This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Cumulative Past

Most of the problems that occur in life are due to making things cumulative; carrying one thing into the other. Until it’s learned to not carry around the events of the past, you’ll be weighed down by self-created burdens…

I never understood making things cumulative until I was at work one day. I work twelve hour shifts and we were working a lot of overtime. This particular week I was on my fifth day in a row. I was talking to one of my shift mates and he asked me if I was tired, this being my fifth day of work. As I began to answer him, the thought that popped into my head was “What does the previous four days have to do with today.” As I reflected about this I saw how so much of the burdens that are carried around are strictly formed from not understanding how to not make the events of life cumulative. It’s a skill that eludes most and makes life more burdensome than necessary.

Imagine a life without the cumulative affect, it can become a reality with practice. Events would be like water running off a ducks back; things would never accumulate and become an issue. These accumulations are the very things that make life feel as it is a burden. If it was learned to truly live in the moment and not carry the burdens of the past into the now, cumulative burdens would never materialize and there would be freedom to deal with what arises. So the key to any happy, joyous and free life isn’t that it’s free of difficulties, it would be if it were not for the conditioning, but it is understanding although life is one continuous journey one moment past has nothing to do with one moment present. Learn to not carry around the cumulative events of the past so you aren’t weighed down by self-created burdens…

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