This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Love in Every Heart

Love is the energy of the heart. When there’s an awakening expansion of it is inevitable. It will not be denied because it’s what’s in every heart. As the heart opens to oneness, oneness becomes the heart of humanity…

Just as the body has many parts that make up the whole so it is with humanity; as individuals we are many parts that make up the whole. What is done to one is done to all. We are a collective unit sharing one planet. Nobody does anything without affecting someone else. Hate and it affects everyone, but love and the energy generated is ten fold.

Compare some of the worlds most evil tyrants and the affect they had on the world as opposed to the ones who had nothing but love in their hearts. The comparison is not to single out individuals, but to put the emphasis on love versus hate. The hate is far reaching and it doesn’t stop because an individual is killed, but it does dissipate ever so slowly. With love it’s different; love expands even if the source is killed. A perfect example of this is the love of Jesus’s teachings; the message is stronger today than when it was written. The energy of the love that was in his heart is what lives on, it expands and generates more love. The nature of love, to expand, hate doesn’t do this. Not that it doesn’t grow, but when its source is taken away the energy generated doesn’t expand, it dissolves. People will hold onto its trace energy, but it becomes a pocket of hate that is isolated as opposed to love which expands because it’s in every heart…

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