This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

What’s Allowed In

When I need conditioning isn’t allowed in there’s much more peace in your life, but this isn’t because peace is allowed in, it’s because nonsense isn’t allowed in so naturally there’s peace…

Much goes on in the day to day living and for the most part there’s no control over what happens. Even if there was, with the way the Conditioned Mind has been developed, it wouldn’t change the way things are. The first thing that has to happen for the possibility of any change to take place is you have to understand what’s being allowed in to shape your day to day hence the moment to moment existence. Much is viewed throughout the day, but it’s mostly allowed in through the default setting of the conditioning in place. It’s allowed in, but it’s not done with any sense of awareness so it leads to being controlled like a puppet on a string. There’s no choice in this until there is, but unfortunately until there is, you will allow in things that aren’t beneficial and hence if it’s not beneficial it will cause much trouble and suffering.

Think about the things that are attached to, the list is basically endless, the problem with this is not much that’s grabbed is truly beneficial. We are a species that has lost its way and it’s because of what is allowed in. There is a nothingness to life that has to be seen so one can decipher if what they have been conditioned to allow in is beneficial or not. I allowed a lot in for many years that I thought was beneficial, but in truth it kept me in bondage to the need more conditioning. I always needed more so that’s what was allowed in, but it was never enough. Today it’s much different because to a large degree the need more conditioning isn’t controlling what’s allowed in so there’s much more peace, but this isn’t because peace is allowed in, it’s because nonsense isn’t allowed in so naturally there is peace…

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