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Distracting “I” Agitations

An “I” agitation is what causes the mind to become distracted, and what it becomes distracted from is the ability to live life aligned with the present moment and the love in your heart.

Subtle distractions are what the “I” uses for fuel in the form of whatever conditioning is in place. “I” needs fuels so it can be in control and it uses the past and future because in the present moment there are no distractions, there’s only what is. What each and every distraction does is remove the ability to remain in the present moment which removes the ability to love. The objects used for our distractions are what needs to be identified so we don’t give in to their enticing lure. Without awareness that these distractions exist, their lure is too enticing not to give in to them. Even with awareness it’s still very difficult not to be lured in. The mind will need to be very quiet to become aware and overcome these subtle distractions. The nature of all distractions are the same, but they themselves differ from each other. Distractions takes you from the present moment, that’s how you will know it’s a distraction.

A distraction is not the same as an agitation, they’re similar because they’re both from “I” but an agitation is what causes the need for a distraction to be used. If the mind was quiet it would be without agitation so there wouldn’t be any need to use a distraction; this will only occur when “I” isn’t in control. “I” is always there, but whether it’s your controlling energy is determined by what the minds fuel is, but don’t expect “I” to cooperate because to be without agitations is for “I” to relinquish its control. “I” will not relinquish its control quietly, but with awareness of this you don’t have to give it the fuel it needs by giving into the agitations that creates the need for a distraction.

Peace/Pleasure Seeking

The seeking of pleasure is so deep and misunderstood that it actually leads many down the road to their own destruction. Until the mind settles and this is seen, pleasure seeking will continue its control.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with pleasure, but when your driving force is to satisfy pleasure, it will most likely lead to some kind of destructive reaching. Understanding the destructive reaching to quench the thirst of pleasure is where the difference lies in one being at peace or constantly needing to reach for the next pleasure. For me there was always a thirst for peace, but it was seen as needing to seek pleasure so it was constantly sought. What I used to quench this thirst is where the destructiveness arose. My tools to quiet this thirst to be at peace became different eleven years ago. Prior to eleven years ago everything I used was based in the material realm. Today this isn’t the case because I understand the pleasure seeking Conditioned Mind enough to see the illusionary urgings arising.

As the story is told, Jesus went into the  desert to meditate for forty days with nothing but the clothes on his back. This was done to confront his inner self by meditating. It took the Buddha six years to become enlightened as he roamed the country side meditating along the way. He went from house to house for his food. These are two people who left us with great examples of how to manifest a peaceful state of being without anything from the material world. This is key if you are to ever be free from the bondage of the conventional pleasure seeking mind and open the doorway to true peace that’s not dependent on anything from this world. When this is truly understood, pleasure will no longer be reached for in a destructive way as you will actually live life in the most pleasurable and peaceful way possible.

Changing Your Conditioning

The only way to change the Conditioned Mind is to have something in place that will allow it to be changed. This is where quietness comes in because without it, there won’t be awareness something needs changing.

Watching television is not my favorite way to past time, but the other night I caught the last hour of a ballgame. When the game was over I began looking for something else to watch. Twenty seconds on one channel, ten seconds on another, five on another, than another and another, you get the picture. It’s amazing how we stay fixated on something, in this case the TV, when it comes to the mind. We’re so reluctant to change the conditioning even though we’re going round and round in circles. Actually what’s on the TV (the fixation) is mostly reruns, yet we’ll watch the same channel (thought) over an over. Even though there are many channels (thoughts) we get stuck on the TV and don’t know how to go to change this.

Think of something you get fixated on and see how hard it is to change your mind when it gets you in its grip. Unless there’s total awareness of this, changing your conditioning will be just about impossible. The only way to change the Conditioned Mind is to have something in place that will allow it to be changed. This is where quietness comes in because without it there won’t be awareness something needs changing. It may be a repeated thought disguised with many different labels, but it’s still an old thought. Watch the subtleness of this and in time you’ll see the mind for what it is and how it likes to default to what’s familiar. The issue is you can get so comfortable with this that it’s not realized the conditioning needs to be changed; this realization will only occur if you have something in place that’s worth changing to.

Being Aware of Being Mindful

Just by being alive you have some sense of awareness, this is basically true for all beings, but where humans differ from other species is in the ability of truly being aware of being mindful.

A friend shared a story with me about a dog he had as a pet. It seemed the dog actually liked this person, he would hold the dog and at times it would fall asleep on his lap. It would lick his hand and take food from it. One day as the dog was eating out of its bowl, this person took the food away before the dog was finished, the dog bit and scratched his hand; so much for the dog liking this individual. The dog was aware his food was being taken away, but it ended there. There was no mindfulness of who was actually taking the food, his food was being taken away and it didn’t like it. This is how many humans react to situations, they like things as long as what is liked is not taken away.

For one to get beyond this mindlessness, there must be awareness of it. This is where humans differ. Other species don’t have the ability to be truly mindful, but if you look around it would seem most humans don’t have this ability either. What will have to happen at some point for this to change is being aware of being mindful (noticing what arises when what is liked is taken away or just naturally changes). This is key if you’re not going to remain oblivious to what’s changing. Suffering comes from not being aware of being mindful of what’s changing and being controlled by what is liked. When there is awareness of what arises one can be mindful of it, but not attach to it, thus one is free. What you like will still be taken away at times, but hopefully you won’t scratch or bite when this happens.

Peace Already Is

The mind becomes conditioned and it creates stories, these are then used to make you believe they’re needed to be at peace, but the story to be at peace is the exact reason there isn’t peace…

You are the creator of the belief that you aren’t at peace and a story is needed. You can create any story you like, just understand if you don’t create a story you will not shrivel up and disappear, all that will happen is you will be at peace. We’ll use the example of someone bringing in a cake to work; from there the story you create about the cake is nothing more than that, a story. Maybe you create a story that you love cake and it just so happens to be a chocolate one and you also love chocolate. After all is said and done if you don’t create the story about the cake, it will still exist, it just won’t have any control over you because there won’t be any attachment to it.

Eat cake, don’t eat cake, the point of this example is to show how the created story becomes the created attachment which is what makes you want the cake. Substitute anything you want for the cake, it’s all the same. A created story creates attachment which in turn creates suffering. In the morning, when you first wake up, that’s when the story starts and thus the attachment, but only because you don’t know how not to create it.

Stories are the essence of the Conditioned Mind. This isn’t something to believe, it’s something to just be aware of so you can stop creating your stories. These stories which are created by your own mind, makes the world delusional and it keeps you in bondage to this delusional world. If you think this doesn’t pertain to you that’s just another story that keeps you from peace, but beyond the story you are at peace, it’s just not realized because of the need to create a story…

Hearts Connected

Oneness with others comes from a deep place of love. This isn’t something that any human activity can make happen. It’s the connection to your own heart, that’s when you connect to the hearts of others…

In my experience the love of my own heart cannot expand on its own, it needs others. Deepening a connection with others, deepens the love in our heart, and this is what connects us. If this connection to each other’s hearts were to happen there would be no more greed, hate, or war because we will fall over each other in love; it’s in this love for each other that the magnificence of life is experienced. A majestic sunset, a cool summer breeze, the magnificence of the ocean, loving yourself and thus a connection to all humanity, these are experiences from the depths of our heart. 

There’s a oneness with life that comes from a deep place of the heart and it’s not something that any human doing can make happen. Although love is instilled in every individual because it’s just a part of being human, one’s conditioning blocks the awareness of it. The connection to the heart is what was awakened in me and many others, it’s what connects us all and it’s there even if you’re not aware of it. It’s everyone’s birth right to experience this love, but it will only occur when the mind is settled enough to know it’s there. Only when there’s a deep love for ourselves which allows for a deep love of others will there be a heart connection with ourselves and with all beings…

Present Moment Discipline

The Conditioned Mind will relinquish its control only if discipline is developed, and it’s this discipline that allows one to be with life in the present moment instead of the past or future…

It’s difficult to be in the present moment because the undisciplined mind constantly wants to be in the past or future; this is the dilemma most people face. It has nothing to do with nothing, but it has everything to do with everything. Through developing disciplines that allows the mind to settle the constant looking in the past or future can be lessened. Ever so slowly the Conditioned Mind will relinquish its control if discipline is developed. My writings may open some eyes, but it’s the developing of discipline that allows the mind to settle which leads to lasting insights that are used to enhance your life.

Most people have tools in place that have nothing to do with developing discipline or enhancing life. The tools that are in place actually reinforce the conditioning which keeps you entrapped in a self created prison; the prison being a mind that’s in the past or future instead of the only place that truly exist, the present moment which is what’s here in front of you. If you’re not with what’s in front of you in the present moment, you cannot truly live life to the fullest. Of course there’s existence because you are alive, but being alive doesn’t equate to living life to the fullest. Only being with life as it’s happening in the present moment will ensure living life to the fullest and only with discipline will the mind settle enough for this to occur…