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A Worldly Perception

The more one’s thinking is in line with the world, the more suffering there will be. This is because the world only allows a surface perception, but beneath the surface perception is what’s truly going on.

Our made up perceptions when not seen in the awareness of mindfulness, solidify the delusions they arise from. This delusion is formed from the surface level of our perceptions which form the concepts that we live by which makes what is originally seen misunderstood as the deeper reality of what’s actually happening is missed. We get locked into the perceptions that form our concepts of what going on, this is also why there’s so much division amongst our species and why very few see the truth of existence. Mostly everyone has a different perception of the same thing so how can there not be division and strife amongst us? The greater good is very seldom considered, what’s mostly considered is the surface perception of the world and unfortunately it’s core is usually from the base of “I”.

It doesn’t have to be this way, but one will have to drop their perceptions to see beneath the surface. The world has perceptions on the material realm, it doesn’t really address the spiritual. Our internal longing though is spiritual and although at first many pursue the quest of material gains, at some point it’s discovered the material gains don’t produce lasting fulfillment. This is when at least the initial shift happens to make one look elsewhere for fulfillment, but unfortunately with the world’s perception in control, the material realm remains in place. It isn’t until one starts to look within that there’s the chance for real change, but this looking within can’t be superficial or true change won’t occur. What will need to change is the perception that what is seen on the surface of life is not what’s going on and then and only then will there be the chance of truly seeing what life has to offer.

Without Question 

To love is to live. Without love, there is the constant need to seek answers to questions about life, but when you love the seeking stops because the need to ask questions stops.

Have you ever wondered what the meaning of life is? There’s no way of really knowing this unless you make up an answer through the mind made concept of a thought. You can make up any answer you want, but know this, it isn’t a true answer, it’s made up by the Conditioned Mind because it needs something to latch on to. The Conditioned Mind doesn’t like it much when there’s no real answer to something so it will make one up. This is the essence of a Conditioned Mind, it has to have an answer, but having an answer isn’t necessary to live except to the Conditioned Mind.

The very essence of all that the Universe stands for is the very essence of what happens in each and every moment. An answer is not needed though, but if the mind isn’t settled this will not be seen. The answers to “What is the the meaning of life” is there is no answer, because an answer isn’t needed to live. A made up one is needed if you are living a delusional life, but if your mind is settled, an answered won’t be needed because the question won’t come up. With a settled mind questions aren’t needed because it’s known love is what exist and everything else is just a made up answer of the Conditioned Mind. When questions arise from the Conditioned Mind about this or that, understand the only answer needed is to be still and love. It is here that no questions arise and no answers are needed because you know, all you need is love.

Reworking Our Ruts

When one becomes rutted in their thought patterns, they’re automatically defaulted to when triggered. Depending on what the inclination of the patterns are determines how much suffering they will cause.

Ruts and patterns are formed over years and are constantly reinforced so don’t think they are just going to go away overnight. The default of the triggers can be changed, but it will take seeing them for what they are for this change to take place, and because it took many years to create them, it will take time to get out of them. The first thing that has to happen is noticing these ruts and patterns exist. Deciphering whether they are beneficial in your life will determine if they fall away or if they are continued to be held in place.

The tricky thing with the mind is regardless what these patterns are, they were initially deemed beneficial or they wouldn’t be there. Think about it, smoking, drinking, drugs, over eating, sexually lust, gambling, tv, greed, hate, programs; self help and 12 Step, shopping, success, your favorite team, your Self, and so on, all things the mind has made you think are beneficial, if not you would have never used them to begin with and they would have never become ruts. These ruts can be reworked, but it will take a willingness to look within to see the patterns arise when they’re triggered. No one can get you out of your rut, pointers are given and you will have to learn how to apply them, but as stated pointers only point. Ruts take a long time to create, remember Rome wasn’t built in a day so be kind to yourself. Accept yourself as you are without wanting the moment different and eventually you will see the ruts simply fall away on their own.

Entrapped to Reaching

Anything that’s used in the waking up process which points outside yourself will simply not get it done and this is so regardless of how much time and effort are put into it.

The waking process is only complex because of the Conditioned Mind. This is because it tells you your answers are out there somewhere, but this reaching outside is what causes one to remain entrapped. You become entrapped to the desire that’s causing the reaching and reaching leads to attachment which leads to bondage, hence one is entrapped. Sorry, but this is factual even if it’s ignored. What seems to be at the core of the misunderstanding is the reaching. You cannot reach without being entrapped. Prison is prison regardless if it’s maximum or minimum security, or house arrest. This is easily justified because the reaching being the problem isn’t identified and as long as it’s not, one remains entrapped to it. There’s no way around this. This isn’t seen by many people so the reaching and one’s discontents remain to cause more reaching.

I’m not a know it all when it comes to the waking up process, but I do know the reaching is what kept me entrapped for many many years. This conclusion wasn’t revealed by reading someone’s book or belonging to a program, it was revealed when I saw I didn’t need the present moment any different than what it was. This is the key to the so called kingdom that everyone is reaching for. It’s the only way one won’t be entrapped to the prison of reaching outside. No where else exist except right now so you will have to come to terms that you are trying to live somewhere else. You can only discover this for yourself, my writings point to this as do many, but only you can see this so it takes hold. If not you will remain in the self created prison of reaching for an answer that your Conditioned Mind makes you think is out there somewhere.

Becoming Your Own 

One day regardless of all the books you’ve read and all the sitting, what becomes knowledge has to be reflected upon so it becomes your own. Until that time another whatever will always be needed.

I don’t offer a program as a way out, I point you to look inward to find your completeness right now. This is the reason I don’t write another book, the first one says it all and even that is only a tool for you to look within so it becomes your own. There are so many books written and so many programs offered, but they all basically say the same thing. Everyone has to at some point find their own way by your knowledge becoming your own. Byron Katie and a slew of others offer programs which actually keep you entrapped to the bondage of self. You will never be totally free by following another’s way. I’m adamant about this because I see the bondage this causes.

In the beginning of my transformation I read many books, but I saw that they all pointed to the same thing; the Conditioned Mind. They may have said it using different words, but it all pointed to the same place; my own mind. There’s nothing special about me nor what I see, but the difference is I only look to myself for answers. Mooji, Anita Moorjani, Byron Katie, Eckert Tolle, and even myself, to name a few do not have your answers, only you do because only you can experience your life as it relates to you. I respect everyone, but not many truly understand this or they wouldn’t be offering a way out through them. Spending hundreds even thousands on books, seminars, retreats and what not will not do what simply looking within will do. I’m not concerned if this is agreed with because I know what I know, and I have to speak up on what is seen. I searched for forty nine years until I stopped. I’m not saying don’t use the tools of others, but becoming your own will never occur as long as you are relying on someone else. Follow no one but yourself and you will truly be surprised at what you become.

A Double Edge Sword 

Attachment is a double edge sword, not only does the original attachment get you, but when you’re attached to outcomes where they’re labeled as not liked, attachment to the attachment gets you.

The real issue with attachment is it’s not only the first thing attached to that causes problems, it’s the attachment to the attachment that makes it a real detriment in one’s life. It will take a concentrated effort to see this, but with practice it can happen. Let’s use traffic as an example. You’re driving in traffic and it’s annoying you because you have somewhere to be. That it’s annoying you is the first attachment, now you’re trying all kinds of maneuvers to get out of the traffic, but wherever you go there’s more traffic. That’s where attachment becomes reinforced and causes more problems than what it’s truly worth. It the same thing when you do something (you pick what it is) and then you go round and round with your thoughts on why you did it, or you should’ve did this or that. This goes for just about everything, it’s done all the time. Attachment to attachment is insidious and very harmful.

Do what you do and let it go. If the conditioning wasn’t in place to do what you do, you wouldn’t do it. Accepting yourself in your entirety is key if you are to be at peace. You will do what’s in place until what’s in place changes, but nothing has to be attached to and it won’t unless you put a label on it that it needs to be different, and once you do that a label will be applied to the label and a deeply engrained pattern will be formed that will keep you attaching to your attachments. This is the double edge sword of attachment, not only does the original attachment get you, but when what you’re attached to changes to where it’s labeled as not liked, the attachment to attachment gets you. A settled mind should pick this up, but it has taken me some time to accept my conditioning exactly as it is and not attach to it. This is where one will experience awareness aware of awareness and thus peace.

Endless Trying 

There’s no reason to try and get what you want unless you are unhappy with what you have. This only happens because the mind doesn’t know how to just be with what’s here right now.

Endlessly trying to get what you want is the root to your suffering because even if what you want is attained, trying to get what you want will not stop there. Trying, reaching, grasping or whatever it’s called is at the root of suffering because it doesn’t allow one to be with what is actually here. What has to happen if this endless trying to get what you want is to ever stop is the need has to subside. This need is only in place because of the Conditioned Mind making you think you need what you want. There’s no other reason to try to get what you want unless you are unhappy with what you have. This is how we fill the empty spaces in our life. They have to be filled because that mind doesn’t know how to just be with what’s here right now.

One day the endless trying will end because life in this form will end, but you will be no more complete than the day existence in this form began. Think about it, most people spend their entire life bouncing from one thing to another in search of filling the empty spaces that arise, but only because it’s not known that this need is a delusion. It’s so subtle this need to fill, that most will die thinking it’s unfilled. If life isn’t filled right now what do you think will do it? Name something, go get it and in a short time the need to fill the empty space will return. Just remember, there’s no other reason to try and get what you want unless you are unhappy with what you have.