This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Delusional Needs

When the need to reach for something arises it’s because the mind is caught up in the delusion that you’re not fulfilled, and you will remain caught up in the delusion of whatever it is you think you need…

You will never find the fulfillment you’re seeking if you’re caught up in needing that fulfillment. Fulfillment is something that’s already within you, but because of the way your mind is conditioned, you get caught up in thinking you need fulfillment outside of you. Being caught in this makes this needed fulfillment impossible to grasp; this is also the reason you constantly need. Until this is seen you will remain caught in the thought of needing a particular fulfillment and the next thing reached for. Alcohol, gambling, drugs, sex, social status, programs, therapy, self help books, religion, and on and on, these are proof that you are caught. This being caught has to be seen if you’re to experience true fulfillment in your life.

When you are caught up in needing to be fulfilled it’s impossible to think your way out of it. What does have to happen if true fulfillment is to be experienced is there has to be an understanding of why you’re caught; that you aren’t fulfilled is only because of the delusion that you need something. When the need to reach for something arises, being caught by the need begins; this is very difficult to break free from. Fulfillment isn’t attained or achieved, doing less actually leads to being fulfilled. To many people get lost in trying to attain fulfillment, but it’s something that’s already within; being caught trying to attain fulfillment needs to be discarded so you can see this. This is not easy to grasp, but I write so being caught up in your delusional needs can be seen for what it is; a lie that you need something from the outside to fulfill you…

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