This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Completeness Chase

The tools you learn to use to provide completeness will be what becomes your chase. It’s not right or wrong, but the key is to understand if what you’re chasing will truly provide the completeness you think it will…

The biggest misunderstanding of my writings is that the view of life I have today is the view I always had. To me, whoever is looked upon for inspiration or whatever, it should be noted that most likely they didn’t always see things as they do now. I have the benefit of viewing life in two drastically different ways, it’s where my insights arise from and the reason why I see what I see. Having lived unconsciously for forty nine year is actually my greatest asset. When I write about something it’s always from a lesson I learned from chasing completeness. It’s never about being smarter or knowing more than anyone else, but what is there is there and it’s what’s shared. When I talk about quietness or stillness it’s because I lived a life of noise. When there’s talk of attachment, it’s because attachment was my master.

Everyone has life experiences which are learned from and what’s learned determines how you live today. If it’s learned that money is needed to be complete that will be your chase. It’s not right or wrong, but the key is to understand if the chasing is true. Would money really make everything better? Substitute money with anything. For me I went through a life of much suffering, always chasing completeness; today I see this for the lie that it is. When I write something it’s because I can see the chasing completeness prison I was stuck in and I have been provided with a view of true liberation. I’m very direct in my approach in explaining my experience, but I’m not insensitive to anyone else’s view, it’s just that I’ve been where most people are and I can see the lies that far too many people chase after and get stuck in…

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