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To Live or Not to Live

Now is not a magical place, but because it’s the only place that truly exist, it’s the only place where you can be liberated from your stories (yourself) and truly live your life.

Everyone is on a path to somewhere and where that somewhere ends up is all the same, but the road to our final resting place is much different for all. Shakespeare might have said “to be or not to be, that is the question, but I say “to live or not to live, that is the real question. I know the way someone views life is influenced by many things, but it’s heart breaking at times to see what is so adamantly held onto just because it has been in place for a long time. A story of a path regardless of how beautiful the story is made up to be, is still a story which comes from a thought so it’s not a path to true liberation. It may be better than a previous path you were on, but that doesn’t mean it’s the most beneficial one. In my writings the only thing I point to is the present moment and that’s because it’s the only place that truly exist. There’s no story needed here, it’s existence pure and simple.

If there is another path you are using, you may want to check how much of a story is needed to remain on it, and most importantly you may want to see if you’re using a path that truly liberates you from yourself. We will all end up in the same place at the end of our existence, but our differences will be the road travelled. It can be one where a story is used just like whistling in the dark to keep away the bogeyman, which happens to be you. Or you can truly live your life by living Now, not because Now is a magical place, but because it’s the only place that truly exist and it’s the only place where you can be liberated from stories (yourself) and truly live your life.

The Blame Game 

When the blame game stops, it has nothing to do with the world or people changing, it’s because the enemy is found and it is you. Once this is seen there’s no more pointing a finger at someone because there’s no one to blame.

It’s very difficult to go beyond your own conditioning when the blame game is played. There’s only one way to break the chains of the Conditioned Mind and that’s by stopping the blame game of pointing your finger at others. No one can make you do or feel like anything, but if you give something or someone that power, they own you. There are no facts to the way that you feel, but if it’s always something or someone else’s fault as to why you think you feel a certain way, you are just giving your Conditioned Mind the energy to manifest blame, which just keeps you entrapped to your own misery. Many injustices are done, but so what, it’s the way many humans are. You can point all the fingers you want, but you just reinforce the conditioned energy by doing so.

There’s also the delusional blame game where you make up stories. This is an extremely heartbreaking place to be because the internal struggle manifest outwardly with almost everyone. There’s very little harmony with others when this blame game is played because there’s very little harmony with yourself. I blamed the world and the people in it for all my troubles and for many years this was reinforced on a daily bases, I had the inability to look at myself. It wasn’t until the blame game stopped that my life changed, not because the world or people changed, but because I had found the enemy and it was me. Once this was seen there was no one to point a finger at so there was no one to blame.

It’s Not Your Fault 

The mind only becomes agitated because of the conditioning in place and as long as there’s awareness of this, you don’t have to take on the burden of it being your fault which allows you to move on.

We will all do things from time to time that’s selfish in nature due to our conditioning and although this isn’t an excuse to condone when this is done, if you can realize it’s not your fault, this selfish energy won’t bind you up and you can move on. I know a lot of beautiful people who have hearts of gold and yet they fall short of anything like perfect adherence to the principle of always acting from a place of love and life is not really about that anyway. Understanding it’s not your fault when you act in a selfish manner actually lessens the control this energy has over you. It doesn’t lessen the responsibility incurred by the action, but by not holding on to a moment of selfishness and reliving it over and over, it’s power dissipates. For years I was selfish and it takes time to become unselfish, to me that this is even realized is the blessing; the behavior changes over time.

Most of my day is spent in a quiet place and although this is the place preferred, I know selfishness will arise, but it’s not my fault, it only arises because of the conditioning in place. The selfishness usually last seconds or minutes at the most, so why hold on to it as I know there will be hours spent in love. If I had the choice I would never be selfish, but that’s not realistic because of the conditioning in place. I do not condone nor ignore this, but my experience has been, by not giving the selfishness power to fester and grow, it arises less and less. The only reason the quietness is ever interrupted is because of the established conditioning and as long as there’s awareness of this, I don’t have to take on the burden of it being my fault which allows me to move on and return to a place of love.

Collective Unconsciousness 

Understanding why things are as they are goes a long way in breaking free from the collective conditioning, when one gets this there’s a real chance that history won’t repeat itself.

You should not be surprised by anything a human being does because history just repeats itself over and over and what’s repeated always seems to be based in greed, hate, and delusion. The faces change, but the collective conditioning doesn’t and even though there are many more people who are awake today, the collective unconsciousness still rules as the tools that keeps the unconsciousness in place as much more plentiful. There are just too many distractions in place for humanity to break free from the collective unconscious energy as a whole and there’s too many of these tools which have been in place for eons. Each human existence begins with these tools establishing their hold almost immediately. This is the reason it usually takes something profound to happen for one’s view to shift. It’s very difficult to do what it takes to change one’s conditioning because it takes looking within and the tools of the collective are mostly geared towards looking outward. Breaking free from the collective conditioning is possible, but highly unlikely.

This isn’t written to be discouraging, but this reality has to be faced and understood if there’s to be any semblance of freedom from the collectives grip. It’s energy is powerful and so enticing that it keeps the unconsciousness looking more attractive than what conscious brings. History repeats itself because it’s what’s known and the Conditioned Mind loves to default to the familiar. No human being will ever change if this isn’t realized because the unconscious energy already established is too deeply engrained. Understanding why things are as they are goes a long way in breaking free from the collective conditioning, and when one gets this there’s a real chance at least for the individual that history won’t repeat itself.

No True Separation

Without the distractions of the conceptual mind, there’s no separation in what’s being observed so there is a natural peace that can only occur without labeling it as so.

I know we mostly think as things as separate from each other and to the conceptual mind it certainly seems that they are, but when and if the mind settles, there’s a place where not one word is needed to see this fabrication of separation conjured up by the Conditioned Mind. The Conditioned Mind is based in thought and although there’s nothing wrong with thought in and of itself, life doesn’t need thought to be. All that happens in life does so without any association to the thoughts that one’s conditioning puts in place, this is what separates everything and puts it in a category of a conditioned choice.

When something is observed through the senses and put into a certain category, it separates because it is seen as being out there. Once something is out there, unity, harmony, cohesiveness, oneness, and on and on is lost. This only happens through thought. I was at the beach yesterday observing all that was going on; there were many seagulls close by. I wasn’t making up a story of anything in particular, so by just observing without applying a particular label to anything, there wasn’t separation. It’s actually a pretty cool place to be as there’s no resistance in this place to what’s there so there is much freedom. For me I’m particularly at peace when I’m at the beach because there’s a focused mindfulness on the present moment and there aren’t many distractions. So without the distraction of the conceptual mind, there’s no separation in what’s being observed so there is a natural peace that can only occur without labeling it as so.

The Lie of Clinging 

Clinging to anything is a prison, but the thing grabbed is only the sentence, the prison is the lie the Conditioned Mind creates that tells you what you cling to is needed to make life better.

The reality of our internal and external world is impermanence and because of this when there is clinging to anything, there has to be suffering. So suffering is directly related to what one clings to and how tight the hold is. This is a natural phenomenon of life and since this nature of impermanence can’t really be changed, the only way for the suffering not to occur is to learn how not to cling to things. You can still enjoy all that life has to offer, but if true liberation is to be experienced, clinging will have to fall away. I say fall away because many cling to not clinging and thus stay attached to the their suffering. Letting go isn’t really a doing, it’s why many remain entrapped to the bondage of self. If true liberation is to be experienced, there will have to be awareness of the conditioned ideas, concepts, and beliefs that are in control. Few have this willingness because of the conditioning in place to stop this clinging, hence the need to reach for something constantly rears its ugly head; because it causes suffering.

One clings because the conditioning in place is based in a lie. This lie is what one stops clinging to and that’s how truth is revealed. It’s not a truth that can be explained because the moment it is it gets clung to because it becomes an idea, concept, or belief. This is why in stillness truth is revealed. All that I know today and it’s not much, has been revealed to me. To truly stop clinging it has to be seen that all that one clings to is a lie. If this isn’t seen, the clinging continues along with its associated suffering. This moment needs no idea, concept, or belief to be, if you can see this than the clinging is naturally lessened because the Now exist free of any lie and without the lie there is simply nothing to cling to.

Love is Just Better 

Learn to love, not because it’s your true essence, not because it’s for the betterment of humanity, not because of any other reason except that life is so much better when you come from a place of love.

I lived a very selfish existence for many years and although it wasn’t by choice, this didn’t alleviate the suffering it caused. There was much confusion for most of my life and I really didn’t understand why I did the things that I did. Most of my actions were self destructive in nature, with the nature always being based in selfishness. This is what happens when love is lacking in one’s life. It may not be the way one wants to be, but it will be the way one has to be because without love, there’s only room for selfishness. This manifest in the form of thoughts, then actions, and then the selfish results of those. This is where anger, fear, greed, hate, and delusion arise from. None of these are natural, they have to be learned and because their energy is selfish you can see why they cause nothing but problems in your life.

This is separating energy and although many look at it as causing separation with others, what really happens is you separate from your own innate love. This is what selfish energy does and there’s no way around it when this is your energy. Seeing this and turning it around is the only way it will change, but the change isn’t to create a story to save the world, it’s simply to learn a better way to live. What turned my life around wasn’t learning the secrets of the Universe, it was simply learning how to love. Not because it’s our true essence or because it’s for the betterment of humanity, there’s really no reason except that life is so much better when you come from a place of love instead of selfishness.