This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Spiritual Truth

Spiritual truth puts you in harmony with life. Understand though it’s not life that does anything to you, but if you don’t adhere to spiritual truth it will certainly seem like it does…

Spiritual truth is in place to put you in harmony with life and it’s also in place to offer protection against certain behavior. This truth when adhered to within its boundaries allow for life to be lived to the fullest. But the mind has to be open and free flowing for the adherence to this truth to take place. There’s heart truth that aligns to spiritual truth, but it’s often missed because the mind comes into play which blocks it from being as beneficial as it could be. The more you adhere to selfish behaviors, the less chance there is to be in harmony with spiritual truth. When things are used and abused to satisfy self, this blocks life from being truthful. The animal realm adheres to truth naturally and that’s why there’s perfect balance. Unfortunately the human conditioning relies too much on the intellect and not enough on spiritual truth.

Life will mostly be lived in one of two ways, acting in ways that allows alignment to spiritual truth or not. A quiet mind can see this to a degree and slowly stop doing the things that block spiritual truth from being adhered to. As long as you’re alive life will be lived, but in what way determines your actions and consequences. Cheat on your spouse and regardless if you get caught or not you’ll be out of harmony with the truth that’s in place. So take heed and understand life never does anything to you, but if you don’t adhere to its spiritual truth it will certainly seem like it does…

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