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Life Just Is

When the past is used to form an identification as you, it doesn’t allow getting in touch with what’s truly going on, therefore most of life is missed simply because life isn’t personal, it just is…

A person is always changing unless the past is being used to define who you are. This is done by holding onto past behaviors patterns and identifying them as you. This you had no control whatsoever in what was done in the past. This you just did what your developed Conditioned Mind told you. This you was influenced by other people’s conditioning (who unfortunately know not what they do). The more this you is identified with the past, the more control it will have in holding you in captivity to it. There isn’t one thought from the past that truly identifies you. When your named at birth, is that you? When school begins and certain traits are noticed that are just there, is that you? Is your athletic ability you? Your IQ, looks, talents, weight, personality, is that you? If you say yes, who is it that’s saying yes? How about when you get older, job, social status, significant other, pets, children, material worth, what you’re attracted to, what you attach to, and so on, are any of these things truly you? They can all be you if that’s what you’re attaching to and identifying with, but the real question is are any of them truly you?

When the false identity of you is revealed, you’re still the same person in the sense of what your experience has been, but there’s no clinging to it so the mental formation of you isn’t created. This is when true freedom is experienced because the concept of you isn’t blocking it. You creates your prison, but you doesn’t create freedom because a you based mind can’t fix itself. Beyond the concept of you in the space of stillness is an inner sanctuary that will only be seen when it’s realized life isn’t personal, it just is….

The Root of Reaching

When the mind settles it can be said to desire “You don’t satisfy me anymore” and that’s because it’s seen the only reason something is reached for is to alter one’s mind state of needing to be satisfied…

For most of my life I reached out for things because whatever I was reaching for it was thought to be needed to satisfy some inner desire; this took me out of the present moment and put me in the monotony of the past or future mind state . This desire to be satisfied was constantly chased after and an array of things were used to achieve it; from drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex, food, TV, power, and whatnot, feel free to add your own. There was the constant desire to be satisfied by something because I didn’t have the ability to be with myself without altering my mind state. Desire is the root as to why anyone reaches for anything and without this desire to alter your mind state there would not be a need to be satisfied and reach out for anything.

The past and future mind state monotony that’s created is there because it’s not known how to just be in the present moment and not need it different. There are so many things used to satisfy a desired mind state that go beyond some of the conventional things like drugs, alcohol, sex, and gambling, here are a few of the more subtle things used, speeding up to beat the yellow traffic light, weaving in and out of traffic, rooting for your favorite sports team or country, talking about others, cheating on a spouse, surfing the net and on and on, all these are used to alter an agitated mind state. When this reaching stops it’s because fulfilling a desire doesn’t satisfy you anymore. Either something will be used that you think is needed to fulfill a desire or you’ll learn it’s okay to be with yourself as you are because it’s who you will be with for the rest of your life…

Beneath What’s Seen

Beneath what’s seen there’s nothing but space, this is where the possibility of truly seeing what life is about arises. Why this is difficult to grasp is because of trying to figure it out with what’s seen on the surface…

A dog chasing its tail is a perfect example of the activity of the mind that’s in place for most people. One thought after another, no space, no quietness, just the noise of the world manifesting through what’s seen (thought). If you could just sit back in a space where the noise subsides, there’s a chance to truly see what Jesus and Buddha spoke of. If you think you have an idea of what life is about I’m sorry to disappoint you, but that’s just noise. There are no answers to what life is about, but the more you go by what is seen, the more you will think you have it figured out. I’m not saying I know what life is about, but I do know what it isn’t about and it has nothing to do with what’s seen. The more you are controlled by the what’s seen on the surface, the less life is experienced. Beneath what’s seen on the surface is the only place where life is truly experienced. You can travel all around the world and make up the story of all the beauty that’s seen around you, but it’s only a story conjured up to provide pleasure and store it your pleasurable memory pocket. Beneath the surface no story is needed, no pleasure is needed, in fact nothing is needed because this is where true life exist.

Think about it, your entire life is a story until one day you no longer exist and your story ends at least in your current form. Every storied experience is taken with you as if it never occurred. You think the stories are needed so you could make sense of your life, but really they mean absolutely nothing because they are all only created from what is seen. Buddha talked about delusion, Jesus spoke of not being of this world, what do you think they were talking about? If you remain entrapped to what’s seen on the surface, you will remain prone to suffering. Beneath what’s seen there’s nothing but space, this is where the possibility of truly seeing what life is about arises. Why this is difficult to grasp is because of trying to figure it out with what’s seen on the surface…

A Made Up Self

Animals are mostly identified by their form, humans on the other hand are given names for identification purposes and this is the beginning of our separation by making up a self as an individual.

There are so many stories that go into the making of who you think you are that your true self beyond form gets blocked and is seldom noticed. Think about it, from the time you’re a child you’ve been conditioned by parents, relatives, teachers, friends, religions, all media, and whatever is in your DNA. So I ask where is the real you in all the identifying of self? Existence in this form begins as an egg inside a being labeled women and then mother. With Universal Conditions being just right, this eggs energy is transformed into human form. This form is then named for identification purposes and the rest of existence is spent shaping the identity and making up a self; there is a self that does exist it’s just not in the way that it’s perceived. We attach to the things we think will benefit this made up self and so much of this comes from someone else’s ideas. Every book, seminar, video, and whatnot is someone else’s idea of how they think you should be and if you like what they have to say, it’s taken as truth. They are then followed and what they say is taken and applied to further engrain this made up self.

So much nonsense goes into the making up of self and it’s the reason why one is self centered. If your focus is constantly on self and your self is a story of made up nonsense, how may I ask can there not be issues when your self is the focus? A fruit tree can only produce its own fruit as the made up self can only produce self centered results. This is the self that’s mostly perceived by humanity, but there is another self that’s been with you your entire existence, there’s just not awareness of it because of the focus on the made up self. Most say this self doesn’t exist, but I know it does, it’s just doesn’t exist in the way that most people think it does…

The Slightest Push

An awakening can be compared to a ball on a hill, nothing more is needed than the slightest push to get it rolling, and it will just keep on building momentum until something gets in the way to stop it…

Once a ball is placed at the top of a hill and it’s given the slightest push it naturally begins rolling in the only direction it can go, and its momentum builds without one ounce of effort. It does take a little effort in the beginning to get it going, but not much more than a slight push. It’s this way when one wakes up from the sleep of unconsciousness, there’s not much that needs to be done to expand, as a matter of fact most people don’t wake up fully because of trying to hard. If you are awake the push has already occurred, so all effort is now futile. So many books, programs, videos, and whatnot and although they make you knowledgeable, none of it makes you anymore awake than the slightest push.

This is one of the reasons I emphasis using the body as an anchor in the awakening process, because it doesn’t take effort, it only takes being with what is actually here, which is the present moment. All kinds of stories can be made up about what needs to be done, but none of it expands you more than the first push. Either you are awake in the quietness of the present moment or you are asleep in the noise of everywhere else. The first push reveals this truth and as with the ball, nothing else is needed than the slightest push to get it rolling, and it will just keep on building momentum that is until something gets in the way to stop it…

Unconscious Tragedy

When you awaken from the sleep of unconsciousness things are seen that aren’t understood by many people and it’s unfortunate because the unconsciousness that’s so prevalent in our society is destroying that society.

Sunday morning at about 2:00am a young man twenty two years old made a decision to drive his car while under the influence of alcohol. Although to a degree this was an unconscious decision, it cost another person their life as the person driving under the influence swerved and crashed head on into a car with six people; the driver of the car that was struck was sober; he was the designated driver. All six people plus two people from the other car were taken to the hospital. I am saddened by this as I read the designated driver died, he was twenty years old and a sophomore in college. The reason I am saddened by this is not because of the loss of life, I didn’t know the person, it’s because the DUI driver was how I was thirty years ago, unconscious; lives (many) have been changed forever by this one persons decision to drink alcohol and drive. What saddens me more than anything is real answers have been revealed to me that could change this, but it mostly falls on deaf ears.

I don’t really care what people think of the brashness of how I write, because when you awaken from the sleep of unconsciousness things are seen that aren’t understood by too many people; the unconsciousness that’s so prevalent in our society is destroying that society. Mostly what I write about falls on deaf ears and although I will never stop writing, the impact of what has been revealed to me is minuscule compared to the unconsciousness that runs most lives. The blame of the accident on Sunday falls on the government for selling alcohol for the taxes, the entertainment industry, advertising, society as a whole, and on and on, and it’s because it all keeps unconsciousness in place; just like when someone responds to my articles without investigating the content. It’s truly unfortunate that humanity has such a long long way to go in becoming awareness aware of awareness and that’s why my heart is saddened because although some were lost and are now found, most remain lost.

Past Energy Results

Your life is simply a result of the energy that’s attached to, so stop attaching to past energy patterns and watch your view of life naturally become different as its energy is transformed.

Regardless of what was done in the past it only affects you if you give it energy now. It’s not happening now so the past itself has no controlling energy; what does give it control is focusing on it. The past should never be denied, but nothing that was done should ever be held onto. This isn’t to absolve you of the responsibility of acting in an unloving manner, but the judgement of others can’t do you the harm that you do to yourself. The results of your actions arise from your own energy. I need not judge you as being unloving for you to be ruled by the results of being unloving.

If there is discontent in your life it’s because of attaching to discontented energy. It’s impossible to be in a state of discontentment without discontented energy. This energy is in place because of carrying a past energy pattern into the present. Once the past energy pattern is attached to and brought into the present, it’s very difficult for it to go away, it usually has to run its course, but it doesn’t have to ever be attached to if it can be noticed beforehand; this is key if there is to ever be a different view of life. Your life is simply a result of the energy that’s attached to, so stop attaching to past energy patterns and watch life naturally become different as its energy is transformed. You will never change your view of life, it becomes different by not attaching to past energy patterns and just focusing on what’s in front of you right now.