This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Borders of Love

With an unlocked heart things going on around you may not change, but what does change is the view from looking at life through “I” to looking at it from within the borders of love…

I’m sure everyone has heard the expression “the circle of life” but here’s a little different spin on it as “the borders of love”. Think of it as though life is a circle, when you love you’re inside its borders and when you don’t it means you’re living mostly from “I” which automatically puts you beyond the borders. Outside the borders was how the first forty nine years of my life were lived. Occasionally I was within the borders, but not very often and this was because my “I” conditioning kept my heart locked. It’s nearly impossible to enter the borders of love from “I” because “I” is the lock that keeps that heart closed. When you see this, it gives you something tangible to work with which allows the heart to be unlocked, and with an unlocked heart you can be surrounded by the borders of love.

Life and love can be synonymous, but only when you’re within the borders of love and you can only be there when the heart is unlocked and opened. The locks of the world that keeps you outside the circles border are many, it’s as though you’re on the outside of a house looking in through a window. Love unlocks the heart to see things that were previously unseen, and this is what opens you to see as if you’re inside the house looking out. When you’re on the inside looking out it’s because the heart is unlocked. With the heart unlocked it may not change what’s going on around you, but it does change the view from looking at life through “I” to looking at it from within the borders of love…

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