This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Contribution to Humanity

All of life hinges on a single thought that makes life what it is. Learning to skillfully decipher which thoughts are truly beneficial determines your contribution to humanity…

What a person is up against in life and why change is so difficult is because a deeply rooted belief system that’s almost impossible to break free from is in place; this occurs even if truth is revealed. I say almost because even though this belief system is constantly reinforced and remains the default setting of one’s mind, if a person has a shift in their perspective, their created reality changes. Without some kind of shift the old way remains in place and this is why there are so many different beliefs in the world and why everyone thinks theirs is the right one; it’s so deeply ingrained it’s impossible to see beyond it until something removes the veil of ignorance.

The thoughts that you cling to that make up a belief system are done so because you think they’re beneficial, if not there wouldn’t be clinging; if these thoughts aren’t seen as erroneous they remain in place. The more one thinks their created belief system is the right one the harder it is to see beyond it. Seeing the world through thought is ignorant because everyone has different ones and that’s why everyone see things differently.

There’s only one truth and until this is seen ignorance remains. To get to the point where you’re not ignorant you have to go beyond the thoughts that hold your belief system (conditioning) in place. It all begins as one single thought and then a person’s conditioning determines what happens next. Clinging to it or not is the difference in how life is viewed and if there’s going to be unity or separation with others. The truth is there is iever separation, but it feels this way when there’s a thought that makes you think there is. Life hinges on a single thought that makes it what it is so skillfully choose which ones are truly beneficial to humanity…

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