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Shining Your Light

You may not be able to do anything about the state of how things are right now, but you can live in a way that lets your light shine through by just being with what’s here now and doing what’s in front of you…

To be a light, one must simply be with what’s here now. The task at hand is what is happening right now, which is the only place that life can truly be lived. It’s also the only place that your light can shine through. If you aren’t with what’s here now, your light won’t be noticed. Life can never be better than it is right now, because right now is simply what’s here. Only the Conditioned Mind makes you think this isn’t so. Life is always lived in the here and now and that’s always what’s in front of you. You can wish for things to be different, but it’s your life that is being wished away. Learn to be with what’s simply in front of you, and your light will naturally shine through.

Our path is laid before us to do the best we can with the tools we have, but there needs to be a clear path that lets our light shine through; it’s very easy to veer off the path if there isn’t vigilance. There are many diversions that will try to dim your light. It’s as if our life is an obstacle course and it’s in place to divert us from the here and now, from our present, which is where our light is. There’s only one present and one life, but there are many many obstacles. One of the main obstacles is wanting things different. The mind tells you, if what’s here now was different than life would be better, but this is a lie. Things are the best they can be right now because of being present; this is where your light can shine. If you can’t change the way things are right now, you can at least live in a way that lets your light shine through. Just be with what’s here now simply because it’s the task at hand and be with whatever it is that life gives you that lets your light shine through…

Opinionated Desires

Life is not a made up perfection where it has to be the way one thinks it should be. Whatever arises has to be accepted exactly as it is with seeing its perfection regardless of how much it’s desired to be different.

Being human means desires will arise. Unless this is accepted exactly as it is without needing life to be a certain way so you can get a better seat in heaven or move up on the angelic chain of command, life will seem to always have some kind of struggle associated with it. One of the common traits I notice when I talk to people about the Conditioned Mind is not truly accepting the moment exactly as it is, with a self imposed label of imperfect being applied . There are so many conditioned desires engrained in each of us and if they’re not accepted as they arise, one will live a struggled existence, needing those desires to be fulfilled.

Accept each moments desires and just watch as they arise. This isn’t a right or wrong thing, it’s just part of being human and it has to be accepted if there’s to be peace in one’s life. There’s opinionated energy all around and it will cause much suffering as there will be desires to be played out fulfilling them. This desiring usually manifest as individual energy, but at times it’s both individual and collective energy, and if results of something aren’t accepted as they are, it’s because one’s opinionated desires are in control and wants different results. Anything that happens has to be accepted as it is if there is to be any semblance of contentment. This is made more difficult because as things occur and because one is human, an opinionated label is applied to what arises as being unpleasant. This makes one desire whatever arises to be different and as long as one’s energy doesn’t accept this as part of their humanness, peace and contentment will never be had.

Delusional Stories

Understanding delusion is one of the attributes of waking up, but it’s not the delusions of the world that entrap you, it’s the delusions that run your life that hold you in bondage…

A delusion is a story that runs your life. They manifest as one attaches to their thoughts. The first thought that arises about something is inconsequential, it’s the attachment to the second thought that forms the delusion. To understand delusion there must be awareness of their attachments and the way your mind works; without this the puppet on string patterns remain in place. Certain practices turns one inward to see this so if what you are doing doesn’t turn you inward, you will remain entrapped to your delusions of the Conditioned Mind. This is why nothing from the outside truly changes a person because anything from the outside is part of the delusion. A broken mind can’t fix itself and as long as it’s reaching for something on the outside, it remains trying to fix itself and thus it remains broken. Until this truth is seen, things will stay as they are because nothing is being done to change it.

We can only know what’s being done on the surface if there’s awareness of it. What this means is one has to develop mindfulness of what they are doing as they are doing it so there’s awareness of what’s being done. If you know what you’re doing as you’re doing it, it leaves little room for delusion to arise. Mindfulness is probably the single most discipline to develop as it anchors you in the moment as what is being done occurs. Delusions only occur when one lives in the story of a past or future. These mind made constructs keeps the delusion alive. The present moment can be seen without making it a story even though it passes as quickly as it arises, but the past and future can never truly be seen without a story. This is because most people lack the discipline to be present which is what causes one to live a delusional state of existence…

Only “I” Reaches

Reaching for an object happens because “I” makes this so. Only turning away from the clinging to “I” will result in true freedom and this is because it’s the turning away that provides the letting go.

When one is caught reaching for an object of desire and it takes hold of all your attention, the only way to break free of this is to have awareness you’re caught. The object doesn’t matter in the sense that it can be anything from a thing, a place, people or even yourself, but what does matter is seeing what’s making you reach for it. There are so many different objects reached for that one will have to decipher for themselves what holds them. The reaching is different only because of what’s used, but the turning away is the same as long as there isn’t substitutions. Many people stop smoking only to use food and eventually go back to smoking. This is just one example, substitution is rampant in our society and it keeps one locked into reaching and remaining on the merry go round of desire.

Turning away from whatever it is that grips you is where you will experience true freedom. Why this is difficult for most people to truly see is because “I” isn’t seen as the core of the reaching; this is why substitution is so prevalent. If the reaching results in using drugs or alcohol, when a program is substituted to stop using them, unless one turns away from “I” the drugs and alcohol will most likely be used again. Why this is so is because the program is being reached for also and although one stops using drugs and alcohol, the program is only used as substituting one object for another and doesn’t provide true freedom. Only turning away form “I” will result in freedom and that’s because without “I” there’s no reaching. This is why the object doesn’t matter, because it’s only “I” that makes one reach and it’s only in turning away from “I” that one will be free.

Making Up Truth

The value of using the body as an anchor for present moment living is it doesn’t make anything up, only the mind does so when the body is used to be present, truth arises; this is beautiful in its simplicity…

Your made up truth isn’t necessarily true, it’s true in the sense that it’s your version of truth, but the content of your made up interpretations of truth are not truth. This is because you are the creator of your truth and it’s believed wholeheartedly, but it’s only your interpretation. This is what directs your energy and how your life is lived. The thing to also investigate is how much you make up. There’s the parents truth, the childhood one, the teen and young adult truth. There’s the boy meets girl truth, the get married truth. The work truth, family truth, and on and on. There are so many truths and only one you, so which truth is true? If you say all of them you should be able to sense why it’s so difficult to see the true version of what’s true instead of one that’s made up. There’s the truth in there somewhere, but it probably hasn’t been discovered yet. When the real truth is discovered all the made up ones fall away.

So how would a person know what truth is? My experience has been truth is known when there isn’t a need to create it. Truth always arises, it’s never created, it’s basically what’s in the present moment. This is the value of using the body as an anchor for present moment living. The body doesn’t make anything up, only the mind does, so when the body is used to be present, truth arises; this is beautiful in its simplicity. Grasp this and making up truth will cease to exist because the need to create it won’t arise and without a made up version of truth there’s no interpretation of what is actually true…

Outside the Box

What is considered the box by society entraps most people to the idea of what others think the box is and unless this can be seen to go beyond it, there will just be blind acceptance of someone else’s idea of the box.

Stepping outside of what is considered the box as far as thinking goes is a must if one is to go beyond the trap of the considered box. You may ask why would a person want to go beyond what’s considered the box, here’s why: the so called box is based in form and to be attached to form causes suffering. It’s as simple as that, with the normal attachment to the senses (the box of form), life will still occur, it just won’t be experienced as fully as it can be. There will still be experiences, how can there not be with one being alive, but they will be dictated by form and there’ll be much boxed nonsense associated with them. Societies box entraps one to what others think is considered normal and unless one can see this to go beyond it, there will be blind acceptance of someone else’s idea as your own. It’s an easy trap to get caught in because the bait is so enticing.

This plays right into the reward system that is considered part of societies box. Not too many people do anything that doesn’t have the reward of pleasure associated with it. This can be applied to just about anybody and anything. When was the last time you purposely did something that you knew was going to be unpleasant or without some kind of reward attached to it? This is pivotal in understanding the process of the Conditioned Mind. Until you can just be with whatever arises, without judging it or associating it with pleasure, the box of what society considers normal will be what dictates the life you’re living, and unfortunately it will probably be someone else’s idea of what is considered the box.

No More Questions

The Conditioned Mind makes you believe answers are needed to exist, but answers aren’t truly needed; the questioning will only be eliminated when there’s the simple acceptance of what’s happening right now.

Although the mind always wants answers, sometimes the answers gotten aren’t the ones wanted, and sometimes one doesn’t even get an answer, but the problem doesn’t lie in the lack of answers, it lies in the mind becoming agitated and creating unnecessary questions. When things occur and one’s conditioning creates questions, it’s because makes one thinks they need answers. at his makes it very difficult for what’s occurring right now to be accepted. This is the cause for most of one’s discontentment, and if what’s occurring right now isn’t accepted, it makes for a very agitated mind. The real kicker to this is it’s your own mind creating this nonsense.

Life isn’t something to be figured out, actually the more you think you have it figured out, the less it’s known what’s going on. It’s the Conditioned Mind that wants to put life in a box, but the moment this is done existence becomes limited. This occurs because a limit is put on a mind that doesn’t truly have a limit. Understand this self created limit is because of one’s conditioning not the mind itself. The mind is limitless, it’s a product of the Universe, which is also limitless. Our mind can be understood to a certain degree, but the limitless of it cannot so instead of making up answers, be in the moment of what’s actually occurring right now and allow this to be your answer. When this is done there won’t be a need for questions because wanting answers will be eliminated.