This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

The Ripple Affect

One’s mind can be likened to a lake, it’s the pebbles thrown into the lake that cause the ripples to disrupt its stillness. If the pebble isn’t thrown, the ripples wouldn’t exist and the stillness would never be disrupted.

If life always needs to be in some other way and one thinks this will make them happy, than life will always be needed to be in some other way and one will never be happy. And this will occur regardless of what one thinks that other way should be because it won’t change the reason life needs to be some other way in the first place and it definitely won’t bring the happiness one is seeking.

It is only in living ones given life that true happiness can be experienced and this is regardless of how it is. When life is accepted in the way that it’s given, what is given will be accepted. In this acceptance lies true contentment. This is one’s place of inner contentment because the mind isn’t agitated by needing life to be in some other way.

The true essence of life is as a lake that is still and is like a sheet of glass, there are no agitations causing ripples. And it is the ripples of our mind that are our agitations. In the case of a lake, the agitations are caused by pebbles being thrown into the lake, when this occurs all stillness is lost and the ripples have to run their cost before they subside. The lake, the pebbles, the ripples caused, and our discontentment can be likened to a lake. The underling essence of life is stillness and it’s only broken by the pebbles of life causing rippled agitations. And once the ripples start they have to run their course. But if it is learned to not throw pebbles which cause the ripples to disrupt the stillness, there won’t be any agitations to run their course in the first place.

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