This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Go and Sin No More

To be guided by love is the intention of existence. If it’s thought to be something different, one has “missed the mark” which is the definition of sin. And sin only exist because of the absence of love.

It seems to me my life has been a preparation that has led to this exact moment. Growing up I always had these yearnings of not quite belonging to any particular group or fitting in with people. I seemed to bounce from group to group until I settled with the so called, social outcast, the loners, the people who attached to some form of dysfunction behavior, the addict. I was always looking for my life to be different and I never understood why this was. This yearning to find my place in life, was all part of the preparation, at least this is the way I see it. Without this yearning I wouldn’t have been prepared to live in this moment right now. I would probably still be alive, but my usefulness to the Universe would be much more limited.

This path of preparation has had more so called downs than I care to remember, but it all seemed to be necessary in the process of molding me to being able to love the way I do today. This is what it seems that my preparation has been for. None of this has to do with me personally, but it has everything to do with one’s usefulness to other people. This usefulness is manifested as love which was always missing from my life. This is what I or anyone else who has had this yearning and tried to satisfy it, is reaching for. And although this preparation is not something I would have consciously chosen, it was necessary to get me to a place of unconditional love and in the process being a useful instrument to the Universe for its betterment.

I don’t claim to have been prepared for a purpose. I don’t say there was or is a reason or purpose behind everything that happens in life, but I do know this, everything that happened was not of my doing. The Universe created my yearning which is now my guide. Everything else in between has just been a part of the preparation for this moment. Following what is there, is following what is of the heart, but it isn’t a doing as much as it is an occurrence. The Universe will work with a person when there’s an understanding of what it means to work with the Universe. When one is rightly related to love than love becomes ones guide. If not, there will always be a yearning, there will always be the need to look outside to fill it, and one will always be guide-less. So don’t “miss the mark” learn to be guided by love and go and sin no more.

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