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Stomping Your Feet Energy

If humanity is to ever unite and get along, the selfish energy in place will have to fall away. If it doesn’t, the energy that makes an adult a stomping your feet baby will continue to be reinforced…

This is a simple truth, we are a divided society because we are selfish and we want what we want when we want it. Just look at the recent USA election, the people who oppose the winning side are doing so out of selfishness because things simply didn’t go their way, so now the must stomp their feet and act the way a spoiled brat child would. This is separating energy and that’s what keeps society stuck. As long as people act selfishly by succumbing to their selfish energy, it doesn’t matter what happens because it won’t last so the selfish energy will always be in control. This selfishness rears its ugly head in circumstances that don’t go your way and the conditioning justifies it to cement this selfishness deeper in the subconscious; it’s no wonder humanity is the way it is.

Most people will justify their selfish behavior by lying to themselves that they’re only opposing something because their way is what’s best for everyone, but that’s one of the tools the Conditioned Mind uses to keep the selfishness in place. This article is about the energy of selfishness making babies out of adults who stomp their feet and cause undue suffering to humanity. Here’s the kicker, the moment this isn’t agreed with, it causes separation between us and your selfish behavior is reinforced so your contribution to humanity is of suffering. The very thing that’s being opposed is the very thing that’s being reinforced in yourself. This is how energy works and if humanity is to ever unite, selfishness will have to fall away. If it doesn’t, the energy that makes an adult a stomping your feet baby will continue to be reinforced and unfortunately it will be the controlling energy of humanity…

Two Ways to Exist

There are two ways to exist, one way is you run away from life and that follows you everywhere, and the other way is you are willing to face life which is the way that will bring you freedom…

Suffering in this existence is pretty much inevitable because of the Conditioned Mind, but it doesn’t have to be this way. There are many lessons to learn in our life, but until it’s realized there are two ways to exist the one you’re most likely to be stuck is the one where suffering follows you everywhere. This is the dog chasing its tail suffering and it never ends because it can’t. It’s controlling energy is immersed in the attachment to “I” and as long as this is in place it will follow you everywhere. “I” keeps you firmly locked in place, nothing satisfies the unquenchable thirst of “I” so this why the suffering follows you everywhere; “I” is always thirsty. Even though this is the suffering that’s in place for most, there is another way to exist that is beneficial to one’s well being and this is because it pushes you to a state where there is freedom.

This freedom is from the attachment to “I” not from suffering, because without “I” there’s no one to suffer. This other way leads to freedom because as agitated energy arises and it will, instead of attaching to it, you allow it to push you to new insights and revelations; you are with the pain of what arises instead of pushing it away. There’s no reaching to mask it, there’s no running from it or using something as a distraction. What happens when you make a stand with what arises, the lies of “I” are exposed, and if there’s no “I” there’s nothing for the suffering to follow; liberation naturally occurs. Read this very carefully and if the full meaning of this can be grasped, freedom from the suffering that’s been following you around for most of your life will begin to fall away, but understand this will only occur when there isn’t an “I” to follow.

Results of Your Own Actions

We are our own judge and jury and for the most part our verdicts are determined by our own actions; what is done when no one is looking. The energy you live by is a direct result of your own actions…

Remember the cartoons from years ago when a Devil and Angel would pop up on a characters shoulders. This happened when a decision was needed about something. The pop up figures were always the image of the individual, it was because that’s who the real struggle and conflict is always with. Nothing outside of you can harm you as much as your own thoughts. A struggle mostly occurs when things aren’t lining up with the story of the way you think things should be. This energy is something that’s real. You can make it like you’re this spiritual guru and behind closed doors be selfish and unloving, but you’re not fooling anyone because wherever you go there you are. The energy that you live by is a result of your own actions. You are your own judge and jury and for the most part your verdicts are determined by your own actions; what is done when no one is looking. Your own actions shape your life.

There’s nothing to prove to anyone, you can preach love and recite all the airy fairy nonsense that fits into a so called spiritual box, but if you’re not showing loving kindness to all beings, it’s all being done for one reason and that’s to satisfy the devil cartoon character (ego) on your shoulder. So many conditioned stories are made up about life and this keeps one in their own prison. You can get in touch with this simply by seeing how much love you show to all beings. Lip service means little here because it’s not only the world that gets hurt, it’s also yourself. So much arises daily as the devil and angel characters pop up, just make sure the one selected allows for the loving kindness of all beings because that’s what energy you will get in return.

Desires Bondage

Don’t let the different consequences of desires lull you into an unconsciousness sleep. All desire leads to bondage (attachment) in one form or another regardless of what it is that’s desired.

If there’s always something to desire it’s because you don’t think what you have is enough. And if you don’t think you have enough, there will always be something that’s desired. Desire isn’t something that’s inherently a bad thing, why one desires is where issues arise and this is only because where there is desire, one thinks something is missing. What is desired only matters to the degree in how the thing desired affects your life. A desire to drink alcohol in access and do drugs have consequences much different then desiring to go to a program to stop using those things, but the desires core is the same and that’s what needs to be examined. Don’t let the different consequences of desire lull you into the sleep of unconsciousness because all wanting leads to bondage in one form or another and as stated this includes all desires.

You might say that’s not true, a desire to better yourself is a good thing, but that would mean you need things to be different to accept yourself. Accepting life exactly how it is is the only place you will experience the peace of not desiring things different. I’m not saying don’t better yourself, but if it’s at the expense of your peace of mind, what is its benefit. I say go for the gold, just understand even if it’s attained you will find it’s not providing the benefits you thought it would; shortly afterwards another desire will arise. Investigate this and see how desires arises from needing, and needing causes bondage (attachment) which causes suffering. Break free from desiring things to be different and you will inevitably stop suffering.

One Container: Earth

Most people have an individual agenda that’s usually attached to satisfying themselves in some way and until this is seen even though we all exist in the same container (Earth) not much will change.

Earth can be looked as if it’s a container and everything in it are seeds from the same energy. Human form is different than most seeds because we have the ability to think, but we all have the same potential to love. Each seed is different in some way and this is how life becomes different for each thing. Even if you’re planted right next to another seed the results of how you grow will be different. Remember a name is only given to something for identification purposes, for the most part we don’t go around giving names to the animals, birds, fish or insects, a label is mostly applied; we are still from the same energy. There’s nothing individually that truly exist, we are in the same container. There’s nothing real in this existence, no real you or me, no Muslims of Christians or whatnot, nothing individually in the way that it’s seen. There’s conditioning which makes an individual thing seem real, but as far as existence is concerned, we are all just seeds in the same container.

Just as with any seed, there are many factors that determine the results of how they grow, some will produce fruit (love) and some will not, but all seeds exist in the same container. This needs to be realized if we are to grow and evolve. Humans haven’t really progressed much since existence began. We may have advanced intellectually, but spiritually not so much. There is still way to much thought on the individual level for unity (oneness) to be a reality. Most people have an individual agenda that’s usually attached to satisfying themselves in some way, and until this is seen even though we all exist in the same container, not much will change.

A Moments Peace

As you become more and more anchored in the moment, your created stories are needed less and less. Without a story, there’s a moments peace that the mind settles into because it’s the only thing that’s there.

There is nothing that exist outside the single purpose of one moment. Your whole life is a successions of these moments. If you fully understands the moment, there will be nothing else to do and nothing else to seek. Unfortunately for most the moment is missed so the past and future are constantly drawn on to satisfy your mind agitations. Many different stories are used as an alternative to this way and it’s not my place to label them as anything. I’ve found something that works for me and that’s what I share. It’s funny because it’s not a concern of mine if one agrees with what I share or not. I understand we all see things as they’re revealed to us, but people feel the need to tell me how their view is the right one. There is no right view, there’s living with a view that only benefits yourself and there’s living with a view that benefits all beings.

About all that I know is this, at one time my Conditioned Mind controlled me as if I was a puppet on a string and because of this I lived a self serving existence and my view of life didn’t result in much of a benefit to anyone. Eleven years ago this view became different and things that I did began to benefit others. I know I write a lot about the Conditioned Mind, but it’s what was revealed to me so it’s what I share; it’s the only thing I can share. As I become more and more anchored in the peace of the moment, the created stories are needed less and less. Without the attachment to my story, there’s a moments peace the mind settles into because it’s the only thing that’s there.

Lies Exposed

A quiet mind gains insight by allowing your lies to be exposed. This inner place of peace is the place where all truth awaits to be revealed, but only when quietness is the focus.

A true understanding of life cannot be revealed by doing. There are many highly intelligent people who will never understand this. This doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with intelligence, but you only know what you can focus on. For me, insights came from the realization that the cause of why I struggled so much with life was because of a selfish view; now the focus is on this. This is what a quiet mind affords a person, it has nothing to do with intelligence.

Focused on quietness is where insight is revealed and when your lies are exposed; this is how insights arise. Use whatever gateway that works to get quiet and focus on that. The mind will settle more and more into a state of quietness that allows insights. Becoming truly insightful isn’t for a select few, it’s available to anyone. It takes an understanding that quietness has nothing to do with intellect, it’s something which occurs as a result of inward focus. The insight that leads to a greater understanding of life can only be realized in quietness so if the focus is on an intellectual understanding, don’t be surprised by the lack of insight. To me, you only gain insight by allowing your lies to be exposed, this has nothing to do with intelligence. It’s your conditioned lies that block you from love and this block will only be removed when your lies are exposed and the minds focus is on quietness.