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Mastery of Your Mind

If you don’t have mastery of your mind, your mind will have mastery of you. Emotional balance is contingent on this and you will either control your emotional reactions or you will be ruled by them.

If you don’t have mastery of your mind your mind will have mastery of you. And it will manifest as behavior not conducive to love. This is not easy to truly understand because of the lack of discipline in your life, but if you really investigate this and see not only where your stories come from, but how and this is very important, the created stories really don’t add one thing to your life. Yet you create them, but its not really you who does this, its your undisciplined, unmastered mind. You will understand this truth when you stop being mastered by your mind and stop creating your unnecessary stories. By learning to master your mind, you will gain real control over your emotional state and the way you react to life. By being mastered by your mind you are pulled around as if you are a dog on a leash. But I think a dog actually has more freedom.

When there isn’t a created story what remains is emptiness and you are that emptiness, but not in the sense that there is nothing there, but more so because your mind is not your master. I will tell you this, the Conditioned Mind is devious and will not allow you to understand this emptiness because it will mean you are gaining mastery of it. It is the last thing your Conditioned Mind wants you to do because it is the end of the control it has over your.

This is whats needed to live a life of love. Mastery of your own mind so you can say no to things that aren’t beneficial to you and yes to things that are. This will take much discipline, much more than most people are willing to develop. This is why the world is the way it is because not enough people are willing to do what’s necessary to gain mastery of their own mind. This lack of willingness doesn’t allow love to be our minds default setting.

Without discipline to much of what others do and outer occurrences are allowed to control our emotional state. Because of this, life leads most people on an emotional roller coaster and far to many people are attached to their emotions to the point that there is no mastery whatsoever of the own mind. So going back to the beginning of the article “If you don’t have mastery of your mind your mind will have mastery of you.”

Maximum Fulfillment

The difficulties of life aren’t from life they’re from what we pay attention to. And if we have ulterior motives it can be nothing but selfish and this is what makes life seem difficult.

You can live your life one of two ways and the one you pay attention to is the one which will dictate whether you are getting the maximum fulfillment from the life you are given. Life cannot give you what you are not in alignment to receive. If you act in a selfish manner your life will be filled with many difficulties. But understand the difficulties aren’t from life they are for yourself. They are derived from what you are paying attention to.

No matter what you may think the right thing to do is, or how many good deeds you think are needed, it will not get you a better seat in heaven or you won’t move up in the angelic chain of command. None of them will give you maximum fulfillment because they are a doing thats derived from the selfish self. You may say I don’t know you so how can I say that, but I do know me and I understand whenever my deeds are of my doing, their being done for some ulterior motive that’s derived from selfishness. And the only way they can’t be selfish is if I am paying attention to the beloved and I’m assisting the beloved in the capacity the Universe sees fit.

This is not a doing it is allowing. Allowing the beloved Universe to be your guide. It is the only way your heart will be open enough not to be selfish. Do you think someone like Mother Teresa thought her assistance to others was a doing? Without doing allows the freedom to be empty enough not to be selfish. Whenever you do you are entrapped to your little self, your selfishness. So life is dictated by what you pay attention to and it will either be the beloved Universe or it will be your beloved selfishness and the one you choose will determine if your life is lived to its maximum fulfillment.