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Trouble With the Curve

The mind just loves to make a problem out of what happens in life and until this is seen it will continue to do so even though nothing is inherently a problem until it’s made into one.

Problems are made by a mind that doesn’t accept what’s occurring right now. It wants what’s happening now to be different and it actually makes you believe if it were different, life would be better; this is the lie of the Conditioned Mind. All is well right now, but because of the conditioning in place, it’s not seen so the mind has to make a problem to have something to do. I always had a tendency to make everything that occurred in my life a problem and although I don’t do this as I once did, there are still times when the initial reaction of wanting to make a problem arises.

It’s like being a minor league baseball player who can’t hit a curve ball, until it’s learned, which may not happen, to hit a curve ball, they will remain in the minors. They will still be playing baseball, but there won’t be contentment because they’re only at the minor league level. Think of life in the same context, there are many curve balls thrown. If one doesn’t learn to deal with them, remaining in the Conditioned Mind minor leagues will be where you live from. You will still be in the game just because you are alive, but you will be stuck in the minors as the curve balls will be a problem because it’s not known how to hit them. And as with any scouting report if you have trouble with the curve, the curve is what you will constantly see. The fact of the matter is this, you will only be discontented that you can’t hit the curve if you want to hit it, when you realize you are in the game for the love of it, not hitting a curve won’t really matter because it isn’t be made into a problem.

Mindfully Complete

Attach to nothing and nothing will be needed. Imagine that, needing nothing and being happy, joyous, and free just because you’re mindful of being complete just as you are.

Without the inner silence, the mindfulness needed not to create the stories will not occur. Even this writing is a story of how not to create stories, but the mindfulness of writing helps to minimize the attachment and thus once it is written it is complete. It is the end of the story or not, depending on how I relate it to my identity. The more I need it for my identity, the more I attach to it and the more of a story is created. No attachment, no needed story, no needed story, no discontentment of what isn’t, so all you are left with is what is, not the story of what is, but the actual reality of what is occurring.

Story, after story, after story. The story of how I feel, or the story of my book, or my life’s story, this is an endless book of stories, until one becomes mindful of the story teller and the story being one in the same. Being with what is instead of a created story will be the most difficult, but it also be the most fulfilling lesson you will ever learn about life. Just be in the silence of what is. Attach nothing and nothing will be needed. Imagine that, needing nothing to be happy, joyous, and free, and understanding that you’re complete just as you are. It’s right there within your grasp, right in front of you, but you will never truly be mindful of it until you realize, it’s not a story that you’re grasping for, it’s what’s already there.

Life as it Is 

There will only be peace when there’s acceptance of things being as perfect when they are in disarray as when they are exactly as one wants them; this sums up the path to liberation.

In order to experience liberation there has to be as much comfort in a diseased body and mind as there is in one that’s healthy. This actually goes for everything because it’s in wanting things a certain way and them not being accepted when they’re not, that causes one to have uneasiness. This is the epitome of the Conditioned Mind, it creates all the uneasiness in one’s life by making up the lie that things need to be different. By all means change what can be changed, but if it’s only an outer change, it still won’t bring the comfort that’s sought. This is where the value of going inward comes in. I write guidelines, but I don’t have answers for others, mostly because I don’t know really know what someone else has gone through. My writings are pointers, the most important thing to see is how life is always as it is and only wanting it different is where uneasiness arise from. Check this for yourself.

I find the good, the bad, and the ugly, all need to be accepted the same, this is a truth in my life so it’s why I share it. If one doesn’t see this, it doesn’t mean it’s not true, it just means you are not there yet. Even though everyone goes through life as it is, how it’s accepted is dependent on where one is in their life. There’s no right or wrong in how things are dealt with because it’s determined by one’s conditioning. I know people get frustrated because I don’t always give the answers that are wanted, but that’s because I can’t. One can only see what’s within them and it’s not always what someone wants to accept. Accepting life as it is goes a long way in becoming liberated from the bondage of self and this acceptance will take seeing a diseased mind and body just as perfect as a healthy one.

Surface Mind Activity

Beneath the surface mind activity there’s nothing but space. This is difficult to see because life isn’t about what you think it is. In fact life is everything you think it isn’t, but it’s not seen because of trying to figure it out on the surface.

Round and round it goes and where it stops nobody knows. This is a perfect example of the mind activity that’s in place for most people. One thought after another, no space, no quietness, just the noise of the world manifesting as thought. If you could just sit back in a space where the noise subsides, there’s a chance to truly see what Jesus and Buddha spoke of. If you think you have an idea of what life is about, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but that’s just noise. There are no answers to what life is about, but the more solid one makes they’re existence, the more one will think they have life figured out. I’m not saying I know what life is about, but I do know what it isn’t about and that it has nothing to do with what is seen on the surface. The more one is controlled by the surface senses, the less life is experienced. Below the mind activity of the senses is the only place where life is truly experienced. You can travel all around the world and make up the story of all the beauty around you, but it’s only a story conjured up to provide surface pleasure and store it as a pleasurable memory. Beneath the surface no story is needed, no pleasure is needed, in fact nothing is needed because this is where true life exist.

Think about it, your entire life is a story until one day you no longer exist in your current form. Every storied experience is taken with you as if they never occurred. They were thought to be needed so you could make sense of your life, but really they mean absolutely nothing because they are all only created from the mind activity of the surface senses. Buddha talked about of delusion, Jesus spoke of not being of this world, what do you think they were talking about? If you remain entrapped to the surface mind activity, you will remain in your suffering. Even those who think they understand this don’t because it’s not something to understand. Beneath the surface mind activity where there’s nothing but space, there’s the possibility of truly seeing what life is about. Why there’s difficulty in seeing this is because life isn’t about anything that you think it is. In fact it’s about everything you think it isn’t and this is because of the trying to figure it out on the surface.

Not Caring For Energy 

Life is as difficult as the not caring for something energy makes it and until one learns to be with what happens without applying a label, what happens will continue its onslaught of control.

If you don’t particular care for something that’s happening in your life, not caring for it comes from you and this is regardless of what it is. You may say there are exceptions to this, but feeding what’s happening with not caring for it energy, keeps you entrapped to what you don’t care for. Read this slowly, not caring for energy, keeps you entrapped to what you don’t care for. I’m not saying you go around and ignore some of the travesties that occur, but by understand the label of it being a travesty only comes from within you. Many people state their opinions on what I write and that’s okay, but what’s not understood is I only write what’s within me and one only responds what’s in them. Neither are right or wrong, to me though it’s important to find the truth beneath whatever it is that arises from within me. Regardless of how someone responds to me or what happens in life, to see what arises from within is all that matters.

Liking what’s occurring is the same energy as not caring for it energy. It seems different because of how the mind always wants what’s liked as opposed to what’s not cared for, but it’s the same storied energy, it’s just given a different title. Years ago a so called friend ended our relationship because he didn’t understand his not caring for me writing a book had nothing to do with me. This is how it is with all of life. Even though things will effect you, giving it not caring for energy magnifies its effect. Life is as difficult as the not caring for energy makes it and until one learns to be with what happens without applying a conditioned label, what happens will continue its onslaught of control as if you were a puppet on a string, with the stings being not caring for energy.

Entrapped to Thinking 

When there’s a need to reach for something because of a mind agitation, one is entrapped to their thinking. Until this is seen, one will remain entrapped to thinking peace is in the next thing reached for.

One will never find the peace they’re seeking if they’re entrapped to thinking of finding peace. Peace is something that’s already within everyone, but because of the way our minds are conditioned, we get entrapped in our thinking that peace is something outside of us. Unfortunately this entrapment makes the very thing we are seeking (peace) impossible to grasp. This entrapment is the reason one is constantly reaching for something from the outside and until this is seen, one will remain entrapped to thinking that peace is in the next thing reached for. Alcohol, gambling, drugs, sex, social status, programs, therapy, self help books and on and on, this reaching is proof that one is entrapped. Is it not? I can’t stress this enough as this entrapment to your thinking has to be seen if one is to experience true peace in their life.

It’s impossible to think your way to peace, but what does have to happen if one is to experience peace, there has to be an understanding of why you’re not at peace; that there isn’t peace is only because of one’s inability to just be. When the need to reach for something arises, the entrapment to thinking begins. This entrapment is a vicious cycle that’s very difficult to break free from. Peace isn’t something attained or achieved so it’s in doing less that peace arises. To many people get lost (entrapped) in trying to find peace, but since it’s something that’s already within you, the entrapped thinking about finding it needs to be discarded so you can see. This is not easy to see, but it’s why I write. Understand though, I don’t write to help anyone find peace, I write so the entrapped thinking can be seen for what it is; the cause of why there isn’t peace.

Not Automatically Right 

Thinking because you have done something for a long period of time it automatically makes it the right way is so limiting that one can’t seem to get out of their own way.

Doing something for years doesn’t mean it’s being done in a way that truly benefits yourself and humanity. Something I find amusing is when someone says they’ve been doing something for a certain number of years and they equate that to mean what they are doing is the best and only way of seeing something. I know what I do today is much more beneficial to me and humanity than how I acted years ago, but this is only because my behavior isn’t based in thinking I have to please my self. That doesn’t mean I’m here to save the world, but by coming from a place of not thinking I have to please me, there’s freedom to be a true instrument of love, not a made up one. This is what arises when one is open to be with life as it happens instead of getting locked into a thinking pattern that because something has been done for a long period of time, it’s automatically the best and only way of seeing it.

I remember being on a seminar for work and someone said, but I have been doing it this way for twenty years, he was told, well you’ve been doing it wrong for twenty years. I don’t profess to have the one and only way to love. I share what has been revealed to me as do others, but I’m open enough to not think what I share is automatically the right way. As I’m constantly learning and changing, what I know or at least what I think I know is constantly changing. Hold onto your way and hold on to your limit. It’s rather simple because anything labeled becomes not only a limit to the label, but also one becomes entrapped by it. It’s in not constantly thinking about yourself that one experiences the freedom to love and what blocks this love from arising is thinking because one has done something for a long period of time, it automatically makes it the right way.