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Set Emotional Energy

Nothing from the outside truly controls you regardless of what it is; either real or made up. It’s the set emotions attaching to what happens that cause certain responses and behaviors to arise.

Staying present with the flow of what arises in our daily life has immense value in waking up from the sleep of unconsciousness. What happens if one’s awareness isn’t expanded upon is the arisen emotional energy becomes set and it controls you; it becomes the master and you the slave. The set emotional energy is what causes one to react to life in the way that they do. Nothing from the outside truly controls you regardless of what it is; either real or made up. It’s the set emotions attaching to what happens that causes one to behave in a certain manner. When one awakens, the attachment to emotions lessens as does their control.

This is how it is with all our emotions, fear becomes crippling when it becomes set and it takes you over. It’s doesn’t mean things won’t scare you, but it’s doesn’t have to be given the energy that turns it into fear. This applies to any emotion you become attached to, it sets the associated emotion and there’s no telling what behavior will arise. I guarantee you, it’s not going to be a behavior that has love flowing as its base. Emotions will arise, it’s the way the brain seems to be wired, but our energy doesn’t have to set them and give them more energy than they’re worth. We can cry our tears, or be fearful of the future. We can dislike that things aren’t going the way we think they should be, but the bottom line is this, it’s only when the emotions get set that they have the energy to stop the flow of truly living life and not only cause your suffering, but also the suffering of others.

Learning Through Love

It’s the love of one’s own heart that allows for the chances to learn life lessons. Judgements don’t provide this, all they do is disconnect one from the love of their own heart.

Follow your heart no matter what others say. People judge, it’s what they do, but never give in to their judgements. Even if someone thinks they know you because of similar situational experiences, it means little because everyone has their own interpretations of the way things are. Following your heart doesn’t mean you will always do what is best, but it does mean what you do will be of love and really that’s what truly matters.

It’s the love of my own heart that judges me and provides life lessons to be learned, not the judgments of people. As long as the heart is followed, the lessons learned will allow for the removal of one’s blocks to love. By staying true to our heart no matter what, we stay true to ourselves and life’s base remains of love.

Everyone makes mistakes, but boy are we quick to point out the mistakes we think others make. We’ll justify our judgments and say we’re only trying to help, even if it’s not asked for, but when we judge anyone it’s our own misgiving because the love of our own heart is blocked. No one alive today is known to have ever walked on water, so no one is truly worthy to judge another. To thine own self is all one has to be true to because the love of one’s heart will keep expanding as the universe, not people sees fit. This will allow for the chances to learn the necessary life lessons so the love of one’s own heart remains unblocked.

A Gift From Life

In the stillness of the present moment simply do what’s in front of you and your unique talents will be of assistance in the precise moment you’re in because it’s what life has gifted you with…

When a purpose is needed to fulfill one’s life, it’s what I call object consciousness, meaning some form of an object is always needed for life to have meaning. Without awareness of the Conditioned Mind there’s a need that never goes away so a created purpose has to constantly be created and worked at to keep it in place. Let’s say the created purpose is to help people who are labeled as addicts. What if there were no more to help, now what? Another purpose would need to be created, but I ask you this, where does it end? I will tell you, it doesn’t because this occurs every time something is reached for that’s used to attain a sense of self worth. One’s created purpose can be to eat ice cream, it fulfills a need at that exact moment. Does it not?

To be simply be mindful of each moment is our true purpose no matter what it is that’s happening in your life. Whether it’s brushing your teeth, on line at the supermarket, at work, dying, or whatever it is that’s happening, the point is to be mindful of the present moment and it will be that moment that gives you purpose. This isn’t a made up purpose though, it’s a purpose simply given to you by life because it’s what’s there. I’m not saying don’t help people or not do something that you have a passion for, but understand the difference if it’s your purpose to make yourself feel good or if it’s what life has gifted you with. The results are as different as night and day, so in the stillness of the present moment do what’s in front of you and your unique talents will be of assistance in the precise moment that you’re in because it will be what life has gifted you with…

Space of Emptiness

So much of existence is wasted on trying to fill a space that doesn’t need filling. The nature of all space is emptiness and it will always be there; it’s in this space of emptiness that one experiences fulfillment.

Many spend thousands on trying to fill a space that doesn’t truly need filling. At the time it seems like the right thing to do and in a way it is because when you’re thinking about it it seems right, but the thing to understand is wherever you go there you are and also the Conditioned Mind makes the fantasy better than the reality. This is not to say don’t do things that will fill this space, but the stark reality is this space is already filled if your mind lives in the space of peace. I’m talking from experience here because for forty nine years my life was exactly how I thought I wanted it to be and yet I had to always reach for something to fill a space that wasn’t understood. This space when lived from your conditioning needs to be filled (reaching for something), but I didn’t understand the part of wherever I went, there I was.

My own mind was an enemy not an ally and I had no idea this was occurring. Basically I always needed to fill a space that didn’t truly exist; regardless of what it was filled with it was always there. Here’s the real irony in this, I was trying to fill the space of emptiness that is still there today, but what I have come to understand is it doesn’t need filling. Regardless of what’s used to fill it, it never gets filled, it can’t because it doesn’t need filling. Today I understand this space is not an enemy nor does it need filling. There are times when it’s filled, but it’s not because I’m trying to fill it, it’s simply because the space of emptiness fills me.

Not Adding

Truly letting go isn’t a doing nor does it take effort, it’s something that happens naturally by not adding. The more one tries to let go by adding something, the less letting go there is…

One day a man who spent years reading spiritual books, going to self help and 12 step programs, spending thousands attending seminars by all the so called experts, retreats, meditating for hours on end, doing chakra and kundalini meditation, reiki healing, yoga, therapy, and so on decided he had enough. I’m sure many will identify with the constant barrage of adding the flavor of the month to learn the secret to peace. This man tried everything and yet except for being more knowledgeable, he was no freer than the day he started looking into this. Part of the issue was he was stuck in trying methods everyone else said was needed to become enlightened; most people’s methods don’t even work for themselves, if they did a method wouldn’t be pushed. This man who was at wits end sat with this and what arose in him was this; he were going to walk up the highest mountain he could find and either become enlightened or die. The one thing that was very clear was he was tired of struggling; so the journey up the mountain began.

On his way up the mountain there was a man coming down the mountain carry two large bundles on his shoulders, the path was narrow and he noticed this man was wearing monk like clothing. He had heard in stories when one is ready to awaken the right teacher will appear. As their eyes met, the man felt compelled to tell the man coming down the mountain where he was going. He asked him if he knew how to become enlightened? The man said nothing as he put the two bundles he was carrying down. Instantly the lesson was seen; the man was showing him how to let go. He than asked, is that it, just let go? The man smiled and nodded, again he asked, so that’s it, just let go, what happens next? Without saying a word, the man picked up the two bundles he was carrying, put the them back on his shoulders and continued down the mountain…

Nothing Last Forever

Because nothing last forever the satisfaction associated with whatever is reached for is fleeting. This is the exact reason why one constantly remains in an agitated state of needing to reach for something.

Not being satisfied is so subtle and how you will know you’re not satisfied is by having to reach for the next thing. The misunderstanding of nothing last forever including life itself is what makes one constantly reach for satisfaction. If you knew the reaching wasn’t going to quench the thirst of satisfaction, it most likely wouldn’t be done. One reaches for whatever the conditioning in place says is necessary, and even though it temporarily satisfies the thirst, it doesn’t last and hence the reaching continues. When nothing last forever begins to be understood, one becomes aware of the nonsense of their reaching. This doesn’t mean the reaching will just end, but an understanding of the true nature associated with reaching begins. If there wasn’t the anticipated satisfaction associated with food, dessert, drugs, alcohol, gambling, yoga, meditation, ad infinitum, reaching wouldn’t be done. Everyone who reaches for something assumes there’s going to be some sort of satisfaction derived from it or it wouldn’t be done.

Existence is pretty stable as far as life being life, but the events that occur within life are not. There is constant change in everything, but the mind is mostly blind to this because it wants stability. It defaults to making you believe the next fix is all you need, but I guarantee you the next fix only leads to the one after that and so on. It never ends because there’s nothing that last forever which allows it to end. And because nothing last forever, the satisfaction associated with whatever’s reached for doesn’t last and this is the exact reason why one is subtly unsatisfied and has a constant need to reach.

The Mind That Loves Also Hates

The mind is of love, but it must be understood that the same mind that loves also hates. If this isn’t seen, it’ll be very difficult to live life where it’s beneficial to yourself and all beings.

The core of what I share is based on a settled mind, but this was not always the case and although meditation (sitting) and concentration are a major part of my process, I had to first learn first why these two things weren’t already in place; especially since without them I couldn’t get off the Conditioned Mind treadmill. Sitting and concentration are important tools in developing the necessary discipline that allows the mind to settle, but before one starts these disciplines, there should be a brief study so there’s an understanding of what one is doing and why.

Many people meditate (I simply refer to it as sitting) but don’t really get what they should out of it because of the lack of understanding their own mind. It would be best to study what exactly is the nature of a Conditioned Mind and how it affects the way one lives before pursuing a practice siting and concentration. If one is sitting for any other reason but to develop these necessary disciplines the mind probably won’t settle.

The mind is beautiful, but it must be understood that the same mind that loves also hates. If this isn’t seen it will be very difficult to get anything out of sitting or concentration. Studying oneself is vital to break the self applied chains and it will occur only when one stops thinking about themselves all the time. A true and honest understanding of yourself is needed to go beyond this self which exist whether one loves or hate. It’s just that love is so much more beneficial to all involved, but it will take a settled mind to see this, and it will only be seen when one has the discipline to know their own mind.