This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

An Unblocked View

An awakening provides an unblocked view of your actions and the associated mind state. With this unblocked view you become aware if the affects of your actions are truly beneficial…

By having an unblocked view you’re able to decipher the immediate affect of your actions in association to your current mind state. This doesn’t mean greed, hate, and delusional won’t be one of the mind states that arise, it’s seeing the affects of these actions for what they are and the controlling characteristic of the associated mind state. If this isn’t seen with an unblocked view these characteristics will continue their control as if you were a puppet on a string.

Some mind states to observe would be greed, hate and delusion and their polar opposites, generosity, love, and wisdom. These are the mind states most people fluctuate between, but with an unblocked view you see how the actions and the associated mind states are linked. What happens is first you can decipher what mind state is associated with your action and second it’s seen if the action is beneficial. It’s very easy to see resentment and its association with the mind state of hate, it doesn’t take much intelligence to see how this action isn’t beneficial to anyone, but without awareness of this one remains entrapped to the mind state of hate and hence the associated action. Intelligence has no bearing on this whatsoever. It also works this way with the action of giving. Giving with no expectations attached is an action associated with the mind state of generosity, you can definitely see how this action is a benefit; to me this is what an awakening is. One isn’t rendered white as snow because of becoming awake, but by the mind being unblocked you’ll see clearly and become aware of your actions and the associated mind state of those actions. It can then be seen if how you’re acting is truly a benefit not only to yourself, but to all beings…

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