This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Worldly Limits

When worldly methods are used as a means to live by there will be a one view limitation set by the content provided, but when the mind settles a second view of simply what’s in front of you is provided with limitless content…

When worldly methods are conformed to this leaves only one way to see life,. Those methods are so restricted and limiting it’s really a wonder we as a species are still around. We think by studying and reading books we become knowing, but the only thing one knows by using these worldly methods is what the content of the book is. If the book isn’t totally correct or only has partial facts about a subject that will be what’s learned. People get degrees because the content of a book is memorized. These worldly methods are used to create experts by the worlds standards, but this method produces a limited view of the way life is seen; the limit being whatever the content of a book is.

We have wars against each other, we fight with each other all the time and mostly about nonsense; there is little unity in our world. Everyone thinks they are right because of what the books say, but the books just fill one’s head with noise. This noise is the only version of reality that will ever be seen unless the mind becomes quiet enough to allow a second version of reality to be seen.

What happens when the mind settles, it allows for two versions of reality to be seen. One is the reality of the made up stories of the Conditioned Mind and the other is the reality of seeing what’s in front of you because it’s what’s there. Both realities are from the same mind, but the latter will not be an option until the mind settles. When this occurs and the reality of a second view is seen, the limitations provided by the worldly methods fall by the way side. This is when you will go beyond the limited view of the world to see the limitless view of what’s in front of you…

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