This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Open Mind Lessons

Many things in life can be a lesson if you have an open mind willing to allow it, but if there’s constant noise in the space between your ears, nothing will be seen as it truly is…

Nature provides lesson if you’re not all caught up in what’s going on between your ears. The other day I was watching a duck family sitting in a pond. They were all perfectly still, their heads tucked away. None of them were struggling with trying to be still, there was no guru duck leading a guided meditation, no chants, or mantras being recited. No duck had on headphones listening to meditative music or positive affirmations. They were all just sitting there in the quietness of the moment. I actually went closer to observe this further to allow my present moment awareness to be a part of theirs. I was experiencing the peace of their stillness and it was a serenity beyond words; the peace that passes all understanding. This peace only happens when there’s stillness to allow it, this is what the awareness of this blessed moment gave to me.

There was so much peace in this moment, nothing of the material world has ever blessed me like this; and I’ve had some beautiful things happen to me. I can see why this peace was being experienced, it was because of using the body to be anchored in the present moment; this allows the mind to be much more settled. I’ve seen ducks in this pond before, but it never had the affect on me as it did this time. Many things in life can provide lessons if the mind is open enough to allow it. But if there’s constant noise in the space between your ears, nature or anything else for that matter will not be seen as it truly is, and this includes the lessons being laid out before you…

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