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Compassion From the Heart

When life is lived strictly from thought, there’s all kinds of self serving agendas and the needed results associated with them. These don’t really enhance life in the way you think they will so more agendas are created as more results are needed…

It’s more important why something is done and the energy behind it than the actual results. Why are you doing what you’re doing is a great question to reflect on. Why do I write an article everyday and post it on over fifty social media sites? I have been told I do it to satisfy my ego and although the Conditioned Mind is tricky, I know this isn’t so. When I first began writing and posting, it started out as the short post that today are at the beginning of my articles. These articles come from within me as I live my daily life. The intentions behind my writings have always been to further expand on sharing the insights that are revealed to me. Early on I may have wanted my book to be a number best seller, but now the only thing that’s important is to share the message that was revealed to me. I’m not going to allow the gift of my writings to become a burden to me.

This is the the view of life I have now. I share from the compassion I feel for others; there’s simply no need to attach to any results. I’m clear on what I do and why it’s done and in this knowing there is freedom. There’s not a need to become anything other than what I am; so so freeing. It’s so important to be clear on this because it will allow what is done to be truly from the compassion of the heart. When life is lived strictly from thought, there’s all kinds of self serving wanted results placed upon these agendas, but they don’t really enhance your life in the way you’re looking for so more agendas are created and more results are needed. Living from the heart doesn’t take much energy that’s why when you live from the heart there’s compassion for others. Be clear on why what is done is done and if it isn’t from the heart you can ask yourself what results are you looking for.

Peace: Perfect or Not

There can be as much peace when life is considered perfect as there is when it is not, the key is simply seeing whatever is there and accepting it as it is. When this is understood from the heart, you will be at peace.

The circumstances of your life only affect you as you allow them to. Nothing inherently makes a person happy, sad, or angry, those come from attaching a conditioned label to whatever it is that occurs. A wedding is considered a happy event, but a funeral is considered sad, it’s only the label that makes it so. What occurs regardless of what it is will last until the label is dropped and that’s it. On its own nothing truly has energy so life is mostly much todo about nothing, that is until the attached label is applied, and depending on where the mind is that’s what determines the label. For me life is the same as it always was, but I now have much more beneficial labels when needed, but mostly not too many are needed; that’s where I’ve discovered peace that was always there, minus the label.

The mind has been conditioned to conform to and label whatever is there. It’s designed to form a mental fabrication of what happens, it then stores it to be used as needed. All labels are applied this way, but at the core of this is one’s attachment to “I”. Without this attachment no label would be applied and one would just be with what was occurring. Weddings are supposedly joyful events and funerals are deemed sorrowful. The main point is, labels and mental fabrications aren’t really needed for these happenings to take place, but why this is an issue is because when these mental fabrications and labels are formed, it takes you from the only place that exist and that’s the present moment. When you don’t have a head and feet connection the mental fabrications of the past and future are in control and this doesn’t allow you to see there’s just as much peace when things are considered perfect as when they are not.

Impacted Mind Limits

If you don’t take responsibility for how your mind is shaped, there are plenty of things and people that will impact you and do it for you as whatever is thought about frequently becomes the shape of the mind.

Our minds are like water, but what happens is sometimes it gets frozen and becomes solid. Also water will take on the shape of whatever container it is in and that’s exactly what happens to an unconscious mind; in this case the container is whatever you attach to. The key when it comes to the mind is to make sure it’s in a container that takes on the shape of love. Water is impacted by many things, tides, wind, weather, and so on, and so is the mind impacted by many things. When one is conscious of this the mind is somewhat less impacted, but it’s totally impacted when you are unconscious of this. The unconscious mind will say jump and you will jump, and depending on the conditioning you may even ask how high. If you don’t take responsibility for how your mind is shaped, there are plenty of things and people that will become the container that will shape it for you.

The political situation here in the USA has impacted so many minds. If you have an opinion whether you are for or against the person in office, the situation has been allowed to impact you and shape your mind. The person in office is now the shape of your container regardless if you are for or against him and your mind has now been impacted and shaped accordingly. Even though it seems like there’s a choice in this, there really isn’t because of the conditioning in place. The only thing that should ever be allowed to impact you is something that’s based in love because whatever is thought about frequently becomes the inclination of the mind; it has to because that’s how it’s being shaped. This article is strictly to be viewed as a pointer so you see how all of this limits you and to possibly allow you to see what containers (attachment) you are allowing to impact you and shape your mind.

Conscious Space

Not justifying everything that’s done creates the slightest of space in the unconscious shield that’s in place. This allows a very slight opening for consciousness to change the way things are looked at…

When it’s said one is conscious it can be described as being aware of all the different mental fabrications that arise in each moment; this is awareness of why you see things as you do. This awareness doesn’t prevent what arises from happening, but it can lessen your reactions and some of the consequences; if there’s awareness there’s less attachment. Nothing on its own is inherently a problems. Alcohol has never poured itself down someone’s throat, it has to be reached for nor has Heroin caused anyone to abuse it and put it in their body; it’s the individual alone who reaches for it. This goes for anything. Granted most of this harmful reaching is done unconsciously, but I do try and shed light on this. I know a thing or two about this unconscious reaching because I did it for forty nine years.

So many things unconsciously controlled me and as long as there was unawareness of this the unconscious onslaught of control continued. How this gets engrained deeper in the subconscious is by justifying everything that’s done. From pointing out the faults of others, slander, being nasty to people, and so many other justified behaviors, all they do is keep the unconscious mindset in place. Aware that this is being done is the first step in breaking the bondage of unconsciousness. Stop looking out there for answers, stop blaming and talking about others, in other words stop justifying everything you do as being right and this just may create the slightest of space in the unconscious shield that’s in place which just may allow the slightest opening of consciousness to change the way you look at things. After all, if the way you unconsciously look at things doesn’t change, being unconsciously controlled by them will remain…

Embracing Right Now

Embracing right now is a choice that solely puts your life in your hands. This has nothing to do with your circumstances, but if you don’t have awareness of this you will continue to push life away as situations arise…

Being present for what occurs in your life (embracing right now) is living life as it unfolds without excluding any part of it. It’s easy to push away what’s not wanted, but to include everything even though it may not be wanted is truly living. If you want to exclude something find out what it is and why it’s being pushed away. Obviously on the surface it would look as though it’s just not liked, but if it’s what’s happening, what good is it doing in pushing it away and not liking it. This becomes a defense mechanism that keeps you from truly enjoying life. If you only enjoy life when the things happening are liked, there will be much suffering because of the fluctuations of things. If you go on a vacation to a beach resort and it’s cloudy and rainy and you expected it to be sunny, therein lies your suffering, but if it’s sunny everything is great. This is but one example, I’m sure you can find your own that fits your life.

In the situation described, why it causes suffering is because what’s happening is being pushed away, maybe not consciously, but since it’s not wanted it causes a mind agitation. The thing about this is it’s totally out of your control, there’s nothing you can do to change what’s happening as you can’t change the weather. You can pray for the rain to stop, but I doubt that will work. You will either embrace life right now or you will continue to push it away by wanting it different, these are your choices and it solely puts your life in your hands. It has nothing to do with anyone else or your circumstances, but if you don’t have awareness of this you will continue to push life away by not embracing right now, and one day there will be nothing to embrace because life in this form will be no more.

Accept Yourself As You Are

You can only act in ways that arise from within you. A trigger activates your Conditioned Mind and you act accordingly. Accept yourself as you are and as the mind settles what’s within you will change…

Unity with others is dependent on learning to love yourself unconditionally because if you judge yourself there is no way we won’t judge others. In your judgements, your unity with others will be fleeting at best. Unity with humanity doesn’t start with humanity, it starts with you because if you can’t accept yourself as you are there’s no way we will be able to accept anyone else as they are. You may be able to accept them for a time if they’re as you want them to be, but they remaining that way will also be fleeting at best. This ability to accept yourself will only occur when you know our own mind, and only in the sense of how it’s the cause of not accepting yourself.

Think of this when you act in a way that’s not in your best interest, it originates from you. You unconsciously act in a way that isn’t beneficial to your own well being; this is done all the time. These acts come from your own mind, but its not the way that you act that causes the problem, it’s wanting the way that you act to be different, which is impossible because it has already has been done. So accept yourself as you are and the next time something triggers your Conditioned Mind to act in a way that’s not in your best interest, you may be able to pause and not do it. If you do act in a way that’s not beneficial, accept it. When the mind settles enough through this acceptance, what’s within you will change with the understanding you are perfect just as you are because it’s what’s there; just know there may be room for improvement, but accept yourself as you are…

Simply Move On

Basically life is always changing and one day regardless of your current circumstances they will also change so you might as well move on because change is simply the nature of life…

Change is the nature of life. Whether you’re going through a major change or a subtle one when it happens simply move on. Last year I had to get the left side of my upper mouth reconstructed, which took over a year of procedures, I simply moved on. There was also pain, but I moved on. Life never does anything to me or anyone else, sometimes things just happen and you better move on because if you don’t, you’ll be taken for a ride on the emotional roller coaster of the Conditioned Mind. There is always a choice for the person with the perseverance to not allow the circumstances of what happens to be in control. Circumstances in life never stay the same, from birth to death which are circumstances. The main thing to do when circumstances change whether they’re wanted or not is to simply move on.

This isn’t the key to happiness because if something unpleasant happens, it will not make you happy, but it doesn’t have to control you and be allowed to take you from your place of peace. Many things happen in life, loved one’s die, people get sick, accidents happen, there are disappointments, heartache, there are also joys, and elations, but regardless of what occurs, move on because not only will it not last, but it doesn’t have to be allowed to control you. There’s an underlying peace and balance in understanding ” simply move on”. The key to this is understanding everything is impermanent and one day regardless what the circumstances are they will change so you might as simply move on, or not and remain in your own suffering…