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Deep-Seated Habit Patterns

As long as the deep-seated habit patterns are in control, they will be the energy of your life. This energy arises from deeply rooted conditioning and doesn’t allow you to see what’s truly going on.

Often how things appear to you aren’t how they actually are. If you want to see what’s truly going on, getting beyond the deep-seated habit patterns will have to happen. If two people are looking at the same thing there are usually two different opinions of what is seen, but there’s also what’s beyond the deep-seated formed opinions and that is truth. There’s two sides to every disagreement and than there’s the truth. To stop being led around by your habits, you will need to stop labeling what arises. Stopping the labeling process allows the deep-seated habit patterns to slow to a point where space opens up. It’s imperative for this space to open if the habit patterns that have been formed over the years are to lessen.

Our habits are so misunderstood and this will be known because of the way you react to what arises. I look at my own reactions to see this and in the process I can see it in others; this isn’t a judgement, it’s factual. Understand your own deep-seated habit patterns and you will understand those of others; this is because we are all of the same energy. Creation is simply creation and if you’re fortunate enough to see this, your energy begins to transform in a direction that allows liberation. If this isn’t seen, the deep-seated habit patterns remain as the controlling energy of your life. This energy arises from within and takes on many forms, but the bottom line is the deep-seated habit patterns in place simply don’t allow you to see what’s truly going on.

Empty Space

Thousands of hours of time and money are spent on trying to fill a space that doesn’t need filling. The nature of the space is emptiness and it will always be there. It’s not your enemy; in realizing its emptiness one is filled.

Thousands of dollars are spent to go on vacation and at the time it seems to be a great idea, and in a way it is because when you’re there everything seems perfect, but the first thing to understand is wherever you go there you are which could be scary. The second thing is because of the Conditioned Mind, not only is the fantasy better than the reality, but before you know you are back home. This is not to say don’t go on vacation, but the stark reality is you can always be on vacation if your mind finds your place of peace. I’m talking from experience here because for forty nine years my life was exactly how I wanted it and yet I had to always reach for something to fill a space I didn’t understand. This space equates to always needing to be on vacation (reaching for something), but I didn’t understand the part of wherever I went there I was.

My own mind seemed to be an enemy not an ally and I had no idea this was occurring. Basically to my Conditioned Mind, I always needed to be planning a vacation because life was never good enough in the moment I was in; regardless of how it was there was always a void. Here’s the real irony in this, I was trying to fill a space of emptiness that is still there today, but what I have come to understand is it doesn’t need filling; in its emptiness is my fulfillment. The issue with most people is they’re trying to fill this space that doesn’t need filling because the nature of it is emptiness. That’s what a space is, empty so regardless of what’s used to fill it, it never gets filled, it can’t because it doesn’t need filling. Today I understand this space is not my enemy nor does it need filling and although there are times when I do go on vacation, it’s not because I’m trying to escape. Everyday I’m alive is perfect as it is and it’s the space of emptiness that provides this.

A Father’s Energy

The Father that Jesus turned to provided support so he wouldn’t succumb to the world; this energy is available today in the same capacity. Not as a belief, but as real support to simply anchor you in the present moment so life doesn’t become a created burden.

As I look back at my life when my father was alive, he was considered the rock of our family. It was heart breaking that he died at such a young age; he was 62; to put it in perspective I’m going to be 60 in August. Our family has grown so much since then and life has gone on without him, but although he is not here physically, the energy of love that he gave our family is just as present today as it was back then. True love never dissipates, it sustains itself and deepens, the nature of its energy doesn’t allow it to wane.

Today one of my roles on this stage called life is that of a father, and as my children are now 24 and 22, I gather I am looked upon as a rock, or maybe a pebble lol, but I am there to support them in my role regardless. I look at my role the way the stories describe that Jesus looked to his father, not in the physical sense, but in the sense of energy; simply for support. As the father was there for Jesus, the father is also there for me in the same capacity, as I am there for my children. Turning to the father simply puts one in the only place that exist, the present moment; this is why turning to the father works, it anchors you in the present, which is the only place where one can truly love.

Understanding Yourself

Intelligence doesn’t make you wise. Wisdom is something that occurs naturally as one learns to understand their own mind. With this understanding, wisdom arises and goes beyond the intelligence of thought.

One day it was revealed to me that my own mind was at the core of all my issues and this was never going to be different if there wasn’t an understanding of this. I had to understand why I had to always be doing something before I could be still and before stillness was experienced in my life I had to understand why there wasn’t any. Stillness isn’t something that can be attained nor can one acquire it, all that’s needed is to be aware of why you’re not still. Once this occurs than a starting point can be established and the minds natural expansion begins, but for that to occur this needs to be understood.

Until you truly understand yourself, not much will ever be different in your life. This won’t be because you don’t want it to be, it will be because in order for things to be different, it has to be understood why they are as they are. Waking up is not something that one makes happen, it’s something that occurs, and how you will know that it has occurred is by the awareness you have that your mind was based to self serve and now it’s based in stillness. Very simple to see this once it occurs, very difficult to see it if it doesn’t. The key to one’s continued expansion is to know the true nature of your own mind.

Experiencing I Am

So much of our life is spent trying to be what we already are, and the only reason this is done is because the need to be something else is so strong that it blocks one from experiencing I Am.

I talk to many people, but I don’t have anyone else’s answers, I do know how to write an article that poses questions so one can look within to find their own answers. That’s all one can do is point others to look within. My entire life was spent adding to be something other than what I was. I’m not really sure what that was, but I spent an awful lot of time adding things. I was always altering my current state, doing things that solidified this need to alter. It took me many years to find out I Am already what I always wanted to be. It was a shift that allowed me to stop trying to be something else. No more chasing or searching and all because I Am was realized; this is the place of true freedom, at least for me. So much time was unconsciously spent chasing what I already am, but it wasn’t seen because the need to be something else was blocking it from being noticed.

The perfect example of this is a dog chasing its tail. The dog chasing its tail doesn’t realize its own tail is being chased. I wonder what would happen if he caught it, lol? I’m sure it would hurt, but would it hurt as much as constantly chasing something you are never going to catch? Always on the move, but not really getting anywhere. If the dog did catch it’s own tail, it would probably hurt, but at least it would realize what it was doing and it would probably stop doing it. In a way this is what happens when one awakens, you stop trying to be something else so chasing your own tail stops. With most people there’s some pain associated with this stopping, but this is what makes one realize it’s their own tail that’s being chased. When this realization occurs the chasing stops, what then arises is I Am and it’s in the I Am that it’s realized you already are all that you can and will ever be.

Doing is Our Undoing

Do whatever you think you need to do, but understand any doing is actually an undoing because it keeps the mind in a state of agitation, and as long as one needs to do, the created undoing remains in place…

It would be more beneficial if you learned to do less in your life because any doing is actually an undoing; it’s only when the mind settles that this undoing subsided. This is how it is with a mind that needs to do, doing is an agitation and the more that needs to be done, the cloudier the mind becomes; it’s very difficult to see clearly when one is caught in doing. A doing can be identified as any activity that you think is needed to make you complete; you see when the mind is settled there’s simply nothing to do. When the mind becomes agitated it has to do, and it becomes clouded as all kinds of stories are created about what’s needed to make you complete. Reading another book may be done, another 12 step meeting, another person to help, losing another pound, more money, and on an on. So many things are used when the mind becomes agitated and the truth is none of them are truly needed because you are as complete as you will ever be right now. In the clarity of a settled mind is our completeness.

Agitated stories are created and they keep the mind clouded because of the conditioning in place. Clarity will never last as long as one thinks there is something needed to do that will make you complete. Doing keeps the mind from settling so the more one needs to do the less clear things are. Do whatever you think you need to do, but understand there will never be clarity until there’s no need to do anything. Be the light, be the instrument to spread love, be whatever you want, but this doing is actually an undoing because it keeps the mind in a state of agitation. And as long as the mind is agitated and clouded by doing, your created undoing will remain in place and you will always have to do simply because you won’t know how not to.

Mind Captivity

Being dependent on anything but life’s essentials creates a bondage that one becomes captive to…this captivity is of the mind and blocks love’s guided energy…so you may be alive…but you never truly live…

A substance or object can seem like it holds you in captivity, but it’s your own mind that puts you in the place of needing to reach for something. Without the mind telling you something is needed, dependency on anything would be non existent. The subtleness of this captivity is mind boggling. Take an alarm clock as an example, as soon as the alarm rings if the snooze button is hit, instantly you are captive because the mind wants the moment to be in different. This is the way being captive works and if there isn’t awareness of this, it’s off to the races of being controlled by a Conditioned Mind that’s dependent on wanting things the way that it wants them.

This dependency and captivity takes on many forms: drugs, alcohol, and gambling usage, talking about others, eating habits, pouting or sulking, social status, being miserly (cheap), trying to control situations and people, judging, lust, greed, envy, self righteousness, false pride, and the list goes on, but what all these have in common is they’re the external solutions used by the Conditioned Mind to fix an internal problem of lack. Until something is done to allow the mind to settle, this lack will probably be there until the last day of your life in this form. If this happens life will never truly be experienced in the way that it could be. Some dependencies may not seem as devastating as others, but whatever is used it doesn’t allow love to be your guided energy. Life can’t be experienced from the captivity of your own mind and because of this, life will never be truly lived. Only love’s guided energy allows you to truly live and it’s only a binding dependency that holds you in captivity to your own mind and blocks this from occurring.