This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Conventional Suffering

The conventional way of the world is to cope with suffering by suffering. This is the programmed delusion in place that keeps one suffering by attaching to the belief that suffering must cause more suffering…

When you wake up and see the delusion of the attached programming that’s been put in place, it’s freeing, but only to the extent that the delusion is let go of. This basically means going against the conventional way that most people view life and although waking up doesn’t make a person special, it does make one seem odd or peculiar because they aren’t in line with the conventional way everyone else responds to life situations.

This writing stems from the fact that a woman I know is going through the stages of dementia. What has arisen in me is seeing how much suffering this situation is causing all those who are involved with it. Although the suffering is optional, it’s not seen in this way because of the conventional coping mechanisms caused by attaching to the delusional programming the world has in place; this is delusional thinking even though it seems in line with the world. Understanding this affords you the awareness of not being pulled into the suffering, but it’s perceived by others as though a person doesn’t care about what’s happening. Compassion has arisen in me for all those involved with this situation because of how it’s causing so many to suffer, but this compassion isn’t seen by those who are suffering.

It’s only the delusional programming of attachment that causes one to suffer with any situation. The conventional way of the world is to cope with suffering by suffering. It’s believed suffering must cause more suffering. And although the one who wakes up from the sleep of this programmed delusion may be looked upon by others as being peculiar, odd or not caring, the alternative is to attach to the conventional way of the programmed delusion that suffering has to cause more suffering. Insanity to say the least…

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