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Listening to the Wind

We live in a world torn between wanting to listen to the wind and wanting to attach to the surface sounds of the world. By being aware of the first part, we acquire the energy necessary to prevent the second.

The selfish and destructive conditioned mind behavior that was in control for most of my life seems to be in a place of neutrality. I would never say the conditioning is gone for good because just by labeling it so would give it the needed energy to return. It’s very important to see what’s in place as being the point where we connect with the world, but not making it into a story. We live in a world torn between wanting to listen to the wind and wanting to attach to the surface sounds of the world, but sometimes just by being sensitive enough to the first part, we acquire the energy necessary to prevent the second. In stillness all truth arises.

Here’s a story: There once was a king who went for long walks, he would walk the same route everyday for miles. One day he stepped on a nail and his foot become infected. When the infection cleared up, he ordered his servants to carpet the route he walked with leather. Overwhelmed with this order, one of the servants suggested he wrap his feet in leather instead of the entire route; hence shoes were invented. The point of this is to show how one only needs to focus on being mindful of themselves, not focusing on saving or trying to change the world, the more mindful one is of their own behaviors and actions, the more things around them will change.

One will never prevent the sounds of the world or have the entire world carpeted in love, but you can listen to your own heart and not be a part of the surface noise by keeping your own house in order instead of being overwhelmed trying to change everything else. When we are mindful of our own conditioning and we take care of the place where we connect with the world, we offer the world our true self, not by trying to change it or by ignoring the surface sounds, but by simply listening to the wind.

Constant Motion

Life is constant motion, it never stops. If this motion is noticed it will allow much more understanding of life than if one is blindly controlled by habitual mind patterns that have a tendency to make things appear stagnant.

If the constant motion of life isn’t understood, that’s when the habitual conditioned mind patterns take over; it’s just the process in place. You can be in a state where you are happy and out of nowhere arises something that triggers one of your habitual stagnated mind patterns. Depending on what these patterns are based in determines if you are still happy after it’s attached to. This is how it works, we’re pulled around by patterns and the constant motion goes unnoticed so it’s controlling energy attaches to whatever pattern is associated with the moment. This is where everything arises from, feelings, emotions, sensations, judgements, hatred, and whatnot, hence the puppet on a string syndrome is king if the constant motion of life isn’t noticed. Think about this, you can’t have any feeling or emotional swing without attachment to motion, most people don’t really have any inkling of this and because of this very few truly understand life. I don’t say this in jest, I’m no different although I probably notice the constant motion a little more.

Here’s something to do to possibly understand the constant motion a little better. Make a commitment to sit for a certain time, say thirty seconds, keep it real. In those thirty second just watch what arises, watch the constant motion, a thought arising and just notice it. Just sitting, looking, acknowledging, noticing, letting it arise and pass; all of this is just the constant motion of each particular moment. This should help in getting a better grasp on the constant motion. The committed sitting time is up to the individual or don’t sit at all and remain a slave to the constant motion as it arises and habitually controls your life. It’s the constant motion that makes life what it is and if this goes unnoticed so will most of your life.

Impermanence of Existence

To understand life one must understand death. When conditions are right to support life we exist, when those conditions aren’t supported existence in this form ends. Understanding this impermanence is freedom…

You will understand what true freedom is when you understand the impermanence of life. At any moment life can change from conditions that allow it to be, to conditions that don’t support it. The real question is do you truly understand this? Conditions that don’t support life will change for many today, if you understand this can occur at any time, it will allow you to let go of all the nonsense you think you need for your life to be. The only place of true freedom is in understanding this.

Do anything you want, but understand no matter how much you hold onto it, one day just like that and without your permission, conditions will not be favorable to support your current existence and life as it is known will end. It’s not a bad or good thing, it’s just the way it is. One day conditions were right and your current form began, and if you are reading this conditions have been favorable up to this point to allow you to remain in your current form of existence, but it will not last this way forever. When you know your current form of existence to be temporary, how can you not be grateful and know that now is the only moment that ever is. Death is not truly death, it’s merely the existence of changing conditions.

Things exist until conditions change and then their existence changes. When a beautiful flower grows and you cut it to put it a vase, you don’t think of killing the flower, but you have changed the conditions for the flower to continue its existence in its current form. The moment it’s cut, its existence has been altered. The key is to enjoy the beauty of the flower in its current form. That’s how it is with our life, conditions will change one day that will not allow us to continue to live in our current form, but you can enjoy all the beauty that your current form has to offer, if you just understand that one day it will change.

What’s in Front of You

You may not be able to change the way that things are right now, but you can live in a way that you simply do what’s in front of you and live life as it’s given…

To love life as it is one must learn to love what’s in front of you. What’s in front of you is what’s happening right now. It’s the only place where life can be lived; it’s the only place that life can be loved. If you don’t love what’s in front of you, how can you love the life you are living? Life can never better then it is right now simply because right now is what’s in front of you; only the Conditioned Mind makes you think this isn’t so. You can wish for things to be different then what’s occurring, but it’s your life that’s being wished away, so just be with what’s in front of you and live and love the life that’s given.

Our paths are laid before us to do the best we can with the tools that we have. There needs to be an anchor so our path is clear cut. It’s very easy to veer off the path if you aren’t vigilant. There are many diversions that will try and knock you off it. It’s like your life is an obstacle course and they’re in place to divert you from what’s in front of you, from the present which is the Here and Now. There is only the present of what’s in front of you, but there are many mind made obstacles. One of the main obstacles is wanting things different. The mind tells you if things were different life would be better, this is the great lie.

Things are only as they can be, and it’s only the present that makes you free. You may not be able to change the way that things are right now, but you can live in a way that you do what’s in front of you so love can show you how. So just do what’s in front of you and live the life you are given and simply love because you’re liven.

Four Principles of the Conditioned Mind: Podcast

This is a link to a podcast interview with Russ Suereth and myself on the Four Principles that I developed describing the Conditioned Mind and how to break free from its bondage.

Attracted Energy

Seeking strictly arises from a false self, in quiet love arises. The thoughts attracted to you are from your own energy; self-seeking is the energy of selfishness and love is the energy of the universe…

I was discussing with someone what it means when a person is released from the bondage of self-seeking. After sitting with this in quietness, I came to the realization in quietness there is no self-seeking. It wasn’t that I had to do anything to not self-seek, it was the exact opposite, I simply sat. When the mind really starts to settle, you will notice how much time is spent going round and round consumed by thoughts that are constantly self-seeking in one form or another. Whatever the self-seeking entails it is for the sole purpose to satisfy a false self. Even if it’s to better ones life it’s still in the form of self-seeking.

To me this is what needs to be done if self-seeking is to stop blocking the love that is in our heart. The thoughts we attract are derived from the way we have been conditioned. We can only have the thoughts that we are conditioned to have. What is in our Conditioned Mind is what produces the energy of the thoughts that are attracted to us, and since thoughts are energy, our attracted thoughts become our manifested behavior. When our energy is in the form of quietness, we are in alignment with the universe and our behavior manifest as love. There is no manifestation of self-seeking behavior from the universe because the universe is love. When Jesus spoke to the father, he was in touch with the energy of Universal Love. This energy is our true nature, it’s Universal Energy that’s the creator of all that is. There is nothing separate from this, but it won’t be recognized that we’re in alignment with it if the base of our existence is to self-seek. This is the evil of the world, all problems arise from here. It’s not that love isn’t there, love always exist, but it’s through our self-seeking that we’re not aligned with love and thus this is what makes you self-seek.

Quietness will always align one with love because it aligns you with the universe, or as Jesus said “with the father.” When you’re conditioned to listen to the self-seeking mind the only thoughts that can be produced are self-seeking ones; this is a major issue in our society. Understanding what it means to be present as the key to this alignment is to understand the Divine Principle of the Universe, which is love. If love is in your heart those are the thoughts you will attract, same as if self-seeking is the base of your conditioning, those will be the thoughts that you attract. This is one of the reasons honesty is so valuable because as you go, you are. You may fool some, but you can not fool yourself. You can lie to yourself though so be honest with yourself, investigate both self-seeking and love. See the thoughts that are attracted to you and which ones are more beneficial to you and to those around you. When you understand the Divine Principle of Universal Love you will not want to self-seek because you’ll understand the self-seeking thoughts that are attracted to you will not be of love.

Accepting What Is

Things happen in life that are sometimes downright nasty, but this doesn’t mean you have to allow them to control you to the point where your mind becomes agitated and you lose your anchor of peace.

When and if your mind settles, you will have more awareness of when it becomes agitated and you just may be able to do what’s necessary to transform that energy so the agitations quiet. This benefit is in the awareness of energy because it’s directly related to transforming the agitated energy to the energy of quietness. How the agitation is created is by attaching to “I” which gives it energy. There is no such thing as an agitated mind unless you feed it. If you want something and you don’t get it, but you feel you need it to be complete, in that moment you will create an agitation. The energy of wanting the moment different is what directs the agitated energy. Take the same situation and just accept that you didn’t get what you wanted and there isn’t any energy feeding an agitation; it’s totally up to you if the agitation exist or not.

Life is life. It will always be as it is. You never have to be agitated, but it will take practice not to be. Every now and again life will be just as you want it, but if that’s the only time you’re at peace, being at peace more often than not will be very difficult, and it’s because life will not remain the way that you want it for long. The most consistent part of life is its inconsistency; just like my golf game. So the key to not having a mind agitation is to accept what is and not to want it any different. Very difficult because there will be many things in life that aren’t pleasant and you will wish they were different. All the wishing in the world will not change what is so it’s just wasted energy creating an agitation. An agitated mind cannot arise when there’s acceptance of what is. Even if you’re not totally pleased with what is it can be accepted so the peace that passes all understanding can be the energy that’s guiding your life, but understand this will only occur when you accept what is as opposed to the way you wish it was.