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Liberation Through Love

In the space between our thoughts our innate love hovers, waiting. When one awakens from being stuck in the thought realm to see this, the door to liberation opens.

You will never be free if you do not love. Love is the doorway to liberation. To see this a shift has to occur which allows you to get out of the way of all the preoccupied distractions that goes on between your ears. These distraction are what blocks out love from manifesting in one’s life. There are many doors to love, but there is only one that leads to liberation. If you don’t love, liberation will not be experienced and this is because the doorway most step through is based in selfishness. You may tell yourself you are free, but If you’re all caught up in your own thoughts, what’s truly going on will be missed; what’s missed is the true essence of your own innate love within.

To use love as a doorway to liberation the preoccupations with our thoughts will have to settle enough to allow this to be seen. Thinking, thinking, thinking, is just the way our conditioning holds us in captivity and keeps us preoccupied with ourselves. Basically we have to lose interest in ourselves and focus on the deeper process of love being a doorway to liberation. I’m not into positive thinking or affirmations, to me they’re just distraction; one cannot see what’s truly going on if you’re always trying to be the little engine who could. In the space between our thoughts is where our innate love is, waiting. When one awakens from being stuck in the thought realm to see this, the door to liberation opens.

Arising Creativity

Creative energy comes from the stillness within yourself. When there’s stillness you can truly get in touch with your own creativity and not need the worlds approval for what arises.

Whenever a person touches on their creative energy an exuberance occurs that can only come from this creative touch. When the creativity arises from this space it doesn’t matter whether you get paid for it or not. A songwriter enjoys writing whether the song is a number one hit on the charts or if it just remains in their personal collection. I don’t write to get money or anything else, I just enjoy writing, I create with words. The most important thing about creativity is to allow it to arise from the stillness of the heart. I don’t try to be anything that I’m not. It’s important for me to stay within the boundaries of what I know and write from there.

Regardless of your talent, whether you’re a musician, writer, artist, singer, actor, good at your day to day job, a parent, or whatever, let your creative energy engulf you. It’s what I do, it’s how I see what I see. Don’t fall prey to what the world offers, find what your own heart offers. Become the instrument the Universe plays its beautiful music through, whatever that music manifest as; mine manifest as writings. Understand though this doesn’t complete you, you are complete as you are. Realizing this will help you to just watch your inner creativity arise without attaching to it. I know this from experience and only the creative tip of the iceberg has been exposed to me. When my mind settled writing arose, all I did was look inward. It amazes me to this day that not only was I used to write a book, but I’m also used to write a daily article that touched lives and to me this is creativity at its finest.

Treadmill Path

As long as there is seeking there will always be seeking and one will remain on the treadmill path exerting all kinds of energy, but not really getting anywhere.

What keeps a person stuck on the treadmill path of seeking is trying to manufacture peace, love, kindness, mindfulness, spirituality, and so on, instead of aligning oneself through discipline with the present moment which allows these attributes to arise naturally. This is what keeps the treadmill energy in place. The energy of this seeking is circular (like a dog chasing its tail) so it’s never going to produce anything that’s going to get you off the treadmill. You may bounce to a seemingly different path because it’s given a different label, but as long as one thinks they have to do something to manufacture a certain desired result, running in place will continue regardless of what it’s called and so you will remain on the treadmill path.

This seeking of desired results makes a person use an an array of things, from sweets, drugs, alcohol, gambling, tv, success, sex, programs, another book, retreat, a path, meditation, and many other things. What these all have in common is they keep you engrained to the treadmill path of seeking which is attached to by the Conditioned Mind. A true transformation of the spirit cannot be manufactured. Repeat: A true transformation of the spirit cannot be manufactured. This is because seeking energy is the exact energy that blocks the alignment which allows energy to transform. Only when you get off the treadmill path can a transformation or shift occur. As long as there is seeking there will always be seeking and you will remain on the treadmill path exerting all kinds of energy, but not really getting anywhere.

Turmoil in Place

Although it seems what occurs in life is the cause of one’s arising turmoil, but this is not the case. The turmoil that arises is already in place, if it wasn’t there’s no way it would arise.

You can only react to life with what you have in place. Something like anger arises because it has been learned, this also goes for fear, greed, hate, and so on. I constantly reacted unconsciously for many years without any understanding whatsoever and it kept me locked into my inner turmoil, clueless that the only reason it was occurring was because it was in place. Simply put, when something occurred that I didn’t like, my inner turmoil arose without my permission or knowledge and I reacted in the way that I did. What arose was whatever my conditioning deemed appropriate. The only reason this happened is because it was already there laying in wait: like a lion waiting to pounce on its unsuspecting prey.

Understanding this is where there is power in knowledge. If why one’s inner turmoil arises isn’t understood, there will be very little true periods where this turmoil reactions are not in control. Through awareness of what’s arising, one has something tangible to use to get beyond it. Why most people remain as they are and repeat the same reactions over and over is because of the total unawareness of why it happens. To me this knowledge has immense value because when it’s seen one can truly decipher whether what’s in place is beneficial or not. It’s then that a course of action can be developed to change whatever’s in place that’s causing the non beneficial turmoil to arise.

Illusion of Self

Our beliefs manifest in many different ways, mostly as thought formed ideas, and concepts, but at the core of any of them is an attachment to the form of self that doesn’t truly exist.

The origination of all beliefs arise from the attachment to a self that doesn’t exist in the way the Conditioned Mind makes it appear. Without this belief and attachment to self no other belief would be given energy to arise nor would one be needed. Many times throughout the day especially when I just wake up, the self gets attached to which creates the belief this or that is needed to be in some other way, this stems strictly from the belief there is a self. What I have learned to do which immediately drops the attachment is to say “form is emptiness, emptiness is form”this provides a release point which instantly transforms the attaching energy to non attaching energy. Attaching energy will run its course unless something is in place to stop it. This is because what’s of the mind remains of the mind, that is until it doesn’t.

For me saying “form is emptiness, emptiness is form” takes the mind based attaching energy and neutralizes it. That’s what happens when this particular saying is used, but the saying isn’t magic, it’s the truth of the statement that has transforming quality’s. It also works when the breath is used, chanting, tapping, guided meditation, or whatever else is used to put one in the present moment. The minds energy controls in a circular motion. This is why there’s the constant barrage of repetitive thoughts and why it’s so difficult to break free from the Conditioned Mind grip. Truth transforms, so when the illusion of self is truly seen, there’s a settling of the mind. This allows one to simply be in the only place where truth exist; the present moment. And although form does exist in the present moment, it’s empty because it’s doesn’t exist in the way the Conditioned Mind makes it appear.

Storied Beliefs

Every belief that’s created is a story used to provide relief in some way, but if it was that easy one could just go around making up story after story whenever life didn’t go the way it was thought it should be.

There are very few hard facts to a belief, but this doesn’t stop a person from thinking the story of a belief is needed to provide relief. The only reason storied beliefs are made up to begin with is because of the way our minds have been conditioned. They’re used to keep the mind in a state of agitation by making one think things need to be different for there to be relief. It’s what the ego uses to keep one believing in a self that doesn’t exist. This is why most conflicts begin because of an ego that forms storied beliefs. Whatever the storied belief is in, whether it’s in a God that’s going to provide relief, a program, a different job or spouse, the next lottery win, or whatever storied belief is used that would provide relief, it all stems from one’s own conditioned thought that things need to be different in order for you to make sense of something that’s occurring.

To believe or not to believe, that is the question? It really has nothing to do with the belief, it has everything to do with creating a story and thinking if things were different there would be peace. This is what needs to be discovered if the falseness of a storied belief is to be revealed. If attaching to a storied belief is found to provide relief, by all means do it, but for me there is relief without a storied beliefs, especially because beliefs only exist in the mind. If they’re seen to be real and have some facts to back them up, believe them, attach to them, use them, but in truth don’t be surprised if when they are needed to fall back on, they don’t provide the relief that was believed they were going to provide.

Observing the Observer

When there’s attachment and you become the observer, the one who just observes disappears, that is until “I” is let go of, it is then that one can simply observe without labeling the observer.

Observing what arises is basically all that one can do. There’s nothing more that can be done because any doing takes away from being able to observe. Either one will see what arises or they won’t. If it’s not seen it will become a mind agitation which will be attached to and then the reaching for something to quiet the agitation will commence. This attaching to what arises is what causes one to suffer in the form of thoughts, emotions, feelings, ideas, and so on. If there isn’t attachment to what arise, observing is what happens, but you don’t become the observer because then it becomes a doing ; observing is just something that occurs. Just see and don’t add to it. You hear a dog bark, you just hear, there doesn’t have to be attaching to hearing the dog bark. The Conditioned Mind is very subtle, it will always try to attach something. Without a settled the mind agitations will rule.

Read my article and attach to the label that the mind agitation projects. Like it or don’t like it, see some value or don’t, the thing is those labels are the result of a mind agitation that makes you have to judge whatever it is that arises in the moment. If you can’t just observe it without adding to it, it’s because you have attached to the arisen agitation. This all comes from within the one that life happens to, but nothing really happens to you, it just happens. When driving a car or whatever else it is that arises, just observe, add nothing. When one becomes the observer, there’s attachment to “I”. When there’s just observing what arises, there’s no “I” involved so there’s no attachment. When you become the observer the one who just observes disappears, that is until “I” is let go of, it is then that one can simply observe without labeling the observer.