This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Flower Stillness

A flower doesn’t make itself grow. In the Spring it arises from stillness and in the fall it returns to its idleness. This occurs naturally from its own stillness; it needs no assistance…

When the stillness of a flower is seen as life itself and not as the flower, at this point the flower is truly seen. Through the flower is how you will begin to understand your own existence. When there’s awareness of the stillness within you will truly see yourself; this is when life begins to be seen as it is. It will be in this awareness of stillness that the stillness of the the flower will be understood. Enjoy your life, but the joy is not in the things of life, joy is in the experiences of stillness; conditioning produces noise, stillness produces joy. That which most seek to enjoy is noise, joy cannot be attained because it’s already there within you and you cannot attain that which you already possess; this will only be known when there is stillness.

Find a place to sit where it’s quiet, sit and be mindful of each breath, not you breathing in and out, but how each breath occurs on its own. Sit with this mindfulness, watch how many breaths can be counted before the mind wanders. I get to about fifty and no matter how hard I concentrate the mind wanders; when I began doing this six was the number. This is one method used in developing stillness discipline. When you know what noise is, it will be known what stillness is. Just watch the flower, don’t label it just watch it, the flower never labelled itself; through the stillness it arises. It never consciously did anything, from the stillness of the Universe it appeared. In stillness is where all of life arises from because stillness itself is life; just go ask the flower…

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