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Mind Agitations in Place

It does seem like what occurs in life causes the arising mind agitations, but this just isn’t so. The agitations that arise are already in place, if they weren’t there’s no way they could ever arise.

You will only react to life’s arising mind agitations with what conditioning you have in place. Something like anger arises because it has been put there, this also goes for fear, greed, hate, and so on. For me there was constant reacting for years which kept me locked into my mind agitations without any awareness that the only reason they were arising was because they were put in place. To simplify this, when something occurred that I didn’t like regardless if it was what someone said or did or if it was something that happened, a mind agitation arose and there was an automatic reaction. This occurred without my permission or knowledge as to why this was so. What arose was whatever my conditioning cultivated as appropriate. The only reason this happened is because the reaction was already there laying in wait: like a tiger waiting to pounce on its unsuspecting prey.

Understanding these mind agitations is where there is power in knowledge. If why an agitation arises isn’t understood, there will be very little true periods where the agitation isn’t in control. Through awareness of what’s arising (thoughts), one has something tangible to use to go beyond the mind agitations. Why most people remain as they are and repeat the same reactions over and over is because of being uninformed as to why this happens. To me this knowledge has immense value because when it’s seen one can truly decipher whether what’s in place is beneficial or not. It is then that a course of action can be developed to change whatever’s in place that’s causing the non beneficial agitation to be in control.

No Real Void

When you reach for something to fill a void, it’s used as a protection technique so you don’t have to look inward. The greatest lie you will ever tell yourself is you need something to be complete…

Constantly reaching for things on the outside keeps one in the grip of the need to fill a void, but it’s the reaching itself that actually keeps the void in place regardless of how often it’s filled. The reason why anyone reaches for anything is to try and fill a void, but the reaching itself is what keeps the reaching in place, thus the void always remains; this is the dog chasing its tail syndrome. Only by looking inward does the void begin to filled, but what really happens is it simply collapses because the outside hold weakens. Years of conditioning makes the void almost impossible to fill and it’s unfortunate because many never get beyond it; I did say almost impossible because the slightest turning inward is all that’s needed. Once reaching ceases because its lies are revealed, looking inward becomes the technique of choice. This has a snow ball rolling down a hill effect as looking inward naturally picks up momentum.

Reaching to fill a void is used as a protection technique so one doesn’t have to go inward. The greatest lie that you will tell yourself and constantly reinforce it is you need something to be complete, but there’s nothing further from the truth. Everyone begins existence complete, it’s just that not many really know this, hence the need to reach. Whether it’s known or not most people have a sense of lack in their lives so the reaching seems natural, but it’s not. We’re not meant to have a void and it’s only so because of the conditioning we develop. Once the slightest inkling of this occurs, everything changes because the inward view reveals truth, and although we live a lie for most of our lives, when truth is revealed the void vanishes as needing to fill it falls away.

The Fear Illusion

The illusion that the past or future is a better place then what’s occurring right now creates fear of the present. This fear manifest as needing to reach for something because of the illusion of incompleteness.

This is my understanding of how a person becomes conditioned to create fear throughout their life without permission. It’s because we use the past and future which is done so because of the created fear of the present moment; this fear is created by the Conditioned Mind (our ego). When we understand we are complete just as we are and nothing added will ever make us more complete, we stop being controlled by fear and using the past and future as a means for our fulfillment. The illusion created is we need something for our completeness, whether it’s an object, a created purpose, or whatever else our Conditioned Mind conjures up, and we’re led to believe by s fear based mind that it will be found in the past or future. When one is present, there’s nothing needed so the fear ends because there’s the realization you are complete; in stillness is our completeness because in stillness we are present. The illusion that the past or future is a better place then now creates our fear and in the process our incompleteness.

One’s created fear is dependent on the way Conditioned Mind Patterns rule our life. The more controlled a person is by these Mind Patterns, the more fear is generated and the more there will be a need to reach for something that isn’t conducive to one’s spiritual well being (love). Learn to change the conditioning so there isn’t any fear created and you will always be filled with love, which is the essence of stillness. The fear doesn’t have to be there, but that’s dependent on how much one practices living by principles that allow you to be filled and guided by love instead of constantly living in and being guided by the fear of the past and future.

Aligning With Life

If one acts in ways that doesn’t allow there to be cooperation with life, for it to change it’s imperative to know why this is so. Knowing your own mind and doing things that align you with life is what allows this to change.

Observe how the unconscious mind justifies everything it does. A mind that has never developed discipline to be still creates most of its own problems just so it has something to do. The undisciplined mind says to do something and turns around and questions why it was done. It should be treated like it’s a separate entity and as if it’s an enemy because upon further review it will be seen in a way it is, but it’s not the mind that’s an enemy, it’s the conditioning of I, that is the true enemy.

This I isn’t the true nature of the mind, it’s only conditioned to be this way and it’s we ourselves consciously or unconsciously who put the I based habitual mind patterns in place. Getting to know your own mind is a way to stop doing what we ourselves put in place. This knowing is not about the great secrets of the Universe becoming known, it’s more so about getting an understanding of what are the things done that don’t allow cooperation with life. When this becomes known, why one responds to things as they do will be revealed as the mind settles. After all if one doesn’t do the things in their life that allows cooperation with it, it should at least be known it doesn’t have to be this way.

Trying to Fix Yourself

A mind that doesn’t love can’t fix itself with self help methods. Only through the quietness of the heart can one be set free from the bondage of self that holds the mind in captivity to trying to fix itself.

A do it your self help mentality to a better life is like having an atlas of maps for a different trip then what is being planned. The atlas in hand has its purpose, but its usefulness is limited as it will never get you to your destination. Its not that there isn’t value in the atlas, but it becomes useless if you’re not traveling to where the maps in the atlas are pointing to. Do not many of the self help methods produce these same useless results? We are constantly trying to arrange life, thinking we can fix ourselves by trying to fill an inner void with all kinds of things (maps) from the outside, and regardless of the fix, the void never gets filled. This is not some theory I made up, it’s factual and this is what happened to me. Just look around and see how the world is full of people doing this same exact thing (reaching) and if you’re honest with yourself you’re probably doing it too.

Think of this, the mind that creates the need for self help is the same mind that’s going to be used to fix it. Is this plausible? If this mind didn’t create problems to begin with, the need for self help wouldn’t be required. It’s like changing a flat tire and putting the same flat tire back on and expecting it to be repaired. Something that’s broke cannot be used to repair itself. It would take a miracle for this to happen, if one wants to rely on miracles, so be it.

The mind that tells you to do something is the same mind that questions why it was done and this is the mind that self help relies on. It’s no wonder we humans are in the state that we’re in. Humans have created the way the world is and the same humans are trying to fix it and get this, with the same mind that made the world the way it is. A mind that is broken cannot fix itself, if it could it wouldn’t have a need to be repaired to begin with. Just sayin.

Learning to Love

Love is measured by the way a person behaves and by the way a person treats other people. It’s impossible to act selfishly or in a self serving manner if the base of your life is to love.

It’s often said that love is the true nature of life, but that doesn’t mean it will be the base of every life. Look at some people like, Adolf Hitler, Charles Manson, and Ted Bundy to name a few, ask their victims family if love was their true nature. Even myself prior to waking up, but not to that degree. I was very selfish, and most of my decisions made were to satisfy myself. It’s not this way today because I learned the valuable lesson of what it means to love thy neighbor as thy self and I truly don’t want to hurt anyone today, including myself. Love emanates as behavior and it can be measured by the way people treat each other. It’s impossible to act selfishly or self serving if the base of one’s life is to love.

I’ll use a story about my daughter to illustrate how I began to love. About nine years ago I was taking her on an overnight stay to a friends at the Jersey Shore. Thirty miles into the trip she told me she forgot here bedding. When the anger arose as it always had when things didn’t go my way, the one thing that stuck out more than anything was I didn’t want to hurt my daughter; I also knew if I hurt her I would be hurting me. So because of this awareness there wasn’t the normal yelling, we just turned around and headed back home to get her bedding. When I didn’t react in anger, I knew my view of life was different and I knew the difference was I was learning how to love. When you can truly be with life as it is and accept yourself blemishes and all, you will know you are truly on a road not only less travelled, but one that leads to loving thy neighbor as thy self.

Blind Reactions

No reaction occurs randomly. If the conditioning in place that allows the reaction to arise isn’t understood, one will blindly react to situations as if they were a puppet on a string.

Understanding the conditioning in place is what allows one to understand what’s truly going on in their life. It’s very difficult to know what is real and what isn’t, but it’s not all that difficult to understand the conditioning that make you react to life as you do. Most people are led around blindly without understanding their reactions and this is the reason it’s nearly impossible to break free from the Conditioned Mind; we get stuck in the same energy patterns. If something has you in its grip, if you don’t understand the conditioning in place that causes this, you will not have the resolve or awareness to break free from it. The unawareness of this conditioning makes one pursue things that are not beneficial to your own well being, and as stated before this is strictly because the conditioning in place will not allow it.

No one reacts randomly. Reactions manifest in the way that they do because it’s what’s in place, you can only get apples from an apple tree. Certain Universal Laws are in affect throughout life and regardless if the reactions associated with them are wanted or not, they will arise depending on the deep seeded conditioning that’s in control. If the conditioning in place makes one see things from any place other than love this will cause problems. This is exactly why the world is as it is because the conditioning in place makes people act as they do. Until the conditioning changes that makes it this way, one will continue to react as they do even though the reactions may not truly be beneficial.