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Truly Living

To be with what is actually occurring is to be present for each moment. If this isn’t where you live from then you are living your life in a place that doesn’t exist…

When the mind really starts to settle you will notice how much time is spent either thinking about the past and using it to try and form the present, or how much time is spent in the future, thinking about the things you are going to do instead of what you are actually doing. Very seldom does one think about what they’re actually doing and that is our greatest dilemma. All the anticipation of what we are going to do mostly has to do with shaping our day in the way we think it will best suit us, and although this is very subtle, this type of thinking centers all around our I, the me, me, me, mind.

The mind has been conditioned to wander. It’s like the mind sees the task at hand to be so menial, it needs to move on to the next thing. This is done constantly until one becomes aware of it. When and if you do start to become aware of this, you will notice how much time is spent thinking about yourself. That in and of itself isn’t the main issue, the main issue is that most of the things thought about don’t really have the capability of enhancing your life. You may think they do, but that is the created delusion the mind uses. Even if it’s something that supposedly will better your life, it doesn’t really change anything. You may make up a story in your head that it does, but that’s only a story. If you become aware that most of the things that you do don’t really mean that much, you will stop creating a story and when you do, you will be left with peace.

This peace is contingent on being present for what’s actually occurring; every place else is just the delusion of a Conditioned Mind. Practicing being present is the most important thing a person will ever do because it’s the only place of true existence. To be present is to be truly alive, anywhere else offers existence, but it doesn’t provide truly living. Nothing is needed to be present unless you make up the story so be with what is actually happening and you will be with your true existence, and probably for the first time in your life you will truly be alive…

Prayer of Now

To attach to “I” is to struggle with life, to be the love of I Am is to be free of the struggle. Because of our conditioning this struggle will only cease when we learn the prayer of Now and be the love of I Am.

To me prayer is not something that is used to get me out of jams or used when I want a situation to be a certain way. What I have come to understand as prayer is something that can be used to stop the incessant mind from trying to arrange every situation the way I think it should be and to put me in the reality of what is happening Now.

In order to do this and allow prayer to be a vital tool in life, Now needs to become the foundation for the way one lives. In other words life is to be a living prayer; a constant state of prayer is a constant state of knowing who you truly are, and to know that the “lie of I” only has the power that it’s given. Not only is it vital to understand this because of the energy of the Universal I Am, but also it is Universal Love which I Am allows that aligns one with life.

To practice being in a constant state of prayer isn’t related to anything that happens in life. It is to be in a constant state of having the heart remain open Now no matter what happens. In this state of Now one can than be with what is actually happening instead of constantly being controlled by a mind that wants everything to be to it’s liking. When this occurs one’s I Am is in alignment with Universal Energy, the heart remains open and one is simply the love of I Am. In this state life is lived the way it was intended, as a light and prayer to all beings.

Appropriately Loving

The judging you do of yourself and others is just part of your Conditioned Thinking. You don’t think anything that isn’t a part of it, it all comes from within simply because it’s what’s there…

Unless you are so fortunate that you live in a bubble of love, there will be conditioning in your life that is not conducive to love. This conditioning is what produces non loving actions, but this is not to be labeled as inappropriate behavior, it is inappropriate conditioning, it’s just what’s there. If you are fortunate enough to realize this, it is then that you can begin the necessary practice of discipline so you’ll have enough concentration to remain focused on love being the default setting of your life, but to not realize this is not inappropriate because you’re just doing what you have been conditioned to do; it’s simply what’s there. If it wasn’t there you wouldn’t be doing it.

Don’t be to harsh on yourself or others because the truth of the matter is this, you, me, and everyone else only acts in the manner that we’ve be conditioned to do so. Whether it’s labeled inappropriate or not is all part of the conditioning because it doesn’t change the way that you act. Labeling something inappropriate is what people use to either make themselves think they are better than others or it’s used to beat yourself up. There is no such thing as inappropriate behavior unless that is how you want to label it. There is Conditioned Thinking that makes one act in a conditioned manner by producing the appropriate behavior conducive to that conditioning. So you see in essence all behavior is appropriate because it is all contingent on the way one is conditioned. When you understand this, you will be well on your way to truly loving yourself and when you love yourself, you will understand all behavior is appropriate. It is then that you will be able to understand how to love others, unconditionally and appropriately.

Love Arising

It is everyone’s obligation to pass love onto every person who they interact with, not in the form of a belief or concept, but in the form of an open heart; a heart without judgement.

When the heart is opened and there is no attachment to beliefs and concepts, that is when the love that is in your heart comes pouring out into the world. The absence of love, is the absence of unity, and how will you know when this absence is in place is by trying to force your beliefs and concepts on others. When you love, you love in spite of someone else’s beliefs and concepts. Live life based in love and you become that love; minus the story of some belief or concept which is only made up by your Conditioned Mind. When you love, most people around you will sense that energy; it’s the nature of love.

Love is contagious. When something isn’t of love you will know it by the conflict it causes; inward and outward. Love doesn’t cause conflict, it causes peace, compassion, understanding, kindness, patience, harmony, and so on. You will know something isn’t of love by the lack of these mentioned qualities. When you allow others the right to be themselves, you allow the love of your heart to be the center of your being and that will be the seeds that you’ll pass onto others. The more a judgement is held onto, the less effect the seeds of love will have. Love is what cultivates the seeds, and when they are the seeds of love without judgement, they will grow in abundance. Not because of any concept or belief, but because of the love that arises from your own heart.

A Moments Perfection

When you want the arisen moment different, you want its perfection to be changed, but even if it is changed most times it’s not enough. If you’re not careful, you can spend your entire life trying to change what’s already perfect.

It is said that no can have the perfect life, but no one really knows what the perfect life entails. It may be considered perfect if it was exactly the way you wanted it, and if that was the case then the saying is true, but no one can will ever have the perfect life because it will seldom be exactly as it is wanted. Even if it was, that wouldn’t mean it was perfect, it would just mean it’s the way that you want it. To me the perfect life is what arises in the moment you are in. It can’t be anything but that, because it’s simply what’s there.

This is where our struggles are derived from, thinking if life was different it would be perfect, but how can something that is already perfect be improved upon; perfection cannot be improved. When a perfect game is pitched in baseball, nothing can make it more perfect. If a basketball player makes ten foul shots that he tries, he is perfect. Now you can say the pitcher could have thrown less pitches or the basketball player could have made every basket without hitting the rim, but it would not have changed the perfection of what occurred.

Life is similar, we look for all kinds of ways to improve on its perfection, but regardless of what is done it doesn’t change the perfection of the way it is. No outer circumstance can change the perfection of what is. This is the main reason people are in the constant mind state of seeking perfection and use so many different things to try and attain it, but understand perfection is never reached only because it isn’t realized perfection is already here…


The mind will only settle when there is silence. You cannot do anything to be silent, it arises from itself. When the intellectual mind stops seeking, the internal urging settles in its own silence….

When one awakens, there’s an understanding of silence and how it relates to life. When this occurs there’s freedom because silence arises naturally. We seek because of the internal urging for silence which is what an awakening reveals. This cannot be known intellectually, intelligence is actually noise, silence can only be known through silence. The lack of silence makes life very mundane. It makes one less aware of the internal urging that silence provides. Without this awareness you cannot truly understand what the benefits of silence are. Silence is always there, it’s just not understood. Nothing is needed to experience silence, but the only way there can be silence is to be still. Methods may be useful in learning to be silent, but the only reason this is so is because the mind hasn’t been developed for silence , it’s been developed to generate noise.

It’s a human dilemma the need to make life about something, but if something is needed, make it about silence. This is the only thing that truly makes sense to me, it’s the only place where I don’t need to think and there’s peace. Not to think is to be in a state of no mind and in this state is true peace. How can it not be peaceful in this state, there’s nothing to cause one to suffer; there’s no generated noise in the head. Be silent and nothing more will ever be needed because in silence everything arises, unless you want to live by the generated noise in your head. Silence is the ultimate truth, but even saying this is noise. Silence of no mind is the silence of all that is and when one stops seeking it or trying to define it, it is then that one will be silent.

Value of Awareness

Many have a belief that God is love, but if this is truly investigated one may become aware that God needs the story of love to exist, but love doesn’t need the story of God to exist.

Awareness is of value because it helps one overcome their selfish nature. This is what I discovered was blocking the love of my heart from being the operating energy of my life. I don’t know how it is for anyone else, but I do know this is what was revealed to me. Why it was this way I don’t really know, but I do know most of my life I was unaware that I was selfishly living trying to grasp pleasure at all cost to satisfy a self that didn’t exist in the way it was perceived. The only awareness there was in my life was how to get more things to provide pleasure so this unaware self could be satisfied. It wasn’t that a self didn’t exist, there just wasn’t any awareness whatsoever that existence wasn’t what I was conditioned to believe it was. It’s one of the reasons I don’t attach to beliefs today because I see them only as a story of unawareness. Many people often state God is love, but if this is truly investigated one just may become aware that God needs the story of love to exist, but love doesn’t need the story of God to exist. Check it for yourself and become aware of this truth.

Being aware of what’s actually happening minimizes the stories that are needed to make life have to be a certain way. Awareness stops the story of the way you think life should be and allows the freedom of the way it is, which becomes the awareness of the way it should be. After all wanting this exact moment different than what it is is where all discontent arises from. When one is simply aware of what arises as it arises, there isn’t a need for a story and without a story one’s unaware selfish nature doesn’t come into play as the awareness of the love of your own heart naturally becomes the operating energy of your life.