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Delusional Feelings and Emotions 

Stuff happens there’s no denying this, how it affects you is directly related to the feelings and emotions that are attached to. Why this is a problem is because it makes something factual that’s just not real.

Feelings and emotions seem to be a natural part of life, but it’s been my experience that they are not, they’re just conditioned concepts handed down by people who say they’re needed. There are no facts to either of them, there’s attachment that’s for sure and that’s the only reason they exist beyond their initial arising. I’m not saying they won’t arise, especially in situations where loved ones are involved or if something is done that you apply the label of personal to it, but this still doesn’t make either one of them factual, they are still just a story. I was controlled by my emotions and feelings for a very long time and it probably wouldn’t have changed had I stayed the same, but something change me that exposed many of the lies that I took as gospel. I was conditioned to fall into the trap of what others thought life was about and basically this made me a slave to their conditioning as well as my own.

When one awakens to the fact that emotions and feelings are overrated, although as stated they will arise, their control lessens to a large degree because seeing there are no facts associated with them helps one not attach to them. For me the quieter my mind became, the more the conditioned lies were exposed and as they were exposed, this is what allowed me to see the nonsense of my conditioning and to stop attaching to it. Stuff happens there’s no denying this, how it affects you is directly related to the feelings and emotions that are attached to. Why this is a problems is because this makes something factual that’s just not real.

Truth is Love 

The thought of what one thinks truth is isn’t truth. Once one truly awakens to come from a place of love, the only thing left to learn is how to remain in this place.

There’s always a lot of discussion when it comes to the topic of truth. Many hold onto the idea that everyone’s perception is different so everyone has their own truth, but what was revealed to me is there is only one truth, and it isn’t mine, lol. If you are taking a test and you have a question that requires a true or false answer, if the answer to the question is false, but you see it as being true and answer it as so, that doesn’t make your answer correct. You can argue about it, state your opinion on why you answered true, but just because you think it’s true doesn’t mean it is. To know truth requires a quiet mind, the more one holds on to the thought of what truth is, the less actual truth there is.

What has been revealed to me is seeing truth in the context as love, nothing else. What arose when my mind settled was there aren’t different versions of truth, there are different perceptions of it, but that doesn’t make it true. Yes we all see things differently, and we all like to hold onto what we have been conditioned to think truth is, but if we all came from a place of love, we would be falling over each other for a better humanity, not trying to conjure up a made up version of what we think truth is. Once one truly awakens to come from a place of love, the only thing left to learn is how to remain in this place. This place needs no explanation, nor defending, it wells up from deep within and although not everyone will agree with what is written here because of the conditioning in place, if you do you will know this is truth because you will not only be coming from a place of love, you will be set free.

Selfishness Only Harms 

To those who can remain silent goes the spoils of the Universe. To those who have to disagree out loud because of holding on to I am right energy, goes the spoils of selfishness.

The base of most conditioning is selfishness, and although there are degrees in how much hold the conditioning has over a person, it causes suffering nonetheless. Not everyone has conditioning to murder, steal, abuse, rape, mug, and so on, but it’s all basically the same energy so even though some behavior is less harmful, this selfish behavior causes harm all the same, just not to the same degree as someone who is totally in the grip of their conditioning. The tighter the hold, the greater the suffering; to oneself and others. This is what’s at the core of I am right energy. Any disagreement is just a conditioned story, it’s not that everyone will be in agreement with everything that happens, but the tighter one holds on to their way being the right one, the more disharmony this causes; this disharmony is with oneself.

One can only see what is seen and that’s ok, but to disagree out loud with someone brings the conditioned energy to a much deeper level than reading or talking about something and not agreeing and just moving on. If there is an evil in the world it would use the disguise of selfishness because that is an energy that can only cause suffering. This is all about the Conditioned Mind not people. Because of the way the Universe is designed we are all connected, but because of I am right energy, it doesn’t allow it to be seen in this way by everyone, this is a direct result of the conditioning in place. To those who can remain silent goes the spoils of the Universe. To those who have to disagree out loud because of holding on to I am right energy, goes the spoils of selfishness.

Attachment to Form 

When there’s attachment to form it opens up a doorway that leads to suffering. This doesn’t mean all that life has to offer can’t be enjoyed, it’s just that nothing last so why attach to it.

Many things are used because of the attachment to form, some harmful in nature and some healthy, but if there’s attachment to either, suffering will ensue because it’s simply the nature of attachment. To me I exist to experience all of life and to learn just how to do that is what my life is basically about. For many years I did not live, I existed. Just because you are alive that doesn’t equate to living. Sure if you’re reading this you are alive and you know this because when you look in the mirror you can see a form, but if the form in the mirror is attached to, life becomes so limiting because everything from there on in is given a label. Attachment to form slams the door shut to the unlimited essence of who one truly is; we are not the thoughts we have of ourselves and others are not the thoughts we have of them. There’s so much made up nonsense between our ears and it can all be linked to the attachment to form.

We think in terms that we are our body and mind without investigating if it’s true. We definitely have a body because that can be seen, but the mind, where is the mind? At least the body is form, the mind has no such substance, it isn’t anything at all. But how we allow it to control us is life’s biggest misunderstanding. The mind is what tells you everything, it creates happiness, sadness, anger, joy and so on, why this is a problem is because it’s all based on the attachment to form which can only cause suffering. Even when your mind tells you your life is perfect the same mind just moments later will tell you something needs to be different. If there wasn’t attachment to form this wouldn’t be an issue, but since form is what we manifest as, we attach to it and attachment is the root of all suffering. One day just like that your form will end, it’s inevitable, and the you are attached to it, the more suffering it will cause. The key is to not attach now because non attaching will occur one day without your permission so you might as well let go now and truly live your while you are alive.

Deep Stillness 

The depth of our stillness is what determines the depth of our love. Without depth there is just what’s on the surface and this flip flops so easily because of the dependency on things.

The deeper stillness is as our foundation, the more love will be emanated in our life, and obviously the more love we have the more can be given. Also the deeper the stillness, the less our conditioning is in control. Go to the depth not known and go to a place of purity, but this will take a tremendous amount of understanding of why we aren’t in this way already. The transformation that occurs with this understanding from our head to our heart will determine the depth of our love. It’s essential to get to the heart, but without stillness we remain stuck in the head.

I’ve seen this played out first hand in my life and when love comes from the head it benefits no one. It’s the heart of love that’s pure, the head is usually filled with some mind made concept of love; there are many conditions put on this type of love. This is the cause of the flip flopping between the head and heart. The lack of stillness creates a flip flop foundation so our emotions are very easily swayed by things, and the things that sway us are allowed to occur because our emotions are that of an immature child. Why else are we swayed when things don’t go our way? Does not a child act in the same manner? Do not we as adults, act in the same manner of stamping our feet when we don’t get our way?

The purity of a child is different than the immature emotions of a child, so learn to go deeper than what the surface supplies you with and you will see a level of maturity not previously known. When this does become known, your life will be much more stable because you won’t be so easily swayed by the nonsense the world provides as a foundation. And with a solid and mature foundation based in stillness which is beyond what happens on the surface, flip flopping ceases and from the love of the heart is how life is lived.

Inner Discontent 

The search for peace will never result in peace because the search itself is what keeps one from experiencing peace. Only when the mind settles will the discontent subside and just like that therein lies one’s peace.

Many people are on a spiritual quest to find an answer and for me this was in the form the question why was I so discontented with life. I say was because the discontent is no longer there. For far to many years I didn’t truly understand this discontent and so it was always there as was the searching to quiet it. This searching manifested in many different ways and none were beneficial in living my life in a loving manner. This is because of the way I was conditioned, to self seek (quiet the discontent) which kept the it in place. What a ride this produced, hence there wasn’t much peace in my life. This lasted for forty nine years and then one day through a tiny crack in my ego there arose the possibility of a different view of life, which was revealed to me and gave me some real answers as to the true nature of my inner discontent.

Ten years ago what began as a crack has been expanding ever since. For the most part the discontent for peace is no longer there because it has been replaced with a simple quietness, but when the mind becomes agitated, the discontent does return because of the Conditioned Mind Patterns in place; I’ve learned to see it from the I perspective and not attach to them. Only attachment to I keeps the discontent in place so one has to search instead of there being peace. The search for peace will never result in peace because the search itself is what keeps one from experiencing peace. In this moment right now is where peace resides so there’s no need to search for what already is. It’s only when the mind settles and I is let go of that the inner discontent subsides and lo and behold it is then that one will be at peace.

Temporary Fix 

When impermanence is understood the craving for fulfillment is replaced with a satisfaction that whatever happens next doesn’t really matter because one day what happens next will prove just how impermanent everything is.

Death is a part of life as much as life itself is and regardless of any belief, one day this body will cease to support life in the form that it occupies today. We can make up a place spiritually that we are going to go to when we die, but the body is going to become void of life and it will either be cremated, decay in a box six feet below ground or in a vault above ground. If this one truth can be understood than nothing else would truly matter because the impermanence of all things would be known, and once the truth of impermanence is known, life takes on an entirely different dynamic and a mundane view no longer exists.

There’s nothing needed for fulfillment when this dynamic takes hold because one realizes life is already fulfilled. How can it not be with the understanding that all you need you already have because all that you have has no lasting substance to it. If everything is impermanent including life itself nothing will bring fulfillment to life except the understanding that life’s already fulfilled. Everything reached for in life is used as a temporary fix strictly to fulfill some inner craving, this is the reason why one is never truly satisfied. If there wasn’t a craving to be fulfilled, there wouldn’t be a need for a temporary fix. To me this is why impermanence has so much value because when it’s understood, the craving for fulfillment is replaced with a satisfaction that whatever happens next doesn’t matter much because one day whenever that day may be, what’s next will prove just how impermanent life really is.