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Learning to Love

Love is measured by the way a person behaves and by the way a person treats other people. It’s impossible to act selfishly or in a self serving manner if the base of your life is to love.

It’s often said that love is the true nature of life, but that doesn’t mean it will be the base of every life. Look at some people like, Adolf Hitler, Charles Manson, and Ted Bundy to name a few, ask their victims family if love was their true nature. Even myself prior to waking up, but not to that degree. I was very selfish, and most of my decisions made were to satisfy myself. It’s not this way today because I learned the valuable lesson of what it means to love thy neighbor as thy self and I truly don’t want to hurt anyone today, including myself. Love emanates as behavior and it can be measured by the way people treat each other. It’s impossible to act selfishly or self serving if the base of one’s life is to love.

I’ll use a story about my daughter to illustrate how I began to love. About nine years ago I was taking her on an overnight stay to a friends at the Jersey Shore. Thirty miles into the trip she told me she forgot here bedding. When the anger arose as it always had when things didn’t go my way, the one thing that stuck out more than anything was I didn’t want to hurt my daughter; I also knew if I hurt her I would be hurting me. So because of this awareness there wasn’t the normal yelling, we just turned around and headed back home to get her bedding. When I didn’t react in anger, I knew my view of life was different and I knew the difference was I was learning how to love. When you can truly be with life as it is and accept yourself blemishes and all, you will know you are truly on a road not only less travelled, but one that leads to loving thy neighbor as thy self.

Blind Reactions

No reaction occurs randomly. If the conditioning in place that allows the reaction to arise isn’t understood, one will blindly react to situations as if they were a puppet on a string.

Understanding the conditioning in place is what allows one to understand what’s truly going on in their life. It’s very difficult to know what is real and what isn’t, but it’s not all that difficult to understand the conditioning that make you react to life as you do. Most people are led around blindly without understanding their reactions and this is the reason it’s nearly impossible to break free from the Conditioned Mind; we get stuck in the same energy patterns. If something has you in its grip, if you don’t understand the conditioning in place that causes this, you will not have the resolve or awareness to break free from it. The unawareness of this conditioning makes one pursue things that are not beneficial to your own well being, and as stated before this is strictly because the conditioning in place will not allow it.

No one reacts randomly. Reactions manifest in the way that they do because it’s what’s in place, you can only get apples from an apple tree. Certain Universal Laws are in affect throughout life and regardless if the reactions associated with them are wanted or not, they will arise depending on the deep seeded conditioning that’s in control. If the conditioning in place makes one see things from any place other than love this will cause problems. This is exactly why the world is as it is because the conditioning in place makes people act as they do. Until the conditioning changes that makes it this way, one will continue to react as they do even though the reactions may not truly be beneficial.

Self Investigation

Self investigation takes more courage than most people will ever exhibit. This is because the conditioning in place doesn’t allow it and until life isn’t all about you anymore, your conditioning prevails.

More and more I’m amazed at the things that people hold onto with the emphasis totally on satisfying self. There is little or no consideration for anyone else and it’s strictly from a me, me, me, mind. I know it’s because they know not what they do, but the suffering this causes and how it anchors the conditioning in place can be truly discouraging. Notice I said can be discouraging because if one is truly awake, there’s the understanding that the way things are is the way things are and wanting them different also anchors the conditioning in place. I’m writing about this because the conditioning in place is heartbreaking, when you have answers and they are ignored by most, it’s like having a cure for cancer, but nobody will listen. Without going into specifics, the conditioned unconsciousness runs so deep that people will justify doing all kinds of self destructive behavior without blinking an eye; drugs, alcohol, gambling, porn, rioting, protesting, total defiance for any authority, murder, rape, assault, and robbery and this is only the tip of the Conditioned Mind iceberg. Here is my understanding of why this is, it’s much easier because of the way one is conditioned to justify self destructive behavior than to look inward. True self investigation takes more courage than most people will ever exhibit, not because they can’t, but because the conditioning in place doesn’t allow it.

I offer to talk to people all the time to possibly assist in the waking up process because the conditioning in place keeps one as a dog chasing its own tail as all kinds of excuses are made not to connect. I get it, but it doesn’t make it any easier to watch people suffering when there’s a way out. The insanity of this is people would rather remain in their suffering then to go beyond it, which is truly heartbreaking. I don’t say this because I’m a know it all, but I have been released somewhat from the grip of the Conditioned Mind and was provided answers that are shared strictly from experience. And how I know that I’ve truly broken free from the Conditioned Mind is because life just isn’t all about me anymore.

Pleasure Perception

Until one can be with things as they are without seeking an escape that’s thought to provide pleasure, a made up perception will continue its control and unfortunately so will the suffering it causes.

Even though certain thoughts arise that are perceived as truth, it doesn’t mean they have anything to do with truth. They may be perceived as what is thought to be truth, but if you look into it deeper it’s probably just a made up story providing you with the way you think things are needed for pleasure. Don’t we use the story of helping others in this way, it’s really used to kind of pat ourselves on the back because we make up the story that helping others is good, and we get pleasure out of anything we label as good. We use God in the same way, it’s strictly used to provide pleasure, nothing more; like there’s really something out there that really cares about what a person does. All these made up stories block one from really seeing the underlying true nature of what is. Truth as it is with love needs no story, and if a story is being used to formulate a perception of what truth is thought to be, I guarantee you it’s not truth, it’s only your perception.

Truth is not something to know. It can’t be defined correctly with words because it’s only seen when the mind is settled. When you judge someone regardless of what they do, you are applying a perception of truth of how you think they should be acting. This is the same with life situations, and these perceptions are only there to provide yourself with the pleasure of the way you think things should be. Life and the people in it are always as it is and until one can just be with things in that capacity instead of always wanting them in a way that provides pleasure, truth will never be experienced. Hence your made up perception of truth will continue its control and unfortunately so will the suffering it causes.

Truth Uncovered

When truth is uncovered, no longer is the mind blindly listened to because it’s understood you shouldn’t believe everything your mind tells you because most of the time it just isn’t true.

Don’t believe everything your mind tells you because it will tell you things that just aren’t true. It will tell you the past is real yet the past doesn’t truly exist. It will tell you to fear, yet the only thing you have to fear is fear itself. It will tell you to hold onto the belief that there’s a self that’s a solid entity, but the form that’s being occupied needs no such attachment to exist as it’s constantly changing. It will also tell you I think therefore I am, but thinking has nothing to do with I am. It will make up beliefs that everything desired on the outside is needed, but if none of those desires come to pass, life simply goes on. Even if the desires do get fulfilled, the satisfaction is fleeting at best. This thing called mind (ego) can never be grabbed, it’s like the bogeyman under the bed, it exist until one looks under the bed. There’s also not a need to get rid of it because it doesn’t truly exist, except in the mind.

There’s the image in the mirror who was given a label for identification purposes, we think we are that label. If the label is different we think we are someone else, but that’s only to the mind because the form remains the same. There will be many lies held onto that just aren’t true, but unfortunately the more those lies are attached to, the truer they seem. To truly be free, the lies will have to be uncovered, this doesn’t mean you find out you don’t exist, you just find out you just don’t exist in the way your ego tells you. When this truth is uncovered, no longer does one listen to the mind because it’s understood, you shouldn’t believe everything it tells you because it just isn’t so.

The Thought to Reach

When the need to reach for something arises it’s because the mind is in bondage to the reaching thought. Until this is seen, one will remain in bondage to the thought that fulfillment is in the next thing reached for.

You will never find the fulfillment you’re seeking if you’re in bondage to the thought of being fulfilled. Fulfillment is something that’s already within everyone, but because of the way our minds are conditioned, we get bound up in our thoughts that fulfillment is something outside of us. Unfortunately this bondage makes the very fulfillment we are seeking impossible to grasp. This bondage is the reason one is constantly reaching for something from the outside and until this is seen one remains bound to the thought that fulfillment is in the next thing reached for. Alcohol, gambling, drugs, sex, social status, programs, therapy, self help books and on and on, this reaching is proof that one is in bondage, is it not? I can’t stress this enough as this bondage to your thoughts has to be seen if one is to experience true fulfillment in their life.

It’s impossible to think your way to fulfillment, but what does have to happen if fulfillment is to be experienced is there has to be an understanding of why you’re not fulfilled; that one isn’t fulfilled is only because of the inability to just be. When the need to reach for something arises, the bondage to the reaching thought begins. This bondage is a vicious cycle that’s very difficult to break free from. Fulfillment isn’t something attained or achieved so it’s in doing less that one is fulfilled. To many people get lost in trying to find fulfillment, but since it’s something that’s already within, the binding thought about finding fulfillment needs to be discarded so you can see. This is not easy to grasp, but it’s why I write. Understand though, I don’t write to help anyone find fulfillment, I simply write so the bondage of our thoughts can be seen for what it is; the reason why there isn’t fulfillment.

Forgiveness Story

If you truly loved yourself wounds that need healing would never be produced and because you can only do what you are conditioned to do, there wouldn’t be a need for a forgiveness story.

This article is on the topic of forgiveness. To me the biggest misconception of this word is people think its needed and that’s where the problem lies. If you understood your own mind, you would understand this. I ask you, is forgiveness real or is it just a story created by your Conditioned Mind to hold you in captivity to the wounds of the past? Wounds that are held onto which are only there because they’re created by the lack of self love, and because of this lack these wounds aren’t allowed to heal. It all stems from not allowing yourself to truly love who you are. You think the past should be different, if you didn’t there wouldn’t be the need to forgive. We all can only do what we are conditioned to do, if this truth was seen where would there be a need for forgiveness? And if it isn’t true then why do you do what you don’t want to do and don’t do what’s in your heart? So do what you do and if you don’t like what you do, learn to stop doing it so you can do something different.

If you understand the Conditioned Mind and you are aware of the control it has over you, you will see there is no need for forgiveness because you and others behave in the way your own mind tells you to behave. So where is the need to forgive if you are just doing what you have been conditioned to do? Understand this, it’s your own mind that tells you what to do, and the same mind makes up the story that what it told you to do now needs to forgive. Who behaves and who forgives? It is one in the same. So my question is, is the need for forgiveness real or is it just a story? If you truly loved yourself your wounds would have never been produced so there wouldn’t be a need for healing and because now you understand that you just did what you were conditioned to do there isn’t a need to forgive.