This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Energy of Creation

Separation from yourself occurs when the energy of creation has a label applied. This happens because creation becomes “MY”story and there’s no connection when one comes from a place to self serve…

The are so many names for the energy of creation, but to me what’s important is what’s produced by connecting with it. It’s not a concern what it’s called because words diminish it and put it in a so called box. This energy is what led me from my self destructive behavior and it continues to lead me even when “I” takes hold of some self serving behavior. This is why one is their own obstacle because it has to do with the energy of our connection to the present moment and very few live there. The more you can be present and observe the stillness of the moment, the more chance there is to connect with the energy of creation. This doesn’t take a belief in something to allow this to happen, it takes an awakened heart to see that a belief actually blocks the connection to creation energy.

It’s more beneficial not to limit yourself with labeling things a certain way. Labeling limits the flow of energy to go in a certain direction, and although whatever the direction I’m okay with it, connected to the energy of creation is more free flowing and beneficial to all beings. There are many labels attached to about this and it blocks you from a connection with yourself. There’s only one energy of creation and the proof is we are all created the same. There’s nothing to debate here because it’s the truth. The debate starts when the energy of creation needs a label because it then becomes “MY” attachment and there’s no connection when you come from a place to self serve…

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