in between, the conditioning controls the actions at least until this is seen. It’s as if one is a puppet on a string with the Conditioned Mind being the master puppeteer. For forty nine years I was controlled by my Conditioned Mind without any awareness whatsoever there was a more beneficial way to view life. Today with awareness of this my actions are naturally much more beneficial. Although it seems I now have choices, the shift that occurred in me which resulted in a different view made my actions beneficial, but it’s still not a choice. A different view allowed me to see the lies of my actions so I now naturally do things that are much more beneficial.

For years alcohol was one of the conditioned tools I used as a coping mechanism, and although I thought this was beneficial and a choice, there was no choice here. Today it’s not this way because alcohol is no longer seen as being beneficial. If I had a view that saw using alcohol as a benefit, I would use it. One can only do what they’re conditioned to do and the only way this will be different is if the view becomes different. This is the different view of truly doing what’s beneficial in your life. Many believe they have choices, but this belief creates an inner conflict. The reality is, there is no choice because one will only behave as the conditioned view dictates and good, bad, or indifferent it’s simply done because that’s what’s in place…

Aware of the Moment

The more one is simply aware of the moment, the less reaction there will be to that moment. This doesn’t mean every moment will be as wanted, but what does happen is what arises doesn’t trigger a blind reaction.

Life will occur whether you are aware of what arises in the moment or not. What awareness affords a person is the possibility of not being controlled by what arises and thus reacting in a more beneficial way. What arise arises, there’s not much that can be done in that regard, but how you react is something that can be controlled, but only if you are aware of the moment. Next time you get and itch don’t blindly scratch it, just watch what happens. This is a simple discipline that can be used for being more aware of the moment. It’s not easy to not give in to the desire to scratch as soon as an itch arises, but if something isn’t done to develop discipline, you will probably never be aware of what arises in the moment; hence your puppet strings will never be cut. Years ago my reactions were in total control. I wouldn’t have allowed anyone to do half of the things I did to myself, but I didn’t know any better. Without the awareness of what arises in the moment the reactions would be adhered to as the conditioned mind puppeteer dictates.

As long as you are alive life will be life and what arises arises, but with awareness of the moment the distracted reactions aren’t as prevalent, this has opened up so many more possibilities in my life, and what’s truly beautiful about is the self sabotage reactions are becoming less and less (no need to scratch). Being aware of the way one reacts to what happens is where life arises from. When one is stuck in an unaware view, you are limited only to that view. The more you’re aware of the moment, the less distracted you are by your puppet on a string reactions. Like I said this doesn’t mean everything will be perfect or go the way you think it should be, but the imperfections (only because you are labeling the arisen moment as so) won’t distract you from cutting your conditioned mind puppet strings.

Attachment: A Storied Lie

To the level of understanding of how you alone create the attached stories you think are needed, to that extent is how these created attached stories becomes the lie you live by.

Whatever it is that’s attached to that’s outside yourself becomes an attached story, and unfortunately it also becomes the lie that one lives by. Life needs no attached story to exist, but because you have never been taught otherwise you do. Our attached stories are at the core of everything reached for and what’s reached for actually reinforces the attached story. This is why dependency is dependency regardless of what it is. A program, therapy, another book, meditation, retreats, your favorite team, politics, and so on are no different than attaching a story that alcohol, drugs, food or something else is needed. They are all an attachment the Conditioned Mind uses to make you believe they’re needed, but it just isn’t true; there would be existence even if none of the attached stories were created. If there isn’t some awareness of this which will create some space, your entire life can be lived as a storied lie. Because of the lack of awareness of this I created thousands of attached stories that didn’t enhance my life one bit.

Today because there’s some space between my thoughts, the attached stories are not nearly as dominant as previously. They still arise because of the conditioning in place, but they have much less power because of the awareness of them. It’s imperative to understand how the attached stories only cause bondage and they matter only in the respect to the harm they cause. It seems the less awareness there is of the harm they cause the more they’re are blindly accepted. This is all just part of the conditioning, but attachment is attachment no matter what. This isn’t as complicated as it may seem, know your attached stories and you will come to know truth, but understand if you don’t they will dominate your life which will than be lived as a storied lie you alone create.

Inward Magnificence

It’s the selfish view of satisfying “I” that keeps one from the vision of seeing their own magnificence. This vision of magnificence only occurs when one’s vision comes from looking inward.

Although no one is more special than another in this existence, there are some who do see things differently than most. What makes this happen is looking inward. I wouldn’t label some as chosen, but I would say some are more inclined to not attach to a selfish view which allows for a clearer vision than if you are in the grip of a mind based me, me, me, view. The two existences I’ve experienced are vastly different, one was in the direction (outward) where there was much self created suffering, the other the one I’m living now is a view in the direction (inward) of non attachment. The differences in the two views is one created suffering and was done in unconscious ignorance and the one today is lived in awareness of the ignorance. Today my view is as it is because the selfish distractions don’t control me as much as they once did; there is still conditioning, I’m just not as controlled by it.

The vision of your own magnificence that occurs is a by product of awareness and as the selfish view is let go of, it opens up space to allow wisdom and insight to occur. This opening is directly linked to the letting go of “I”. It’s the “I” that attaches and it’s the cause of all suffering. Ever so slowing when one begins to look inward the distractions of “I” fall away. To me this is what was revealed to the great mystic’s that people considered special, but all they did was look inward. This looking inward is available to everyone, but one will have to overcome the selfish view that keeps you distracted from the vision of your own magnificence and it will only be seen when you begin to look inward.

The Pursuit of Lies

Whatever is used that one thinks is needed to be happy will be what becomes their pursuit. It’s not right or wrong, but the key is to understand if this pursuit will truly provide what you think it will.

The biggest misunderstanding of my writings are that the view of life I have today is the view I always had. To me, whoever is looked upon for inspiration or whatever, it should be noted that most likely they didn’t always see things as they do now. I’m fortunate to have experienced two totally different ways of viewing life, it’s where my insights arise from and the reason why I share what I do. Having lived unconsciously for so many years has actually become my greatest asset. When I write about something it’s always from a lesson that I learned, it’s never about being smarter or knowing more than anyone else. What is there is simply what’s there and it’s what’s shared. When I talk about quietness or stillness it’s because I lived a life full of noise. When there’s talk of attachment, it’s because attachment was my master.

Everyone who is alive experiences life, it’s what’s done with the experience that determines what is pursued. An example is if you think you need to have money to be happy, that will be your pursuit. It’s not right or wrong, but the key is to understand if the pursuit will provide what you think it will. Deep down inside having money doesn’t change you; substitute money with anything. For me I went through a life of much suffering, always in pursuit of what my Conditioned Mind made me believe was happiness; today I see this for the lie that it is. When I write something, it’s because I can see the self serving prison I was stuck in; today I have been provided with a view of true liberation. I know I’m very direct in my approach, but I’m not insensitive to anyone else’s view, it’s just that I’ve been where most people are and I can see the pursuit of lies that far too many remain stuck in.

Present Moment Awareness

A contented life begins and ends right now. You can be aware that you’re thinking about the past or future, but you will never actually be there, and as long you’re thinking about it contentment will elude you.

When awareness of the present is in place, it allows what’s actually happening to be experienced. Being aware of Now as opposed to being pulled in by it or pushing it away and applying a label to what’s happening is what will dictate the amount of contentment there is in your life. Life is magical in its essence, but there’s nothing magical about being aware of this. A contented life begins and ends in the present moment and being aware of this provides what’s necessary to allow it.

Take a step, be aware, take another, be aware, this is an anchor as is the breath to the present. One can not be aware of the present in the past or future. You can be aware that you’re thinking about something in the past or future, but you can never actually be there. Every step you take or breath can only be taken as it’s happening right now. The more there is awareness of this, the more anchored one becomes of the body being in the present moment as opposed to grasping for the story of what’s going on between your ears. Be aware of the present as you read this and watch what arises. Just be with it, no pulling or pushing, just be aware of the reactions. It’s in this space of awareness that you will find contentment and this is because the present moment is the only place that exist.