This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Observing Not Judging

The more awareness you have of your own inner awakening determines the depth of observation you have of another’s behavior and the ability to separate the person from the conditioning…

Others can be observed without judgement. The other day I was at an ATM machine when another car pulled up behind me. I was there no more than a minute when the car swung around me so he could go to the walk up ATM. As he pulled in the parking spot for the walk up ATM I was finished and pulled out of the parking lot. As I was leaving, the person was on line for the walk up ATM. I just observed the person’s conditioned reaction, which didn’t accomplish anything. There was no direct judgement of the person, but there was the observation of how they were controlled by a Conditioned Mind which always tells you the grass is greener on the other side; even though we know that’s not true most of the time we are looking for some sort of short cut. Matter of fact we spend most of our life looking for the shortest line, or playing the lottery in hopes we can quit our job, or we wait to enjoy life when our time comes (retirement) or we talk about others, as long as they aren’t in the room. We are constantly looking for the easier softer way; using whatever we have been conditioned to believe that entails.

How aware you are of your own inner awakening will determine the observation of another person’s behavior and being able to separate the person from their conditioning. How a person acts is in direct relation to how they are conditioned so when you can observe the conditioning for what it truly is, you don’t have to take it personal and you don’t have to react to someones behavior. You can separate it from the person and you can continue on the path of emotional maturity: Observing others and the affect emotional immaturity has on people allows you to see a reflection of your own behavior so not to act in an immature manner. You can remain as the observer and not be controlled by your emotions. This observation is really one of looking in a mirror because when you are aware of your own conditioning, you will understand it in others, and when it’s understood in others most of your life will be lived by observing it instead of living in judgement…

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