This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

False Self Conflict

The false self doesn’t create conflict, it is conflict and as long as this concept of a false self is in place, there will be conflict and this conflict will always be with oneself…

The false sense of self is associated with attachment to wanting, peace is associated with non attachment to wanting; simple yet profound. This is so subtle and it happens without realizing it’s happening. This false self is directly linked to the story of attachment. Every time something is wanted, it’s because the false self has a belief what’s wanted is needed. This false concept of self is always in conflict with the peace that’s always there. The false self stirs up the thought that it wants peace, this is why there’s conflict because peace is already in place; peace isn’t the nature of the false self so it does this. If you try to do something like self improvement or anything to get rid of your false self, that’s the false self. So so subtle is the false self, unfortunately this will not be seen by many.

Awareness aware of awareness is the only state in which the false self is not trying to do something. It’s not trying to be anything different than the form that it is. Life is not a self help program to learn how to be free, the form in existence can be nothing but free, only the false self takes this and makes it into the story that the form isn’t free. The false self is the root of all reaching and seeking, but it’s not at the root, it’s the root itself. Remove the root and just as naturally as there’s existence in this form, peace will arise. This peace isn’t dependent on anything, it’s always there. It cannot not be there, it’s only the false self that takes it away. Awareness aware of awareness needs no self to see, just be with this for what it is and know the false self never sees…

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