This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Agitated Lie

Truth makes a person look at themselves, all sorts of things arise when this happens. Most times though the agitated mind creates a lie to avoid the truth…

It’s unfortunate, but most people live a life consumed by a lie more so than one of truth. They believe they’re living by truth, but upon further investigation this fallacy can be seen. On the outside the lie seems so much better and this is what keeps a person locked into it, but this is only because of one’s conditioning that makes it seem better. The truth makes one look at themselves and all sorts of things arise when this happens, so without this understanding the truth will be avoided as if it was a plague. Becoming aware of the lies so truth can be revealed is essential in understanding oneself. Sit with the assumption that you will sit in stillness and watch how little stillness there is. Just sit and be with whatever is there, that’s where stillness is. When the mind isn’t looking for anything but what’s there, it’s still.

Only an agitated mind needs to create a lie, only with being with the agitation does the mind settle. This doesn’t mean one doesn’t make changes, but when changes aren’t necessary the mind is settled. This is why I don’t share about positive versus negative, because if it’s negative and you want something positive, it’s no different than if you are positive and you don’t want anything negative. An agitated mind is a mind that needs things to be a certain way whether it’s positive or negative. This is the agitated lie, the truth is nothing needs to be different and one’s mind will settle when life is accepted as it is, positive, negative, or neutral…

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