This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Present Moment View

Viewing life where the focus is the past or future is as though one is blind. The Conditioned Mind makes you think you see, but it’s only in the present moment that the puppeteer strings of the past and future are severed…One string at a time…

There are so many benefits living in the present moment as compared to living in the past or future, it’s amazing that this isn’t realized by more people. If it was the world would be so different because greed, hate, and delusion would not exist. This would occur naturally because when one lives in the present moment, most of if not all the nonsense of the Conditioned Mind also wouldn’t exist; at least this has been my experience. There’s very little attachment in the present moment and to be without attachment is to be without burden. Life still happens in the present moment, but without attachment it’s allowed to be as it is; without the need for nonsense.

This shouldn’t be mistaken for not caring because there’s much more compassion living in the present moment than living in the past or future; the nonsense is recognized for what it truly is so this produces less unnecessary reactions. It’s a little baffling why the present moment isn’t everyone’s default way to live because living in the past or future isn’t beneficial in any way. It’s the cause of why there’s so much greed, hate, and delusion in the world, and yet the past and future are blindly clung to. It’s unfortunate that living in the present moment is so fleeting, but until the outside reaching for things isn’t needed, the present will not be experienced; only the nonsense of the past and future will be experienced. Outside circumstances will continue their onslaught of control and the past and future will remain as your puppeteers. Only in the present can true freedom be experienced and what that freedom manifest as is in no more attachment or clinging to a self that only see things through the view of the past or future…

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