This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Life Stages

The difference between learning from each stage of life and living it to its highest quality or being stuck in a stage where non-beneficial actions are in control, is breaking free from the lie of “I” or remaining its prisoner…

Life happens in stages, at least this has been my experience and you will have to go through these different stages if you’re not to get stuck in whatever stage is in place. Not everyone goes grows beyond a stage that’s in place, some remain stuck for years, even a life time. Although to a point, the stages themselves happen naturally, learning and going to the next stage does not; the quality of a life will be determined by what is learned in a previous or current stage. Life is something that happens on its own, but there is a certain responsibility one has in making it of the highest quality. A simple example of this would be when you were at the stage of your life when it was time to learn to read. If you didn’t take responsibility to learn this, to say that life would be difficult today would be an understatement so at this stage of your life, you did what was necessary to make it of a higher quality.

As I’ve aged over the years I’ve noticed there were many stages in my life, but not all provided the highest quality of living because of the things I did which didn’t allow it. The stages of life will come, but what’s being learned is where maturity comes from. To me the biggest lesson was learning to expose the lie of “I” because that’s what I found was the biggest hurdle in living the highest quality of life possible. It’s not that I’m now all about helping others, but what I learned was life isn’t all about me and what I think and therein lies the difference between learning from each stage, moving forward, and being able to live life to its highest quality or being stuck in a stage where the same non-beneficial actions are repeated again and again…

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